Kasautii Zindagii Kay 20th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Komolika’s truth is exposed

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 20th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Mohini welcoming Sahil’s family and guests. Anurag sees Prerna and smiles. O maahi….plays…. Anupam smiles seeing them. Anurag and Prerna stop for a talk. He says you came to my room to talk. She says yes, I wanted to talk, seeing you and Komolika together… He says you were jealous, actually I m feeling hot, AC isn’t working. Prerna says I remember what I wanted to say, I wanted to talk about Vikrant, I found something. He asks what. She says you have to do something for me, I want your support, will you support me. He says yes, but what shall I do. Komolika comes downstairs. She sees them talking and says what are they talking now. Mohini says Komolika, you are upset but I don’t know what magic Prerna did on Sahil’s family, calm down, I have to

share a good news. Komolika says we will talk later.

Mohini says I m so happy, we went for Moloy’s checkup, his mind is responding, he will get fine soon. Komolika says lovely news. Mohini says its because of you, since you came here, everything is getting fine, you are a lucky charm for us. Lights go off. Mohini says stay here, I will just come. She asks Anurag what happened to electricity. He says don’t know, I will see, there is some problem in transformer fuse, it will take 10-15 mins. Mohini says we won’t spoil our function, we will do it on the terrace. She asks Nivedita to take the guests. They all go. Komolika says where did Prerna go, did she do this. She sees a big screen and says Prerna maybe upto something. She hides. Prerna puts the shares graph on the screen. She asks Komolika not to hide and come out, the truth is out. Komolika comes and asks what are you doing. Prerna says this is your truth, I got proof against you, I know your truth, now the world will see it. Sahil says everything is amazing, as if someone had planned this function on terrace.

Anurag says thanks, your dad is calling. Sahil. Anurag says we have to go downstairs, its imp. Mohini asks why. He says Prerna has told us to come. Mohini asks reason. He says she will tell us. She says I m not interested. He says fine, at least for my sake, please. Moloy smiles. Mohini says okay fine. He says just our family, not anyone else. They take Mohini. Komolika asks what’s all this, charts of shares. Prerna says I know today is Sangeet, can you tell me, why did the shares fell down in these charts. Komolika asks are we going to give this in dowry to Tapur, you have no sense, our shares are soaring high. Prerna says I know, but its not seen in this chart, this difference is called a scam, you have done this intentionally with your dad, right, you wanted to marry Anurag, you made her feel that his dad and his business are sinking, you created this situation that he fell helpless, he thought he has to save his dad’s business, he took your help and married you, so you are here.

Komolika claps and says I didn’t know you are so talented, you make such plans. Prerna says these graphs show that you made the shares crash so that Anurag agrees to marry you. Komolika says aw, how sad, you use your brain, why are you doing this, everyone is enjoying the party on terrace, they won’t know this. She takes the CD and breaks. She says game over, what will you show them now. Anurag gets his family downstairs. Komolika says you would have scanned this in your brain, I don’t care, you are a liar. Anurag signs Mohini to be silent. Komolika says don’t waste my time. Prerna says I have another copy, do you want to see. She plays the CD and shows the graphs. Manager says Vikrant made two copies of the files, this proves that Chobey has done this scam. They see bank manager’s statement. Manager says Komolika and his dad pressurized us for this, we were helpless and had to compel Basus to return bank loan. Prerna plays footage of Komolika adding poison in halwa. Anurag says its same halwa. Prerna says you added something in halwa and blamed me, Mohini fell unwell by eating this. Mohini and everyone get shocked.

Prerna says Mohini hates me for this, I got sure of your truth when Vikrant met with an accident, you did this, you are very clever. Komolika breaks the CD again and says yes, I did all this, you have no proof, my dad helped me, I wanted to get Anurag. Prerna says you forced Anurag to marry you, he will throw you out of this house, I will show this to Anurag. She shows video to Komolika. The goon says its true that Komolika provoked Navin to kidnap Prerna. Komolika throws the phone and says done, what do you want. Prerna says I invested my time to know your truth. Komolika asks what will you show the people, your image is bad in this house, that foolish Mohini and Nivedita won’t believe you. Mohini fumes. Komolika says Mohini is blind in my love, she is guilty, she thinks I couldn’t get justice for my bahu, its easy to fool that woman, she helped me a lot, I shed crocodile tears, I said your husband wanted me and Anurag to marry, she got mad and got me married to Anurag, how convenient it was for me, Nivedita is foolish, her anger will ruin her, I will throw her and her so called husband from this house. Everyone gets shocked.

Komolika says yes, I have done this, I regret that you can’t prove this, I ruined the proof, if you go now and tell Mohini, she will scold you, you are a cheap girl in her eyes, let me warn you, get out of this house, if you want betterment of you and your family, Vikrant is losing his life, remember this. She makes fun of Mohini and says I will send her to old age home one day. Prerna looks at her.

Mohini shouts Komolika. Lights come. Komolika attacks Prerna. Anurag slaps Komolika and shouts leave the house. Komolika says this is my house, none can make me out.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Super episode pa.parth n Erica look damn .they look like made for each other like in real life also their bonding is too good.so new promo is out komo is killed prerna and after prerna is coming with bajaj.pls makers ucan do dragging but don’t marry prerna to bajaj.unite anupre

    1. Wow…..I am so happy finally komolika is out of the basu house.

      Where are you modiji kya aap aaj comment nahi karenge!!

      1. @vini,
        hello dear was busy in exit polls hahah no worries soon prerna will exit the show coz without komolika ‘s beauty this show will face troubles

  2. Ngkrishnakumari

    Today’s episode was mind blowing
    Prerna Sharma basu is looking super gorgeous as well as spectacular
    She nailed the show with her power pack performances
    Wow…. She exposed aunty komo in front of Basu’s family
    She collected all the evidence against komo and brilliantly the plan through Anurag help
    Finally she exposed komo 👏 👏 👏
    Egoistic Mohini and Nivedita expression after hearing so much compliments from her favorites daughter in law
    Komo want to send egoistic Mohini at the old age home
    Literally I’m enjoying that scene😂
    Overalls the duo mother daughter deserves it….
    Hope in the upcoming episodes Mohini and Nivedita say sorry for prerna
    Mohini should accept prerna
    Anupre scene where prerna sari was stuck with Anurag watch
    The background music 🎶 “o Mahive” was playing was Sone pe suhaga…
    Precap :wow…. Anurag slap komo

    1. Rajjo

      Seriously saying, nivi and mohini can’t be guilty of their doings… They never be… Komo said right they are the morons who cannot see the difference between right n wrong… After this too tgey cant accept prerna… If they do then kzk2 will have a miracle which ekta Kapoor never shows…

      1. Ngkrishnakumari

        The big bindi gang’s of basu ladies have genetical issues
        So they ll take in order accept prerna as their daughter in law afterall prerna is belong to a middle class family and poor status

  3. Still egoistic Mohini and Nivi do not appreciate prerna for bringing out Komolica’s truth and do not accept her as their bahu. It is better that Prerna dies rather than living with the proud Mohini and Nivedita. They do not know that soon they will become poor by Komolica’s snatching their wealth. God will soon make them realise.

  4. Where is modiji 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    1. im at abpnews giving mann ki batt rehersal for my victory

  5. Wow…..I am so happy finally komolika is out of the basu house.

    Where are you modiji kya aap aaj comment nahi karenge!!

    1. @ vini ,
      komolika is always in heart will be always the charm of the show for the moment she is in london doing good and well beyond good i must say hopefully erica have some qualities of my sher khan hahaha isn’t erica quitting kzk i wish ksg joins the gang to fill the void in hina’s presence coz im fed up with fake pregnancy croco prena tears and above all that lady in mans bones anupam now only ksgcan sail kzk ship now coz parth has nothing left to deliver except makeups lol

      1. Charm of the show is anurag and prerna not komolika.

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