Kasautii Zindagii Kay 19th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Maasi targets Veena

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Kasautii Zindagii Kay 19th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Mr. Bajaj wishing Kuki. She asks for her gift. He says I didn’t forget. Servant gets the gift box. Veena looks on. Mr. Bajaj asks do you know what’s in it. Maasi and Tanvi say we know. Prerna signs don’t know. Kuki gets sad. Veena thinks this girl is mute. Mr. Bajaj says I will give you a hint, when did you meet Kuki for the first time. Prerna says mall, oh, this has a big teddy bear. Kuki smiles. She opens the gift box. Prerna sees Veena. Veena asks what else did you hide, tell me and end this matter, you ruined your life, you said you married Mr. Bajaj as he is better than Anurag, how, because he has much money, will you do anything by money, Mr. Bajaj gave you his daughter as well, she is mute. Prerna says doctors said she is improving. Veena asks why are you

taking this duty, it will burden you, you can’t manage her. Prerna says I know how to manage kids. Veena says you are saying as if you have become a mum.

Maasi gets Kuki there. Kuki holds Prerna’s hand and smiles. Veena thinks I can’t stay here now. She goes to Vyas and says all preparations are done, I would like to go home. Vyas says we have a responsibility until the party gets over. Tanvi says we have arranged games, kids can go to the house backside, everyone can stay here if they want to watch Rishabh dancing. Prerna thinks Mr. Bajaj and dance. Everyone claps. He says I don’t dance. He asks Tanvi not to say this again. Maasi says I have seen you dance some years back. Tanvi says I will dance with you. Maasi says Kuki wants her dad to dance. Tanvi dances with Mr. Bajaj. Saansein meri….plays…

Kuki sees them and thinks. She makes Tanvi away and gets Prerna. She unites Prerna and Mr. Bajaj’s hands. Veena sees arrangements. Mr. Bajaj asks Prerna to be careful and not step on his feet by heels. They dance. Maasi says Veena is here. She asks Tanvi to let Kuki to do what she wants. She says I m going after Veena, I will make her fight with me, Rishabh will take my side, I m his Maasi, Rishabh and Prerna will fight. Mohini comes downstairs. She sees Mr. Bajaj and Prerna dancing. She thinks of Anurag and Prerna’s dance. She goes. Maasi thinks its right time to light the sparks. She goes to Veena and argues.

Veena says I m the incharge of the event. Maasi says I m Rishabh’s Maasi, don’t show me attitude and do your work. Veena says fine. Maasi thinks how will the matter drag if she doesn’t fight. She says you are Prerna’s mum but have a servant’s status here, I can’t trust you, you don’t argue with me. Veena says I don’t care that Rishabh is rich, Vyas will give me money for my hardwork, I don’t like Rishabh at all. Mohini looks on and thinks maybe I misunderstood Veena, she doesn’t like Bajaj. Veena says you won’t face any problem from my team, I wasn’t in Prerna’s marriage from the bride’s side. She goes. Maasi thinks I have to use Veena to break Prerna and Rishabh.

Prerna asks why did you refuse for dance when Tanvi announced. Mr. Bajaj says I m a straight forward man. She says I m not playing any games. He says I will answer you only if you ask. She says I asked you why my mum is here. He says you accused me, I won’t explain myself, you have to learn how to communicate. She asks him to learn how to be approachable. Tanvi thinks what are they talking. Mr. Bajaj and Prerna argue. Tanvi gets Maasi’s message and goes. He says I won’t insult your mom or anyone’s mom. Prerna says I think we spoke a lot. He says for the first time we spoke much, you shouldn’t doubt on my intentions. Tanvi says Prerna and Rishabh didn’t stand against, what to do, look at them, they are dancing together.

Maasi says you will get what I promised you, Veena didn’t fight me, we will use Veena. Prerna and Mr. Bajaj sign Kuki and smile. Tanvi asks what’s the plan. Maasi says Veena said she is decorations incharge, if the rope breaks, the hanging will fall down. Tanvi asks do you want to kill Veena. Maasi says no, Rishabh will get hurt, blame will come on Veena, it will appear that Veena is taking revenge on him, don’t worry Rishabh won’t be able to forgive Veena for this mistake, Rishabh will leave Prerna or Prerna will leave him. She sees someone and goes out to see. Tanvi says there is no one, come. Maasi says I felt someone is watching us. They go. Mr. Bajaj dances with Kuki. Prerna hugs Kuki.

Maasi cuts the rope. The floral decorations board falls over Mr. Bajaj. He falls down. Inspector says Veena attacked Mr. Bajaj, she has to come with us. Tanvi says God please make Rishabh fine, I love him so much. Prerna looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Its obvious now that prerna nd bajaj will unite..as so many people are plotting to break their relation..anurag to ab dikhta hi naiii

  2. want to see anupreans face when mr bajaj and mrs bajaj were dancing together close in as comfortable as she could feel # prejaj moment to cherish !!!

  3. there’s a saying kids don’t lie # when kuki bring her mother and father together to dance it was most entertaining to watch !!!!! ex-anupreans lol

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