Kasautii Zindagii Kay 22nd April 2019 Written Episode Update: Anurag clears Komolika’s doubt

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The Episode starts with Prerna seeing the video. Anurag says I want to marry you Komolika, so that my future is bright and my business expands, I don’t love Prerna, I will always be loyal for my relation, I know the power of money, we can buy anything with money, even love. She asks what about Prerna. He says we humans do make mistakes, even I did mistakes, I had feelings for Prerna, I will choose money over Prerna. Prerna gets shocked. Komolika says its all about money, you are so foolish, strange, you are still crying, how do I tell you, Anurag is now mine, he was never yours, my money is of him, this was our deal, go home and play sindoor with Shivani, you can’t afford to buy Anurag’s love, I have turned Anurag into a business tycoon, he got the businessman award because of me, stay

away from all of us, that’s best for you, go and stay in your middle class house. She leaves. Prerna cries.

Komolika thinks its good I recorded Anurag and my talk that day, I edited the footage and shown Prerna so that she thinks that Anurag had to marry me for money. She recalls Prerna’s words and says was Anurag here last night. She calls the manager Sanjay. She asks did Anurag give his file to you yesterday, he is looking for it. He says no, he didn’t come office yesterday. She says yes right, I will look for it at home. She ends call and says Anurag has to answer me, did he really come to meet Prerna.

Shekhar says no lawyer is taking our case, just Verma can help us, but he has no time for us, he charges one lakh for an hour, we can’t afford him. Veena cries and says how will we free Prerna, she was just fighting for her rights. Shekhar gets water for her. Veena says I m responsible for this, I asked her to go and fight for her rights, I should have told her that women are meant to bear cheat and pain. She scolds Shekhar for not finding a lawyer for Prerna. He says it won’t be good if you fall weak, don’t cry, we will do something, someone will help Prerna.

Ravi Verma comes home. He says I would like to fight Prerna’s case if you permit. Shekhar says we can’t afford the fees. Verma says don’t worry, I don’t do all the work for money. Veena thanks him. He says we don’t have time, come. They leave. Tapur and Mohini have a talk. Mohini asks her to come back home.

Tapur says I have to finish my studies. Nivedita says we have our plans. Mohini says come for lunch. Komolika comes and asks where is Anurag. Tapur says he went to Nivedita’s room. Komolika goes. Anupam thinks does she know about lawyer, or that Anurag met Prerna. Anurag thinks I can’t even go to court. Komolika asks Anurag why did he do this. He recalls of slapping her. She asks how could you do this, you thought I won’t know. He thinks oh no, she found out that I hired a lawyer for Prerna. She says you are doing what you want. He says I was in the office and Verma asked me to meet, I thought of giving an impossible case to him to test him. She says don’t lie, you were not at office, you went to meet Prerna.

He says oh that thing, I will tell you. She says Prerna told me you hugged her and told her that you love her. He says typical Prerna, she is at right place, if I really wanted to hug Prerna, would I do this by getting her arrested, if it was true, I would have told you that I like her, she would have been here in my room if I wanted to hug her, Prerna manipulates you easily, why can’t you see it, she wants to create differences between us, she is successfully playing games with you, you just doubt me, wow. She says Sanjay told me that you didn’t go office, Prerna said you met her, tell me if you have any other story. He says what lie, I didn’t say I didn’t meet Prerna, I went to meet her to show her place, she is zero, she means nothing to me. He recalls his moment with Prerna. Verma asks driver to drive fast, else Prerna won’t be getting the bail today. The car breaks down. Verma asks him to self start again. He says get the car fixed and come to court. They try to hire an auto or taxi. They leave. Anurag says I m upset that you doubt me always, enough now, I met Prerna and she enraged me, I went to jewellery store to buy a jewellery piece for you.

Komolika says sorry. He says you don’t love me as I love you. She says I said I m sorry. She asks what does this have. He says surprise. She says how romantic. He shows her necklace. She likes it. She asks him to make her wear it. He says sure. He thinks of Veena’s words and pulls the string. She says ouch. He says sorry, did it get tight. She says its fine, maybe you are making a girl wearing the necklace for the first time, see I didn’t doubt you now. Komolika says its time for Prerna’s court hearing, I want to see her face, when judge punishes her, I have another reason, I will show your gifted necklace to her. Nivedita comes and says I have seen Prerna. Anurag says what, but its her court hearing now. Nivedita says you come along and check. Komolika asks how can she come here. Anurag says she shouldn’t have come back, she has her court hearing, did Nivedita really see Prerna.

Everyone gets shocked seeing Prerna. She says you think none can help me, he supported me. Anurag says nobody helps without a reason, maybe he has some reason. She says maybe he expects something in return.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ngkrishnakumari

    Today episode was so emotional
    Literally I cried while watching prena shattering after watching aunty komo edited video
    Aunty komo success for creating misunderstood on Prerna against Anurag
    Aunty komo Ka edited line
    “money can buy anything even love you don’t have money to buy his love”
    Edit kiya bhi toh dialog hajaam nahin ho payii…. 😂
    Finally prerna Sharma basu is back💃💃
    She got bail
    She bangs on Basu’s mansion
    Precap :eventhough Anurag didn’t know who got prerna but somehow he is showing jealousy haaye….
    Desperately waiting Tommorow episode

  2. Hate komolika character.anurag is in much pain than prerna.sad to watch anurag.but precap roczz

  3. prerna is a gold digger she agreed to have one night stand with the unknown mr.X how cheap is she ?

    1. yupzz soo true, . and also komo is cute overdramatic 😂😂😂😂

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