Kasautii Zindagii Kay 22nd March 2019 Written Episode Update: Anurag and Prerna’s Holi

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Kasautii Zindagii Kay 22nd March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Komolika coming home. Mohini says so sorry, I just got to know this. Komolika says Prerna insulted me, I can’t let her win, mom, Anurag is my husband, you know Prerna proved that I m Anurag’s mistress and she is his wife. Mohini gets shocked. Komolika says I won’t spare Prerna, she has taken on me and its my turn now. Nivedita says she is right, Prerna is taking advantage of our silence, we have to do something, its high time. Mohini says I promise you, I will expose her that she is staying here with a fake relation. Mishka says I think we should focus on holi, forget about Prerna, its Komolika’s first holi here. Komolika thanks Mishka and says holi is a festive of colors, now we will celebrate it and destroy Prerna’s life, she likes to become Anurag’s wife,

she will be ashamed now, she made my day worst, holi will be worst day of her life, I promise, I will be waiting for holi eagerly. Nivedita asks but what are you thinking. Mishka thinks I can see revenge in her eyes. Prerna is in her room. Komolika stares at her. Prerna sees her and thinks I have won. Komolika thinks you snatched sindoor from me, I swear you will be forced to leave the sindoor, you have to leave this house on holi’s night.

Its morning, Mohini asks did you understand what I want. Lawyer asks her to read the paper once. Komolika reads, I Prerna Sharma have bribed the pandit and I accept my claims were fake, I took advantage of Anurag’s kindness and did everything is final, this marriage is illegal, I troubled everyone and this guilt is haunting me, so I m getting away from Anurag, I m ready for the divorce, Anurag can’t be held responsible for any of my claims, he shall me deemed free from me. She says good job, once Prerna signs these papers, she will out of my job. He says nothing can do against it, I don’t think she will sign it easily. He says tomorrow’s holi will do this.

Prerna comes to Anurag with colors. He stops her and says I don’t like colors. She says I like colors and throws at him. He says no, please. She says its my right to play holi with you. He says I never liked holi, I felt two hearts should meet, and now we are together, so….. He applies her colors. Lagu muh lag gaya….plays…. They play holi, Komolika calls him out. His dream ends. She wishes happy holi and does tilak to him. She says I m waiting for you to color me in holi. He says I will come. Komolika goes to Prerna and jokes. She says this holi plate is not for you, but for family, you have a confusion that you are part of this family, we have decided that just family will play holi, not any outsider, no one will play holi with you.

Prerna says look at me, I m not interested to play holi with those people who played with my life. Komolika scolds her. They argue. Prerna says Anurag and I had a relation and you got in between. Komolika says he is just mine. Prerna says you forgot everything, my memory is sharp, I will remind you, Anurag filled sindoor in my maang. Komolika says fine, you will see how Anurag applies all colors to me. Prerna says this is sindoor, not any color, you don’t know difference between sindoor and color. Komolika says fine, today Anurag will fill my maang, you think marriage happens by applying sindoor, stop it if you can, he will fill my maang. She goes.

Suman’s mum comes home. Veena and Shekhar welcome her. Suman takes her mum to room. Veena asks Shekhar to be with them. Shivani says its Prerna’s first holi, we have to send her sweets. Veena says your dad passed away, will we send sweets. Shivani says we should fulfill rituals, Prerna is fighting to have her husband, I don’t think anyone will let her attend holi function, if you go there and shower her with love and blessings, I m sure her life will get colors back, you taught her to fight for rights, she will be happy.

Anurag throws colors at Prerna and thinks to play holi with her. She cleans her clothes. He says sorry, let it be. She says you have no right to play colors with me. He says sorry, I was following Komolika and got red color for her, color of passion. She says sorry, your color and love got wasted on me. He thinks to change her anger into hatred. He says I love the way you dislike me. She says you aren’t so lucky, I have started to hate you. He says strange, I don’t see hatred, I feel you want to come close. She says its big punishment for you to stay with me, I have no interest to stay close to you. He says you said you have come to take revenge. She says I will do it and show. He says lie…. truth is you want to stay with me, so you wanted to spoil Komolika and my honeymoon. She says wait, Komolika had challenged me, I won it, I had told her that I will take revenge. He says so, it means you will take revenge on me for throwing colors, you can’t throw colors at me. She throws colors at him.

Mohini comes to Anurag. Anurag hides with Prerna. Komolika insults Prerna. Veena raises hand. Komolika holds her hand.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. -awesome precap just like komolika’s swag top class!!!!
    -komolika will deal with venna very well we are hopeful to see her enlighting veena from prerna’s shadow
    -white angel from the heavens has came to anurag’s life to make it so so beautifull # love anulika
    -nivedita wow she is such a cutieepie she is so bubbly loved her support for anurag and mohiniji # perfect example of best daughter
    -mohiniji is a very strong lady anurag always draws inspiration from her mother now also from komolika’s his beloved wife
    -loved the chemistry of parth and pooja in their movie wow they looked best and shows higher friendship goals
    -that fairy dress and swag of komolika uffff dilll le gya ……. # awesome acting by hina she is getting milestones in this show with every passing day she is winning millions trillions of fans
    -some true words from anurag to prerna when he made her realise she don’t belong in basu family at all # very well said
    -ekta knew very well that komolika is the zaan of the show she will definitely be having best future plans with her may be she could symbolise modern day love via wonderfull and innocent bubbly komolika !!!!!
    she is the charm of the show

    1. Is this sarcasm or something?

      1. its truth dear which anulika fans love the most

    2. Really huh ? Dear even anulika and abhors fan nah I’m not gonna disrespect anyone because that’s not hot and genius move though it must feel good to get attention so do I if you reply , well we’ll see on Monday till then bye

  2. Thank you so much i read this every day can’t wait till Monday

  3. Ngkrishnakumari

    Today episode was superb and marvelous
    Anupre gulal applying scenes was outstanding
    “Ragu muh lag gaya” was playing in the background music ? ?
    What a chemistry they have?
    I know it’s was Anurag dream sequence
    But we enjoy the scene lots…
    Those haters who came in every section whether it’s Twitter, instragram,tu forum
    To bash against anupre
    Anupre got best jodi award 2k19 many more awards too
    Nowadays everyone enjoying the show
    As a result our show kzk2 spots no. 4
    Everyone is jealous and insecure of Anupre
    Let’s them barks………we don’t care about it
    Aunty komo plan must be fail
    Precap :desperately waiting
    Egoistic Mohini reaction
    Thanks Amena for fast update

    1. Sis the show has ratings ever since this track started rather than that it was not even present in the top 10 list . I guess after HK exit we all should be prepared I mean the ratings are definitely going to sink ?

  4. Prerna showed such a strength in her character. She has confidence of truth on her face. Whereas komolika, poor lady begging and trying to convince everyone to accept her as Anurag’s wife. Despo. Well actually this is a character written by a writer, everybody knows it. But the fact remains HK who is portraying Komo is not suitable for this role. She looks elder to Anurag and is desperately trying to look stylish with her weird outfits. Acting is too loud. Can’t stand her

    1. At least she’s audible unlike Prerna like her diction sucks but her acting is quite excellent so is HK both actresses are wonderful , Ekta has done marvellous job in casting or whoever who did that ( good job)

  5. Anupre look good together, perfect jodi. What was HK wearing for holi? It looked like she had collected leftover pieces of cloths from a tailor’s shop – some strips, some laces – yuk.

    1. Ngkrishnakumari

      Same here @RS
      Aunty komo want to hide her ages through the help yucky outfit
      And want to chipak with Anurag like her sister chipaku Mishka
      Sisters genetical issues
      Atleast they are common in one thing
      Seriously koi holike din aise outfits Kaun pahenti hai…..

    2. Well said RS. I can’t stop laughing on your description about komolika’s holi dress. Even for the award show her dress was like a beggar girl – not even 3/4th of the body was covered, like torn in most of the places. Poor HK. I really pity for her. What is the use of earning a lot, to wear such an incomplete outfit?

  6. @RS
    I completely agree with you????
    But i dont like the way how anurag is pulling perna from his side/life. they should fight togheter.
    and where is moloy??? i miss him? i like his role

  7. Ngkrishnakumari

    Check out @BizAsia’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/BizAsia/status/1108679332833177602?s=09
    Kasautii zindagi kay rocksss
    Prena slaying….

  8. Well said RS. I can’t stop laughing on your description about komolika’s holi dress. Even for the award show her dress was like a beggar girl – not even 3/4th of the body was covered, like torn in most of the places. Poor HK. I really pity for her. What is the use of earning a lot, to wear such an incomplete outfit?

  9. Well dear Mitali welcome to the forum. I agree Ekta & team have done a good job of choosing most of the actors. U know according to Ekta herself if she does not like performance of any actor or if they trouble her, she either changes that actor or she kills the character itself. In case of KJK2 HK is being replaced since Komo’s character is more important than HK herself.
    Thanks NGKrishnkumari for sharing twitter link. Mitali if u are worried about dip in trp post HK – please go to that link.
    Thanks SouryTas and NG for being on the same page with me.

  10. Hi Vm! Just saw your comment – thanks. U know our HK (angelic, pious – in short hoor ki pari for some) is contented with 1/4 th coverage only. I did not see the award function but I understand what u mean. Poor Ekta she wanted to make Komo’s character a dangerous vamp but what she got a comedy – have a good laugh till it lasts

  11. Sorry guys there is a correction to my last post. Vm it is jannat ki hoor (fiery from heaven) not hoor ki pari. Hoor & pari are synonyms. And yes I also miss Moloy. I like Moloy & Anupam’s discussions

  12. well done Heena. u r playing ur vamp role perfectly. I have seen the of Big Boss 11 n m happy u didnt win it. U r totally fake n komolika role suits u the best.

  13. Why are you fighting with modiji . He is the writer of the show . Only he knows who is evil and who is not . Shameless people.

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