Kasautii Zindagii Kay 1st October 2018 Written Episode Update: Mohini wants to seek revenge

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The Episode starts with Prerna asking the matter. Rajesh tries to hide. Prerna says I have grown up, I can handle this. Veena tells about her heart attack, Rajesh took loan for Moloy for her treatment. FB shows the moments. Veena says Rajesh kept this house mortgaged, the land can’t be sold because of floods. Prerna says everything will get fine, I will do something. Nivedita sleeps. Anupam smiles and says wow…. Nivedita wakes up and stops him. She says you got mad. She sees the money beside and says you want money, have this, let me sleep, don’t disturb me. He says fine then. He counts money. Navin asks will you convince them, will they refuse. Mohini says no, their status will get high, it will be a big dream, clear to them that you will just take Prerna along. Navin says don’t

worry, it will happen as we want. Suman says Mohini has come.

Veena asks why. Rajesh says did Mohini come to take loan money, this loan was personal, I will go and meet her. Suman gets tea. Rajesh says I wanted to come and meet Moloy. Mohini says he has gone to Singapore for work. Navin stares at Prerna. Rajesh says I will pay loan tomorrow. Veena sends Prerna to college. Prerna leaves. Veena asks how did you come. Mohini says I got marriage alliance for Prerna. Veena smiles. Mohini says the guy is rich and educated, I got my brother Navin’s alliance for Prerna. They get shocked. Rajesh says there is much age difference. Mohini says Navin will set Prerna and your sons’ future too. Veena says we will find a guy for Prerna, but not any buyer, the guy should be of her age, Rajesh works at your place, how can you get such an alliance, Prerna has big dreams, we also have dreams for her, I know you would be feeling bad, your brother would be fine, he is rich, but we don’t want to sell our daughter. Rajesh asks Veena to stop it. Veena says just leave it, we can’t do this marriage. Mohini gets angry and leaves. Navin follows.

At college, Prerna is at library. She talks to Anjali. Anjali tells about rose day. She takes Prerna along. Prerna says I have no rose in my hand. Anjali says but I have a rose for Anurag. She goes to Anurag and gives him a rose. She says Chandrika doesn’t deserve you, someone like me suits you. Prerna requests him. Anurag tells Anjali about thorn birds. Prerna smiles. He asks Anjali to give a guy to someone who loves her. Anjali says no one rejected me with so much love till now, thanks, bye. Prerna signs to thank Anurag.

Mohini says don’t take stress, I will get any girl for you. Navin says don’t make any big promises, you said you will get Prerna for me, would you lose if it was about Anurag. He gets angry and goes. Many girls give roses to Anurag. Prerna smiles seeing this. He takes all the roses and goes. Rajesh says the way you asked Mohini to leave, Mohini will get angry, she won’t forget the insult. Veena asks shall we ruin Prerna’s life, Navin is divorced twice. He says you think I will agree to this proposal, never. Veena says Prerna will never become Navin’s third wife. Anurag says you didn’t get any rose, maybe any special guy will come and give you a rose, you can have any rose from these. She asks him not to give rose given by others. She says one day you will believe in my story, if you collect thorns, one day it will hurt.

Prerna comes home. She asks Veena to give her water. She tells about rose day. She says Anurag dropped me home. Veena asks her not to meet anyone from his family. Prerna asks what happened. Veena says nothing, don’t disturb me. Prerna asks what happened. She says Mohini had come, maybe she asked for loan. Mohini makes lawyer write the terms to threaten Rajesh. Lawyer asks does Moloy know this, Rajesh is Moloy’s friend. Mohini asks who gives you salary, remember no one should know this, Moloy knows this and asked me to deal this my way. She asks him to attach house papers with notice. Navin looks on. Suman says Mohini said our lives will get better if Prerna marries Navin. Shekhar asks shall we sell Prerna, enough now, don’t say a word more, this marriage won’t happen. Anurag greets lawyer Mukherjee. Lawyer says it will be bad if you make anyone out of the house, he has given his life to your company. Navin thinks this lawyer is leaking the matter, I have to do something. He drops a vase. Anurag turns to see. Mohini comes. Anurag asks about whom are you saying. Mohini recalls Moloy tell Anurag about Rajesh’s sacrifices. Moloy asks Anurag to always help Anurag.

Mohini thinks no, Anurag shouldn’t know this. She says I m helping a poor family. Anurag says that’s sweet, mom has a big heart, she won’t let anyone get homeless. He goes. She gives house property papers to lawyer and sends him. Prerna calls to talk to Rajesh. She sees Anurag’s book. She calls him. She says so sorry, I have your economics book. He says that’s okay, you can use that book. She says dad works a lot for us, I have to study economics just for dad’s sake, he should retire now. He says that’s sweet, I can help you in economics, I would be happy if I can help. She thanks him. She sees Suman and stops her. She asks why is mum so worried. Suman tells her everything. Prerna gets shocked.

Suman says I don’t find anything wrong, money gives happiness and power too, Mohini got so angry, she can bring a storm in our lives, just think about the alliance once. She goes. Prerna gets sad. Rajesh is at office. He says how did I do this mistake, how did I not see Navin’s bad deeds and cheap intentions, I don’t care for this friendship, job and relation, I won’t let my daughter suffer. Prerna says I also felt that man has evil dirt in his eyes, I should have given him an answer that time itself, he would have not dared to come here.

Mohini says I will get them on road. Prerna checks notice and says I understood everything, where is Navin. She meets Navin. Veena slaps Prerna. Prerna asks Rajesh and Veena to get her married to Navin. She argues with them. Rajesh congratulates her for marriage.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ngkrishnakumari

    It’s a humble request pliz do update fast as soon as possible

  2. Ngkrishnakumari

    Today episode was superb as usual
    Egoistic Mohini started to to show her real face discusting
    Prerag scene was too short seriously ekta mam😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    How could Suman be? Another discusting items of the kzk
    Moreover precap is so confusing………………………………………….
    Seriously prena & Navin marriage
    How could prena accept the proposal???

  3. Lokesh

    Finally updated,very sad episode, or kal to aur bhi sad, in btw. Veena aunty was amazing kya jawab diya, Prerna ki bhabhi positive ya negative, Abhi ke liye negative.

  4. Ngkrishnakumari

    Now I guess what Prena best friend Anjali was former PA of Dev dixit in krpkab 💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃Wow all our favorite krpkab coming back together at almost same time but different shows like Shaheer sheikh in historical show on colors😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Today the precap make disappointed me again and again
    How could prena choose Navin the psycho over family?
    Pliz pliz Anurag help prena because you are only the ray of hope as Moloy is out of states🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    From today onward I hate Shuman babhi
    After sharing her point of view regarding prena marriage😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤

    1. daily soap queen

      Yeah its her viewpoint, if money and power works for her its her prerogative we shouldn’t judge

  5. Episode nice especially prerna and anjali scene prerna get irritate as she doesn’t understand accounts, then her friend tell her that today it’s the rose day her friend asks her to get along with her to enjoy the rose day being celebrated in the entire college, but prerna feeling is so sad 😞😞😞 she has not receive a single rose from anyone. Then anjali teases her by showing one has she brought for 😃😃😃and prerna said for me but anjali say no and notices anurag passing by from there, she reaches to see him by calling his name anurag and show the🌷🌷🌷 red rose when she brought for him, cutest anjali tries to express her feelings for him, she asks him to keep the rose in her hair with his hands and anurag looks at her and notices to prerna she request to him from behind the door to listen to her, anurag tell to anjali about the story of thorn bird which prerna told him the last night, about the song they sing for love till the last breath of their life, he further makes anjali understand that she should give that rose to someone who understand her feeling 👮👮👮. And now anjali can understand by saying it’s so much love no anyone can’t understand, anjali thanks him for making her vision clear. She leaves from there, prerna smiling 😀😀😀 at anurag and thanks him. In the college there are entire many who are dying to give 🌹 🌷🌷red rose to anurag, he is just like hero in the college, previous anurag was not like that this anurag nice liked, they all gather around anurag for that, and prerna smiles at anurag when she sees that. She asks anurag to give the books 🔰🔰🔰 in his hands to her so that he can collect all the 🌹 🌹🌹🌹🌷🌷🌷🌷roses, anurag collect all the 🌹 🌹🌹🌹roses, and leaves from there along with prerna after that. In the college, prerna says he doesn’t believe in love and still he has got many roses, anurag also says that she hasn’t received a single rose in spite of believing in love. And he asks her to keep one rose out of those in his hands if she want, but prerna doesn’t take it, anurag takes his books from her, prerna asks him about the reason behind him taking out the thorns, he says to her that there is no connection in between the story of thorn bird that she told him and the thorns he has no collected. But prerna assures him that one day his heart will beat for someone especial and he will also have the pain as he is collecting the thorns, she leaves from there. That’s so beautiful conversation. But what about kans mama he is married to her like seriously he doesn’t can see his age and her age it’s very different such a serious old man cheap shameless. Prerna’s mom is right she is not to sale her daughter when he can take it, how can he will think about it so cheap, she is not his signature accounts he can bank her not even his private property she belong to him and not even his trophy he can desire to her how is so cheap shameless men, he need to treatment for mental hospital should go for a treatment, one day everyone get to know that about him especially mohini to know very soon, he is fraud he only use to woman when who is beautiful and gorgeous, but what is happening to everything prerna emotionally agree for marriage, she can sake of everything protect her family and save everything that’s why she can do anything for her family. But dont worry about it because anurag is there he can safe save her from married and get to know everything, hell the kans mama, he is not naveen he is nag junglee kans

    1. Lokesh

      Heading towards next amena

  6. Nivika

    So sad epi….

  7. Somehow i didn’t like this kind of threatening. I thought a wonderful love story is going to begin. Very disappointed.

  8. Fenil

    Wonderful episode !!
    Anjali-haye iss tarah toh kisi ne mujhe reject nahi kiya hehehe so cute she was there.

  9. Fenil

    PreRag’s scene were awesome !!

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