Kasautii Zindagii Kay 22nd November 2019 Written Episode Update: Anurag saves Prerna’s life

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The Episode starts with Shivani saying I saw them here. Ronit takes the knife and smiles. Prerna says maybe Ronit was there with someone else, or Ronit and Sonalika were normally talking. Shivani says they are siblings, what about Komolika’s fake. Prerna says we didn’t get Komolika’s body, maybe her face got spoiled and she underwent a plastic surgery. They see Komolika talking to a waiter. Shivani says I saw Ronit with her. Prerna says maybe you just felt so. Komolika turns. They hide. She goes. Shivani thinks thank God, she didn’t see us. Anurag asks Anupam did he see Prerna. Komolika thinks Prerna will be dying today. Prerna asks did you see Ronit here. Shivani says no, Anurag is here. Anurag comes to them. Komolika thinks he is always after Prerna.

She takes Anurag with her. Prerna goes to look for Ronit. Ronit hides and goes to her with the knife. He hides the knife from the people. Mohini asks Anurag not to go anywhere now. Komolika sees Ronit. Anurag says I will just come. He goes to Prerna. Ronit hides. Prerna goes to see him. Anurag stops her. He says you look at your state, come with me. He takes her. Mohini and Komolika look on. Ronit recalls Anurag and Prerna. He goes away and gets angry. He says Komolika loves Anurag, else I would have killed him, I can’t lose this chance to kill Prerna in this crowd. He sees the chandelier and smiles. He dances.

Everyone dances on Sholon si….Prerna says maybe Ronit came and met Vishal, then he went. Ronit cuts the chandelier rope. Prerna sits talking to her baby. She says your dad loves you a lot, even when he doesn’t remember anything. Ronit give some money to waiter. He cuts the rope. Waiter tries to shout. Ronit catches him. Anurag sees the chandelier shaking. Komolika holds him. He runs to Prerna and pulls her chair backwards. Chandelier falls down. Shivani asks Prerna is she fine. Anurag asks are you fine, I will always take care of you until I m with you. Prerna says I know. Vishal asks are you fine. Mohini says thank God, nothing happened to Anurag. Komolika sees Ronit and takes him. She puts him inside the dicky. Water asks did you see anyone running. She says no. Anupam comes. She turns away. She acts. He asks are you sure. She says I was feeling suffocated and nausea, I will meet you all at home. She drives the car. Anupam says something is wrong. Anurag says I will drop you both home. He asks Nivedita to take Mohini home, Sonalika will come on her own.

Komolika stops the car. She gets Ronit out and scolds him. Ronit says calm down. She angrily points gun at him. He asks what are you doing. Prerna says we are living at Bua’s house for some days, mum would feel better there. Anurag says its good. Ronit says you want to kill me, I can help you a lot, put the gun down, give me another chance, Prerna will go. She says come here, answer me, why didn’t I kill you. He says I totally love you, you know that. She says keep the gun, use it when you see Prerna. Anurag comes there. Komolika says Anurag, go and hide now. Ronit hides inside the car. Anurag asks you here, is everything fine. Komolika says my car broke down, its fine now, what are Prerna and Shivani doing with you, where is mom. He says they would be going home, I was dropping them home. She says okay, the car is fine. She drives off. Anurag drops Prerna and Shivani. Veena looks on. He asks what happened, I feel you are upset with me. She asks can anyone be upset on you. She hugs him.

He tells everything. He says Prerna and her baby are safe. He gets Komolika’s call. He says sorry, I have to go, until Prerna’s husband comes back, take care of her and her baby.

Anurag asks are you fine. Prerna asks why do you worry for me and my baby so much. Anupam says my college friend called me, he is getting married, you know Ronit. Anurag says I remember everything and you Komolika…. Komolika gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Precap is quite interesting, but I guess it is not true, it is komolika’s or Prerna’s dream, in this show usually we observe lot of dreams, it is one of them I guess.

    Nobody is commenting these days, I know show is not interesting at all but I love to see AnuPre’s chemistry.

  2. Esther Hadassah

    The show is still very great…..even though there’s a lot of negative comments. Ekta Kapoor should Keep on doing what she’s good at irrespective of some negative vibes. Please Ekta don’t let these negativity stop your Good work because there are so many of us still watching and in love with this KSK drama. Thank you

  3. I love kzk alot but I only have one wish from ekta kapoor ma’am..please bring prerna and anura together, let them be together and fight all odds together.

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