Kasautii Zindagii Kay 22nd February 2019 Written Episode Update: Anurag breaks Prerna’s heart

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 22nd February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Anupam asking Anurag what’s this drama when he told that he loves Prerna. Anurag says I don’t want to say anything. Anupam says I know you well, I made you realize you love her, I want to know why you want to ruin your love. Anurag says I told that when you forced me, I m going to regret that. Anupam asks do you think love is a mistake, why can I see pain on your face, tell me, don’t become great for those who never understand your sacrifice, you are doing this for business, family and Prerna’s house, so you promised Moloy that you will marry Komolika. Prerna leaves from her house. Anurag cries and says I will fight with myself but I can’t see Prerna losing, I can’t see her in pain, I don’t know what will happen now, her house…. she was ready to

marry Navin for this house, I can buy a bigger house for her, but that house has Rajesh’s memories. He cries. Anupam consoles him. Anurag says when she loses the house, Prerna will be in pain seeing Veena. Prerna hires an auto. Anurag says I love her a lot, I don’t know what will happen now, I promised Moloy that I will protect Prerna and her family, even if I have to ruin myself.

Anurag says you told me that if anyone breaks the heart, its easy to leave from the heart. Anupam says by means of hatred, Prerna loves you a lot, she will never hate you. Anurag says no, she will hate me. Prerna is on the way. She gets stuck in traffic. She gets down and runs on the road. Anurag holds Komolika’s hand. They get pics clicked. Prerna reaches the house and falls down. Ranjha main….plays…. Anurag takes ring to make Komolika wear it. Prerna shouts stop. She goes to Anurag and asks what’s happening Anurag, I felt its not true, you are forced to get engaged, tell me, you promised to marry me, you said you love me. She cries and begs him not to abandon her. She apologizes to him. She asks why are you doing this, tell me. Nivedita says mum, we need to stop her right now. Komolika looks on. Prerna asks because of Mohini? We will convince her, we will find some other way, don’t worry. Komolika says stop harassing her and leave. Prerna takes the ring from his hand. She says I won’t let engagement happen, you promised me, you will marry me, you promised my mum.

Mohini says Anurag stop her right now, see the result, you gave imp to her and family. She apologizes to Chobey. Prerna cries holding Anurag. Mohini says Anurag never loved her, he always keeps his promises, its Prerna’s dreams, Anurag isn’t responsible, he is kind hearted. She scolds Prerna. Prerna asks Anurag to see what Mohini is saying. Mohini calls her a maid. Prerna says we love each other. Mohini shouts stop it, enough. Mohini says I know Anurag isn’t responsible. She asks Anurag to tell the truth, stop this, its wrong. Anupam says there is still time, she needs you. Mohini drags Prerna. Anurag asks her to stop. Prerna smiles. He thinks I will break your heart and fill hatred for myself in your heart, forget me forever, I want to give you anger, not pain. He asks Prerna to forward her hand.

He takes ring to make her wear and then stops. She says its smaller in size, its made for Komolika. He says yes, its not yours, its of Komolika. Anupam thinks no, don’t do this Anurag. Prerna gets shocked. He badly insults her. Mohini also gets shocked hearing his bitterness towards Prerna for the first time. Prerna says you told me you love me. He says you are an employee’s daughter. Komolika says Rajesh’s daughter. He says yes, mum is right, we should treat servants like servants. He shouts on Prerna and asks do you have any status, any class, any sense. He calls her Zero. He says many girls wanted to be with me in college, you said I m boring type, I had to prove that you will fall for me, I have tried you, that’s it, look at your status, you want to know my perfect choice, Komolika is perfect match for me, she has status and class. Prerna cries. He says you used me well, I knew you said yes to Navin as he had money, I knew you can fall to any level to get me. Prerna slaps him. Mohini shouts Prerna.

Prerna says you will never get love even if you beg. She asks Anurag not to touch her. Anupam says you have chosen a path of pain. Anurag says my story starts from today. Anurag and Prerna cry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Y ..so much pain for my anupre…hate u kono…luv u hina…hehe..


      komolikaa should have slapped prerna for slapping her fiancee but still she didn’t do that isn’t it she best she will be lovely wife for anurag and that pea sized brain anurag got best life partner lol



      1. To the most anonymous person who comes with quirky names each time to backlash the shows,
        Well let’s begin formally! So you are so piqued by watching the show that you just can’t stop commenting on the actor’s performances… Well full points to that but let’s directly come to the point; have you taken the onous to judge shows? Changing names wouldn’t change the person you are. Let’s be very practical, it’s ok you don’t like the actress sobbing and acting like a damsel in distress but that’s how the Indian television stories go about. Just understand the amount of hardwork and emotion it goes while making a shot. For you it may seem frivolous but for an actor it’s his bread and butter. Each viewer has his own taste and rightly so. But Please ! Respect talent and if you can’t please stop judging a book by its cover!
        P.S. well.. if it hit you the wrong way, sincere apologies for that but just couldn’t restrain myself this time!!! Also please speak to the point. Don’t just keep beating around the bush to prove you mattle

  2. Wat an acting by Erica.omg she is superb and parth too but please dont seperate anurag n prerna.i thought writers are dragging but please give us good end


  3. I dont know about kasuti 1.i read story today in Wikipedia and shocked that characters anurag and prerna were not married,please dont do in kasuti2

    1. senseless anurag thoughtless prerna useless moloy

      LOL ITS NEVER GONNA HAPPEN LISTEN TO ANURAG’S WORD DAMM THEY WERE SO MUCH FUNNY I LOVED IT VERY MUCH ANFthose artificial tears from prerna hhahaha crocodile tears

    2. If Prerana and Anurag were not married in kzk1, then did Prerana got married to Mr. Bajaj??

  4. now that was enjoyable lol anurag you did good today
    ooo bechari prerna ka dil toot gya aww aww !!!!!
    mohima as caring maa just loved you today you did everything perfect for keeping your son away from poor girl # congrats !!!!1afterall class bhi koi cheeze hai mozerella cheeze bhi achi hoti hai lol
    the as many times as prerna falls on ground i had as many as sipp from my coke can and as i told it was damm funny episode with popcorn and coke # bole to paisa vasool tha bhidulogg
    talking on anupam he is a cartoon character like jaggu of chotta bheem lol # useless fellow
    poor anupreans got hiccups from rememberence of sharica fans
    shaheer is coming soon as mr bajaj # get ready for real love and pure soul marraige bonding prerna deserves shaheer as mr bajaj
    overall enjoyed todaays episode i wish this show keep on continuing this plot and help us witness anulika marraige soon !!!!!

    1. The great Mr/Ms anonymous’s deep dig at reality…


    finally that pyar mein thokar khayi girl ko akkal aayegi aur boneless anurag ko bholl jayegi # end of the forced relation anupre and beginning of the business relation anulika and soon beginning of the pure love soul erica -shaheer aka prerna -mr bajaj and after that prem as karan singh grover and sneha as smritti khanna waiting for you guys just come soon within 2 years i know wait is long but no worries for erica- shaheer made for each other bond we will wait # kudos !!!!!

    1. Could you please be polite enough to explain how you got such a broad vision into future??? Well I am actually amazed at you imbecility!

      1. love you too

      2. i m glad that i amazed you dear its good have a nice day ahead love !!!!!!

      3. I am sorry to say but the overconfidence has eroded you of all your senses. I never said that I owe you an infatuation. But it meant that you are indeed very stupid.. anyways I am leaving this as there is no use to tell you something for you are under the dillusion that you and your opinions are the Masters of the age. Then let it be!

      4. at last you got on right path love !!!! # all the best for future journey ahead and your thoughts on me are really welcomed coz beautifull girls don’t lie isn’t it ? no problem if you think im stupid although ranchoddas chahnchad aka was also caleed as idiot then if im stupid doesn’t matter to me at all !!!# astla bistla babes # take care # god bless you with so much love and success !!!! keep smiling !!!!!

  6. Ngkrishnakumari

    Erica @prena nailed whole episode
    She is perfect choice for prena
    What a mind blowing performance
    I have no words to praises her
    Thanks Ekta mam for choosing the best prena for our show
    Literally I cried 😢
    I’m watching the show only for Erica
    On the other hand Anurag hurt himself
    Thanks to maker’s at least Anupamji know the truth behind Anurag maariage
    Honestly Anupre nailed the show
    It was treat to watch kasautii zindagi kay
    For Anupre
    For a second Anurag felt relief after seeing prena in the engagement ceremony
    In order to insult prena
    Anurag crossed all limited lines
    I hate you
    Can’t see Prena in shattered, pain, bechari, everyone taunting for being middle class, maid
    Egoistic Mohini shame on you
    Horrible mother’s ever…….
    ishwari dixit of krpkab was much better
    Who can’t see her son in pain
    But this egoistic Mohini is a namesake mom
    And loving Anurag for namesake
    Actually she only loves her ego, class, status, society, money
    Eventhough her husband is in the coma at hospital
    Behaving like nothing happen to her
    She is putting heavy makeup and heavy jewelleries
    To show off
    Totally creepy mother

  7. Ngkrishnakumari

    Anurag killing himself with his own hands for his family and prena’s family
    After this humiliations did prena accept your help like seriously the 15lakh laon???
    Why why why evils win over good and God is helpless always??
    Can’t do anything for good people
    It’s so uncomfortable and allergic komo touching Anurag again and again
    Chipaku Mishka know everything
    But she is doing nothing
    Only enjoying komo insulting
    Anurag avoiding the eye contact with prena because he knows he will fall weak
    When egoistic Mohini taken away prena
    Anurag shout” he want prena ”
    Mohini reaction
    Only Anupamji was happy at tat spectacular moments
    An infuriated prena slaps Anurag when he humiliated in the name of Navin psycho money
    The real kasautii is going to begins from Monday onwards
    Precap :😭 😭 😭
    One of the most heartbreaking Precap ever
    Can’t see them in pain, broken, shattered😭

  8. Classy and hina/Komonika?????? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣she looks like old lady of dance bar.. Chamak challlloo

  9. I had cried when prerna begging anurag for his love. I felt that Prerna should suicide herself in front of anurag, mohini and nivedita. Atleast at that time anurag might have showed his true love for her. Naveen is far better than evil komolika. Mohini and Nivedita think there wealth is permanent. They have already started losing their business after moloy’s illness. Komolika has forgotten her brother in jail for whom she promised to her father that she will get him out. Anurag is a weak character who cannot fight with the ladies Komo, mohini and nivedita.

  10. I’m watching this show from the very beginning. From there,anurag and prena were shown as if they r destined to be together. But all of a sudden their separation is not believable. So what’s the use of those things shown before?? This show is not going on the right track. So bad.

    1. exactly.. what’s the point in showing before as they are destined together.. is it shown in the same way in kzk1 too?

  11. today was so sad prena after all she has gone through she wont b able to believe this
    great acting by both lead. i felt so sorry for them. I love ANUPRE .plz dnt serprate them

  12. One thing cannot understand is y when anurag tried putting the ring they again showed goddess blessings….afterall its only engagement….so may b v can excpet a miracle on the day of marriage as only aim of the engagement is to get the papers of prernas house.
    Hope anupam will go with the papers & explain to prerna the entire purpose of anurag sacrifice & she wakes up to fight 4 her true love.
    Yes at times true love means sacrifice……so some other guys entry & prerna loving him will b senseless….then it is not kzk.
    Instead u have seen certain movies of srk…where actually in true love partners remain single & move on…such shuld b prerna’s character mathe dham tak fighting to get her true love….
    Rather than marrying divorcing like the old one….it is new era …..the only thing in this version it is switching characters…..in the old one prerna sacrificed to marry mr. bajaj for saving anurags property business….in this anurag is doing…

    Hope makers realize & notices that 4m begining they showed how goddess destined to make them together….now dont lose track as u need to show the true values of marriage….that they r actually made in heaven….dil to pagal hai dialogue…jodiyaam oopar sai banate hai…sirf humpar choda hai milnae kai liyae…

    So please makers dont spoil the charm of soulmates…true lov…by bringing the old track in….instead make a gud kzk2 that will outstand the first one…..

    1. Well explained

    2. I completely agree with you. I guess the story may take turn when Mr. Moloy Basu recover from coma and comes to know about the marriage and stop that. And that’s why Durga Maa’s blessing clip was shown.

      I really think that the makers of the serial should focus on good values of marriage, promise and love.

  13. Yes, indeed the episode was soulful and soul stirring…. Indeed talent speaks volumes and the show is blessed with two of the most talented bunch of the industry… I just hope the love triumphs over the evil and mighty. 💓

  14. Anurag can help prerna’s family by marrying her also either by taking care of his father’s business as he was already working with his father and pierna also could help him. There was no need for Anurag to get trapped by komolika. What about komolika’s brother who is in jail. Now komo will ask anurag to get him released. Anurag will lose all his values. She will make mohini and nivedita to be her nokhranis. What they sow they will reap.

  15. Ngkrishnakumari

    Prena apologize Anurag for the thing she did wrong
    She beg Anurag not to abandon her
    She reminds him of the promises with Veenama
    Anurag not only humiliated prena’s whole sharma’s
    Why he’s upset with her??
    The pain in prena eyes and that’s helplessness when Anurag humiliated her in front of everyone
    The acting was on the top
    The heartbreaking was perfectly expressed so well
    Hats off Erica @prena
    In my point of view
    Anurag deserves slap, he doesn’t deserve prena
    I want a strong, independent prena
    In the upcoming episodes 🙏🙏

  16. Bullshit!!! Perna you don’t beg for love girlfriend you do like the villains do SNATCH IT. Can you see how the villains are always winning?? It’s because they are selfish and knows how to get a man if you can’t beat them then puhleaseee join them. Why do the bad guys always wins huh? Anurag do not need to marry old komo use her yah use her to your advantage for once writers do not make a shit outta this series.

  17. Ngkrishnakumari

    Finally today is Monday
    I’m so excited for our show
    Regarding Anupre#parica 😍😍

  18. Only anupre…pls…😔😔😔

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