Kasautii Zindagii Kay 19th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Mr. Bajaj gets arrested

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The Episode starts with Prerna going away. Mr. Bajaj says inspector, I need to talk to my wife, I m ready to cooperate, I need some time. He goes to Prerna. He says he is lying, I told you its an accident, no one does a murder by mistake, why would I do this, I had no reason. Prerna says why will he lie, you had a reason, you threatened him when he challenged you, you tried to kill him, I didn’t know you will fall to this level. Mohini asks Inspector do you work for Mr. Bajaj. Maasi says actually, she doesn’t like Rishabh and wants him to get arrested, his wife is his priority now, he should clarify to her, he is innocent. Anurag says Maasi, I will give you an advice, will you agree. Maasi says it depends, tell me. He says you know our issues, I request you all, stay away from this matter, I told you that you are elder, I don’t want to talk rudely. Mohini says relations aren’t made with strangers. He says its not Maasi’s mistake. Maasi says you are right, if anyone hurts my Rishabh, I won’t leave him.

Mohini says I will remind you, come with me, I have to talk. Maasi and Tanvi smile. Maasi goes to Mohini. Mohini says you worry for Rishabh a lot, I have some pics, it shows you don’t want to hurt him. Maasi asks which pics, if you like to keep anything precious, then keep it safe. Mohini says you stole it. Maasi says I took it, you can’t blackmail me. Tapur asks inspector to arrest Mr. Bajaj. Tanvi says he won’t do anyone’s accident. They argue. Anupam asks them to calm down, whoever did the mistake will be punished, everyone know who was the victim and victimizer. Mr. Bajaj asks how will you believe me, you don’t know me, so you are doubting. She asks do you care what I think about you, wrong is wrong. He says you won’t understand, you have made an opinion about me, I want you to understand Rishabh, not Mr. Bajaj, I can’t fall to this level. She says the world knows you are a ruthless and egoistic man, you tried to kill Anurag, you know I will be hurt, even then you did this, don’t expect me to hire a lawyer for you. He says you trust Anurag. She asks why not, you tried to kill him. He says I didn’t do the accident intentionally, you are believing him, not me.

Veena, Shivani and Shekhar come home. Mohini asks them to stop. Anuag goes to them and stumbles. They hold him. Maasi says you said stop and he ran to them. Anurag says thanks. Shivani says don’t say again. He says fine, please come. Veena says Shivani told me today about your state, how are you. Anurag says I m fine. Shekhar says we are glad to see you fine. He says Shivani saved me. Mohini scolds Veena. She says this happened because of Prerna. Anurag asks her to stop it. He says I m alive because of Shivani, I don’t like this. He apologizes to Veena. He says thanks for coming here, I feel happy. Maasi says you all are my relatives now, you should stand with us, you know Anurag is getting Mr. Bajaj arrested.

Shivani says that day police refused to arrest him. Anurag says police had no evidence, I told police that Mr. Bajaj tried to kill me. Maasi says its a lie. Veena says we have a relation with Anurag first, relation of love, which is much strong. Shekhar says yes, mum is right, we have a relation with you, but we have a relation with Anurag also. Shivani says you would have seen that our relation is strong, Mohini is upset, even then Anurag is with us. Tanvi asks is Rishabh not imp for you. Mohini says he maybe imp for you, not for us. Anurag asks inspector why are you taking time to arrest Mr. Bajaj, I have make you do this forcibly. Mr. Bajaj says I don’t know how to explain, I wish I didn’t meet you in that situation, I wish I met you before anyone else.

Prerna asks what are you saying. He cries and says you are angry. She says I feel disgusted, you knew what Anurag feels for me, you didn’t give him time and tried to kill him, you got me in this house to emotionally torture him that you won his love. He shouts enough. She asks why did we come to this house. He says you don’t know me, I can’t explain you why I targeted Basus, our relation is just because of Kuki. She says keep Kuki out of it. He says I had personal reasons to come here, if Anurag was getting tortured, he could have left this house. She says he didn’t go, he said I m of him, this troubled you, you thought to kill him. He says I m not afraid to go to jail, I don’t want you to make any wrong opinion, what do you want. She says that you go to jail, you get punished, you suffer. He gets shocked. Kuki comes there. Prerna hugs her. He says I told you, Kuki loves you a lot, take care of my daughter. He goes downstairs. Anurag says its better I call the commissioner. Inspector says you aren’t talking like a reasonable man. Anupam says so Mr. Bajaj bribed you. Mr. Bajaj meets Veena and asks are you fine. Anurag says don’t act good in front of them. Mr. Bajaj says since we met, I have seen you angry, at least smile for their sake, the people who love you, you got a loving family and extended family, who worry for you. Anurag says you don’t tell me how to live, I know caring for them. Mr. Bajaj says they want you to stay happy. Prerna comes. Anurag says don’t worry, my happiness isn’t away from me, you will get jealous and think why do I smile much. Mr. Bajaj says I m not jealous of anyone’s happiness, sometimes I think why I don’t have it, a loving mum, dad, sister…. I can do anything for my family. Anurag says stop this nonsense.

Mr. Bajaj says someone feels I should get punished, so I m ready to bear the punishment, arrest me. Maasi and Tanvi get shocked. Mohini asks inspector to arrest him, what is he waiting for. Inspector says I feel he didn’t do the accident intentionally, the person would disappear but he didn’t go. Mr. Bajaj says arrest me. Maasi stops him. Mohini says Anurag is the victim, he is saying that Mr. Bajaj did this intentionally. Inspector says I have come on Anurag’s saying. Mr. Bajaj says arrest me. He goes with the police. Anurag sees Prerna.

Prerna says if Anurag is in this state, its because of me. Maasi asks her to support her husband. Prerna says wrong is wrong, I can’t support him. Mohini says Prerna is behind this accident. Anurag says I m alive because of Prerna. Mehra says you can get the bail. Mr. Bajaj says I don’t want to go from here.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Lol lol lol
    Anurag mara ja ra h bajaj ko jail me dekhne k liye..even inspector realised anurag is a psycho??
    I just wish anurag fir se “prerna prerna ” naa start kar de its damn irritating.. bajaj is head over heels in love with prerna now..when prerna will realise that bajaj haven’t done it intentionally thn preraj story will actually start..
    Nd now its clear bajaj is moloy’s son

  2. Mr.bajaj should be punished …………….because he ruined anurag and prena’s life

    1. AYESHA

      Yes uncle bajaj should be punished not just for the accident but also for ruining anupre ’s life.

  3. Ngkrishnakumari

    After watching the episode I think something is cooking in Anurag mind!
    Let’s see
    Thanks Amena for fast update

  4. Your so fast Amena . Thanks a lot.

  5. Ngkrishnakumari yeah he is planning to marry prerna as soon as possible..thats y i doubt that this accident was his plan..

    1. not his plan, but it’s bajaj’s plan……he is such a creepy person…..

  6. I am convinced that even the Kings and Queens of Sissy would not disturb anyone at 01:00 in the morning to ask the dumbest of questions the robot asked his manager. This is a man who has got a daughter. Wow. He must have hired a womb or he is so godly that he got the mother of his child pregnant by just holding her hands. Get real dimwit Ekta. Now even the brain dead police officer believes he is innocent paving the way for the one man show to win yet again and for his bimbo wife to run like a mad woman through the rain to save him? Heads or tails the robot always wins. Has anyone noticed how he always say the right stuff in front of his trophy wife? Now we just have to wait with trepidations for another brain storming story line from dimwit Ekta and her ass licking script writers.

    1. AYESHA

      But for uncle bajaj bhakt he is such a Saint that????

  7. Wtf…….yeah..that was an acciedent…that was not an attempt to murder…but bajaj is responsible for anurag’s acciedent…there is punishment for acciendent….even if it is unintentional..just bcause bajaj reported to police he cant get away with the charges of acciedent. Funny thing is inspector saying that..i dont think he did it intentionally….so what….even then inquiry is required for acciedent..there is a procedure to follow…bajaj didnt admitted anurag in the hospital….so in that case there is a panelty on due on bajaj…and if anurag refuses to take that panelty..bajaj have to go to the jail…not on murder charges but on acciedent charges..”hit and run”.

    1. Absolutely, the law forces are mocked big time…veena was arrested without bail on the basis she was part of the arrangement team in kuki’s party and didn’t like bajaj…here in hit and run case where the offender confirmed he did the accident, the victim family filed case, eyewitnesses testified…still police need to be told by bajaj to arrest him before they actually do it lol. It is a car accident case…not a playground fight when everything is sorted out by sorry not intentional and hand shakes. Police and doctors are jokers in indian show…not doing any job when needed but when not required come to create trouble out of nowhere

  8. Gayathri Durailingam

    Bullshit story.there is no value for love and marraige.Prerna character is really pathetic.She is changing her colour from time to time.she is defending and also offending Bajaj for this accident case.

  9. What’s going with their businesses ,who Is taking over whose empire,I came to know that anu stepped to destroy Bajaj sooooo , I guess he couldn’t make that huh…..that’s why engaged in, imposing his victim forever drama on others.bhai itna emotional ,??????Banda business ka bhaar????? nahi utha Sakta,even Ur sis is better than u at her job. Just don’t be a nikamma Ashiq ,but be strong.the biggest fault is with mohini ,she should have given tight slaps to Anurag after encountering the fact that, girl after whom ,his boy is mad do not consider him worthy of sharing her problems infact causes problems to him.????

  10. BabaJi

    People stop bashing Bajaj in the comments! Prerna is the true culprit. ?….
    she married Bajaj but still has feelings for Anurag. After knowing this, Bajaj has accepted her as his wife. She’s doing nothing less then having an affair with Anurag.
    This shouldn’t be Kasauti but Silsila 3. This is worse than SBRK! Prerna cares for Anurag but has no guilt. Bajaj is the poor victim getting dragged into this illegimate love relation of Anupre. So holding Bajaj guilty is unjustice. Prerna the shameful heartless girl can continue playing with the two mans of her life. I think this girl has some serious mental issues maybe Bipolar? she tends to forget that she is Mrs Bajaj not Mr Basu! she can cry.. and cry… cry… cry… then Bajaj will forgive her again..again..again… then she realises she loves Bajaj. She breaks Anurag’s heart. Then she realises she loves money only ? ? ? ?. Stupid stories.

  11. Simply absurd story. Seems she has feelings for both Anurag and bajaj. Anurag has nothing to do in life but run behind Prerna who keeps on making him understand that he should move on. But again comes back to console him. Well, Anurag and Prerna deserve each other because neither of them listen nor they understand the situation. The only thing they know is talk talk and talk. Earlier Prerna mother said bajajs Heart is good now she has forgotten everything.

    Shivani is the most irritating character. She and Anurag and Prerna have really become irritating. Anurag is the cry baby so is Shivani. Anurag always feels bad when Prerna comforts bajaj. Can’t prerna say that this type of feelings are never there in bajaj when she is with him. I am not a big fan of KZk. But yeah must say KSG is giving full justice to bajajs role and he is a absolutely brilliant with his flawless acting. You can’t keep on shouting to show how you act. But then that’s the class of act he has given to the show.

    Illogical story but yeah end of the day it’s not reality it’s just a story so that audiences can at least have a good time to put their stress aside and see something which is for fun. ?

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