Kasautii Zindagii Kay 18th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Nivedita confronts Prerna

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The Episode starts with a scene in Zurich. Mr. Bajaj and Prerna reach a hotel and walk in. The man asks them to enjoy their honeymoon. Prerna thinks now I m Mrs. Prerna Bajaj, I wish I could stop this. Veena throws things. Shivani asks her to stop. Veena takes Prerna’s clothes out and dumps. She burns it. She says Prerna has cheated me. The women look on. Veena scolds them and asks them to come in to see the drama. The women leave. Veena shuts the door and cries. She says they have come to enjoy, how did I not understand that Prerna kept us in darkness, I lost to my children. She cries.

The lady shows the room to Mr. Bajaj and Prerna. Prerna slips. Mr. Bajaj holds her. She says don’t touch me, I can manage. He says you were falling, I saved you, don’t worry, I won’t touch you

with any intention, there were many rasams where I could take advantage, please don’t fall down, else I will think you want me to touch you, I have many meetings here, enjoy till then. He goes. Ishq di…plays… Prerna thinks of Anurag and cries. She says so sorry Anurag, you were always with me to wipe my tears, I feel suffocated here. She runs out thinking of Anurag. She thinks of her marriage with Mr. Bajaj. She goes in the balcony area and looks around. Jeevan ki….plays… She says I can’t live like this Anurag.

Anupam compliments Nivedita. She says Zurich is such a beautiful place, my mood is nice. Mr. Bajaj asks how are you. She says its good Anurag isn’t here, you use people like toys, you snatch their things, you want to defeat business rivals by involving someone’s would be wife. He says its a wrong place to create a scene. She says I will create a scene in the meeting as well, I will tell them how much you fell down to defeat my brother, you can’t break him, I m with him. He says how touching, do what you want. She asks don’t you have any guilt.

He asks how is Anurag, did he come back from hospital. Anupam asks what does he mean. Nivedita asks how do you know about Anurag’s accident. Mr. Bajaj says don’t be shocked, ones I like and ones I hate, I have their info, I will tell you why Anurag’s life has become a pet project for me, I have a meeting now. Anupam says everyone has some humanity, you are behaving like nothing happened, Anurag loves Prerna, she loves just Anurag, you won’t get peace, you snatched happiness of two families, you won’t get a place in hell. Mr. Bajaj says I m in Zurich right now, its quite beautiful. He goes. Anupam says Prerna made a big mistake by marrying him.

Prerna says I know you are far, at least I know you are fine. Nivedita thinks of Anurag. She says its happening because of Prerna, not Mr. Bajaj, why did she do this, I have to find Prerna. She goes to the reception. She asks about Mr. Bajaj’s room. The lady says sorry, we can’t share info about the guests. Anupam comes. Nivedita says I understand, I m the manager for the international business conference, I m here to personally invite Mr and Mrs. Bajaj.

The lady says okay, let me just check where he is staying. Anupam asks what are you doing. Nivedita says I have to talk to Prerna and know why she did this, did you see Anurag’s state, I have to ask her, Anurag planned his honeymoon here with Prerna, she is here with Mr. Bajaj, I will not leave the person who hurts my brother. The lady says Mrs. Bajaj is staying in presidential suite, I will have to call her before letting you go inside. Prerna keeps the flower and diary inside the bag. She doesn’t answer the call. The lady says she isn’t picking the phone, maybe she is busy. Nivedita says thanks, I will go and invite her. The lady says we will require some special permisson. Nivedita says Anupam, handle her. Anupam says she is going to washroom, we are happily married. He thinks Nivedita will make me land in jail. Nivedita comes to Prerna.

Anurag sees engagement pics and recalls Prerna. Khali khali…..plays…He throws his ring. He cries. Prerna smiles seeing Nivedita. Nivedita says you lost the right to call me Di, the day you cheated Anurag, I felt I have started knowing you, I started liking you, I told you to come to me if you have any problem. Prerna asks how is Anurag. Nivedita asks don’t you know, even an enemy doesn’t do such a bad thing, Anurag loves you madly, he is ready to die for you, he fought with Komolika, Navin and Ronit just for you, he was so happy that he was marrying you, he said he will do as you say, you have ruined his dreams and life. They cry.

Nivedita says I thought you have a heart, you are inauspicious. Prerna cries and says how shall I say that I married Mr. Bajaj for Anurag’s sake. Mr. Bajaj says I won’t touch you with an intention that you misunderstand me. Prerna hugs Anurag and says I married Mr. Bajaj to free you from the jail.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I understand prerna…but right now I’m not saying anything about prerna. But that Bajaj uncle..he is just annoying. How dare he touch prerna..he is the most annoying thing in the serial..and in precap he is behaving as if he is the innocent of everyone and respect his wife
    ..cheeeee😠😠😠in precap he said he will not touch her in an intention that will make her misunderstand him…is he coward? First he snatched everything from basus even the bahu and baby of Basu..and he is…😤😤😤😤😤😤

    1. Agreed with you concerning Bajaj. I really do not know who is the genius who actually cast this guy. Worst actor ever. This guy is really struggling to keep up with the high standard set by the other artists. He is flat, stiff and walk like a robot. I think if Ekta does a remake of the Incredible Hulk casting this guy as the HULK will be a stroke of genius. With regards to this episode I am amazed at the producer’s great attention to details. Here is a woman who has left behind her heartache and destruction waltzing out of a limousine following her robot as a lap dog with colour coordinated cloth. A yellow tie matching her saree…so much in love with each other. I am disappointed they have not ask her to hold her robot’s hand whilst going into the hotel. Damn…that would have been another stroke of genius. Now I am waiting for Prena to melt into the robot hands once he does something nice to impress her and remember this is a man who has forced her into marrying her for whatever reason and most probably for revenge and who actually had evidence to exonerate her lover but used it to get her to marry her and the makers of this TV serial will get her into the robot’s bed. I know this is fiction…make belief but still this is the 21st century and women are not supposed to be treated as piece of meat and the baffling thing is the producer is a woman.

      1. @ vinooraj
        kab tak rote rahoge piece of meat and what u aren’t able to see the love mr bajaj possesses anyways rote raho show mein to ab shaddi ho gyi mr bajaj aur prerna ki ab koi fark nhi padta tumhare chillane se ; soon prerna will forget her infactuation for anurag and will understand her hubby and love her very much that sindoor belongs to mr bajaj now and rahi batt baby ki to woh bhi ab mr bajaj ki hi hogi /hoga # prem bajaj# waise tum ekta ji ko request kar sakte ho parth ko double role mein dikhane ko as prem bajaj as an consollation

    2. i love to see mr bajaj he is a man whose has all qualities of a perfect hubby just coz people love anurag that doesn’t mean they will lay stones on mr bajaj
      even ektaji has made it clear she didn’t pay heeds to those who bark unnecessarily
      mrs prerna bajaj is a dutiful wife and she will soon forget her past and embrace her brighter and loveable future
      mr bajaj and prerna are looking perfect couple they value each other no matter the ways bajaj married mrs prerna bajaj we enjoy every bit of it and due to all that show is no1 in rankings @ auspicious marraige # love to mr bajaj and mrs prerna bajaj # nice cute couple on honeymoon ; looking forward to watch prerna’s love for her hubby mr bajaj
      ekta we love you dear for such good plot

      1. Modiji.. are you from planet stupid? I keep saying this is fiction…make belief but still one needs to have a reality check and come down to planet earth. What the hell are you talking about perfect couple and they value each other. Are you looking at Mr Bajaj as a character in this or Mr Bhupasha the man. I know a lot of bimbo will say he deserves an award if he farts while delivering his lines but if you look closely at the acting he is the worst one in this TV serial and having difficulty to keep up with the high standard the others have set before he joins. The worst actor I have come across. I don’t know what possessed the makers of this TV serial to cast this guy. He is like a robot…like a dance pole. A banana tree would have perform better than this guy. He is stiff and just stand there and delivers his lines. I think Anurag could give him an intensive course on acting. and you on visual aspect of delivery. Go back and see the scene in hospital with his family around him. compare that to the shoddy acting of the robot. Do you know the meaning of a sense of justice? With followers like you this is why Ekta is churning out these kind of rubbish all the time and making a good living out of it.

      2. @vinoo raj ‘ you are typical ksg hater lol ksg is way better than your anurag # ekta is lot experienced i guess she is doing things the way she wanted not a viewer like u will effect her
        but yes your hatred for ksg is just an immature act i suppose # ksg in dmg and qubool hai has proven his worth so ektaji’s choice is spot on even though parth has gathered audience but its ksg who will carry this show on his shoulders with queen in his yard !!!
        taking on stupid planet i m enjoying my time seems like your earth is feeling with hatred with bots like u # relax babes

    3. just having lol on you crying baby # bee without sting or i can say honey bee lol

      1. Oh yes I’m honey bee..🤘🤘. The first one I’ll bite will be u modiji..😂😂😂😂

      2. After reading your comments.remembeting sj suriya from mahesh babu Spyder movie.that character suits a lot to u modiji

      3. @ padmavathi seems like you had power off in your house # stay alert # hahaha just kidding i don’t mind your words coz you girls are always confused b/w infactuation and pure love either you will run for looks or knowledge as southies do more prominently dravidians or for a rich money guy and same thing you expect in kzk 2 but alas im happy for mr bajaj and mrs bajaj
        anyways curled hair gals do have something special in them as always # top floor vacant :p for you i may be a sudulai but who cares lol i got what i wanted # the wedding and the show is more enjoyable than previous crap # ninneyum snehakunnu

      4. @ padmavathi , i think u are mistaken here its ganesh from sarianoddu :p not suriya from spyder lol

      5. Typical reaction from someone with half a brain cell. I am just trying to read my comment above again to find out where I mentioned about my Anurag. There is no doubt he is a better actor than the robot. I am just looking at the acting . Usually on the football pitch I play the ball not the man. I usually I call a table a table not a chair. I maintain he is a shitty actor who is struggling to keep up. By the way why are you fretting . The serial makers usually use a simple formula. The more obnoxious and outrageous the story line the better for them . All these crying and soul searching of Prena is just make belief…at the end she will end in the robot ‘s bed and she will be the first one to tear Anurag apart once he tried to denigrate or hurt her robot. She will behave like a typical Indian wife defending her husband who ha blackmailed her into marrying him. I am just waiting for her to do her 360 degrees round about. Even Nivedita will get it from her if she triies to bad mouth her new lover. Simple formula the more obnoxious and outrageous the story line the better the TRP. The guilty become whiter than white and the innocent is given a bad name and hang like a dog. So you are the one who need to chill. Better still get into a freezer …and who knows you may become as rigid as the robot.

      6. @vinooraj , the current plot is making volumes of sounds your decibel is a minute one # lol on your hate for ksg

    4. i will not mind even a honey bee have right to have a byte but my sweetness can cause u diabetes hahaha so well honey is always welcomed :[email protected] kudos

      1. Please , don’t compare with gana character .he is a hero he stops crying people with his fighting.my comment is for that u told lol on ur crying pa.in Spyder sj suriya is laughing with people crying k pa stop this.i am not taking u r comment seriously but pity on u r thinking

      2. hey paddy i know you are sad on anupre infactuation ending but don’t worry prerna ‘s baby whave got a loving father in mr bajaj :p

    5. Mr&Mrs Bajaj..! Just like you Modiji. Useless, annoying and irritating presence in a society. Now I understand why you ship them so hard..!
      No worries, at the end they will pair up bcuz, its Ekta Kapoor who seem to share same thoughts as you Modiji.
      Ik you speak crap to attract attention. How does it feel to get trash from others..? @ Modiji

      1. hahaha hello love i know u are missing me babes and its evident to all who is attracting all the attention now # i hope my champ is fine and u too will meet u soon dear so much love

  2. Ngkrishnakumari

    Today episode was good
    Prerna is looking so gorgeous as usual
    She nailed to the perfection
    Nivedita pleaded and emotionally pressurized prerna and send to Bajaj house alone to save Anurag
    She asking prerna to accept anything Bajaj said and today she called prerna manhoos
    Horrible Nivedita…..
    Can’t tolerate the humiliations against prerna
    Thanks Amena for fast update
    Precap :😭

    1. don’t worry as long as mr bajaj is there those humiliations will not effect mrs bajaj at all # take a chill

  3. I think KSG might be trying to emulate Ronit Roy in portraying Mr. Bajaj. Ronit also maintained an almost straight face through most of his scenes and he always stood straight upright. His body language rarely changed… but man! His voice has this gravitas and his eyes are so expressive. Combined with everything Mr. Bajaj used to ooze sophistication and personality. He didn’t have to do stupid stunts like jumping off buildings to make us believe that this is a man no one should cross. His mere presence has this depth and confidence… KSG just comes across as stiff. Like dude, you dont have that acting chops, neither that voice nor those eyes. Make this character your own. Komolika was a big disaster because she too came as crash and bratty instead of the sophisticated seductress of the original. And now Mr. Bajaj is coming off as wooden and emotionless. I know even the present anurag-prerna are not upto the yesteryear’s mark, but they dont try to be. They have made these characters their own and though not perfect, they are at least watchable. But for Mr. Bajaj (or Komolika) the writers are trying to push it down our throat that ‘LOOK LOOK they are sooooo AWESOME’, while in fact, their onscreen performance is anything but
    Btw I dont know what got into ekta’s head to make this remake with almost the same storyline (or worse like the Navin fiasco). Should we now expect another Kyun Ki or Kahani ghar Ghar ki?

    1. Absolutely agreed. KSG has never disappointed me while, I was very young when KZK1 aired (i was born in 2002,while this show was since 2001😅). Anurag Prerna, as my mom says, are not as eye catching as the previous ones but they are good, at least they are being themselves. Komolika, I hate her. Good for nothing. After playing Akshara, then being a rowdy in big boss, and then Komolika, Hina kind of “spoiled” her image. I just didn’t like her. Over-acting, I’d rather say.

      Or may be we were expecting more from these people or maybe from the NEW Kasauti Zindagi Kay and they were just not aware about it..?

      1. I was young when KZK1 aired, *so I may not be too sure about what happened earlier and not be judgemental. As of brand I have heard, KZK1 was like soul or inspiration to many love stories. I have grown up watching Star plus. The first show I had ever watched was Baa, Bahu aur Baby (😅) while continuing KSBKBT, KG2K and others.

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