Kasautii Zindagii Kay 18th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Anurag spies on Navin’s GF

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The Episode starts with Mohini asking Prerna to see the saree. She gives her sweets. Anurag comes and recalls Navin’s words. Mohini says check its fitting, I m throwing a big party and invited big people, I want you to look good. She asks what’s this Anurag, you left for college and now office. He says I had imp work, I will freshen up and come. She feeds him sweets. Mohini asks Prerna to go to guest room and try. Anurag stops Nivedita and asks what happened. Nivedita says I m busy.

Mohini asks are you happy now, I have given her a saree. Navin says I m happy as you love me a lot. Anurag keeps his books. He recalls Nivedita and says so she is upset with me, I will go and talk to her. He hears Prerna’s voice and goes to see. He sees her and says sorry, I thought someone needs

help, shall I send Tapur. She says yes. He says I got to know why you were upset, the students won’t say anything now, I have scolded them, I told them that every person has own choice, your choice is your matter, they have no right to judge you, I mean it. She says until Tapur comes, Mohini will need to wait, so if you can tie the string, please. He says sure…

He ties the blouse’ back string. Tu hi bata….plays….Navin comes there and sees them. Anurag turns to him. Navin says Moloy is calling you, I will help my would be wife. Anurag says of course. He leaves. Navin says I will help. Prerna says its done. Navin says relax. He ties string again. He asks her to call him next time instead calling a stranger. Anupam gives the car keys. Nivedita asks did you take my new car, did you drive well. He says yes, auto driver has hit it, he has run away, any way, there is a big dent, I m kidding. He laughs. Moloy asks don’t you have anyone else than this family. Anupam says I have, but you give me much love, so I m here.

Moloy says you do nothing, great, say truth always. Anupam thanks him and asks for money. Moloy says I don’t have cheque book. Anupam says I will get it. Moloy asks do you know where is it. Anupam says yes. Moloy jokes on him. Anurag comes. He says I can’t handle this project, I have to study, its complicated project, I will be busy, I won’t be able to do it well. Moloy says okay, so Nivedita, are you still interested to do this. She says yes. Anurag gives her the file. Moloy goes to Mohini. Anurag asks were you upset because of this project, you are much imp, I know you worked hard and truly deserve this. She says sorry, I love you. He hugs his sisters and says we are in one team. Prerna smiles and thinks so sweet, he left a project for Nivedita’s happiness. Tapur says sorry, I didn’t talk to you well. He says its okay. Moloy calls them for dinner. Tapur compliments Prerna. Navin says she is looking best, she is my choice. Anupam serves food to Nivedita. She asks what happened, what do you want. He says fund for my betting. Mohini says this saree looks good. Navin says she is looking beautiful. He asks Prerna did you think of honeymoon, we shall fix it soon. Prerna sees Anurag.

Moloy says you went to Switzerland for honeymoon with your first wife, you went to Paris with second wife, this time give a chance to India. Anupam laughs. Moloy says maybe your marriage will stay this time. Prerna helps Anurag and passes the food. Navin holds her hand and says we will go to a cold place, its romantic. She tries to free her hand. Anurag looks on and gets angry. He says enough and gets up. He says sorry, I have to complete my college assignment, excuse me. He goes. Anurag sits to work. He hears a phone ringing. He sees Navin’s phone. He reads the message of some woman. He sees the woman’s DP. He replies and asks her to come outside his house. He thinks I have to know who is this woman, Navin is hiding his relation with her, but why, I have to tell everyone. He rushes and collides with Anupam. Mohini asks are you fine. Anurag says there is imp file in car. Anupam says file would be in your room. Nivedita asks are you annoyed with me.

Anurag says no, its alright, fine, give me 5mins, I will be back. Navin thinks what happened to him. Anurag goes and waits outside. He sees the woman coming. Mohini asks Navin to call Veena and ask about guests. Navin says I will go and get my phone. The woman says he isn’t answering my call now. Navin gets his phone. He gets the call and says you always come when there is a good news. She says you didn’t come to meet me. He asks where. She says you messaged me to come and meet. He checks his phone. He gets shocked. He asks where are you. She says outside your house. He shouts get out of here fast. He worries and says who wants to find about me. She turns and sees Anurag. He says Navin has sent me, he asked me to receive you, come. She says I m thirsty. She thinks where did I get stuck, Navin’s truth can get revealed. He thinks if she is Navin’s friend, she shouldn’t have any problem to come inside. He says I m Anurag Basu, what’s your name, are you fine, you look scared. She says no. He asks her to come. She agrees.

Nivedita asks Anurag, what’s happening between you and Prerna, you love Prerna right. Mohini asks Navin to invite Komolika.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hope Hina Khan satisfies the expectation of Komolika……. Miss u Urvashi

  2. this prerna is cheap. couldn’t she wait for tapur?

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