Kasautii Zindagii Kay 17th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Anurag fears to lose Prerna

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Kasautii Zindagii Kay 17th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Moloy asking Mohini why is she hurrying so much, even Anurag looks surprised. Anurag tries to say. Nivedita congratulates her and thinks I have to see Prerna’s expression when I break this news to her. Komolika hugs Mishka and congratulates. Mishka thanks her and asks why did you ask me about Anurag and Prerna. Komolika says I met them, you are lucky to get a partner like you, you aren’t in danger because of me, he is different, I found him very interesting, trust me, if Anurag wasn’t yours, I would have cast my spell on him, I m no longer curious for him, since you are getting engaged to him, don’t worry.

Mishka says I wasn’t afraid, I know you love me, I trust you. Komolika says you are my baby, your doubt about Prerna is right, she is in love with Anurag, he doesn’t love Prerna, before he developed feelings for Prerna, you came in his life, I know you love him so much, any girl can fall for him because of his charm, I m your sister, don’t worry, does Prerna know about the engagement. Mishka says no. Komolika says then I will give her this good news. Mishka says let it be. Komolika says let me enjoy a bit, I will take care of it, you take a beauty sleep.

Prerna comes to her room and thinks of Anurag. She thinks why do you give me beautiful memories, I don’t want them, I can spend my entire life with them happily, I wish I tried to know you before. She gets a call from Komolika. Komolika says you are lucky that I have called you, you can’t imagine what will happen with you, I bet you, you will lose everything, your peace and happiness, I called to wish you all the best. Prerna says you have to face me before hurting my family. Komolika says I m talking about you, you too are alive right, you use your emotions, if anyone breaks your heart, you will go mad. Prerna says you can’t hurt me. Komolika says but that guy can hurt you, Anurag. Prerna says don’t dare to take his name. Komolika wishes her the best. Prerna says why was taking Anurag’s name. Anurag thinks of Prerna and shouts please stop Prerna. He wakes up and looks around. Anupam comes and says I heard some sound and came to see.

Anurag says nothing, I had a dream. Anupam says you only dream of someone when the person is connected to you well, what was the dream, maybe I can tell you. Anurag says I had seen the entire family, we were talking, Prerna was going away when I asked her not to go. Anupam says your mind is saying that you are getting engaged to someone, but you may have promised someone else, you are scared that Prerna can go far from you. Anurag says you are watching many sci fi movies these days, its nothing such. Anupam says you aren’t seeing this. Anurag says you are hanging out with Sid, Sid also talks such things, I think you should get ready, its engagement, mom will be pleased, you should get ready. Anupam says yes, mom will be happy, best of luck. Anurag thinks Prerna is my best friend, I will never lose her.

Rajesh tells about riots and asks Shivani to inform them before going out. Prerna works and says I don’t understand this, I will ask Moloy about it. Rajesh says he knows the business well. Nivedita comes and says I have a good news, have sweets. She doesn’t give sweets to Prerna and says I want to feed you by my hands. She says Anurag’s engagement has been fixed with Mishka. Prerna gets shocked. Rajesh says its a big good news. Veena says we will call Anurag and congratulate him. Nivedita thinks I had come to see this shocking expression of Prerna. She asks isn’t it good news, thanks, everything was decided all of a sudden, our happiness lies in Anurag’s happiness, he was trapped in the riots. Rajesh asks what, was he trapped there. Nivedita says Anurag went crazy and was dancing, I was so happy to see his happiness, Prerna you don’t look happy, what happened, are you all right, you are looking a little low. Prerna says I didn’t sleep well and I m little tired. Nivedita invites them in engagement function. Rajesh says we will surely come. She leaves.

At Basu house, Anupam takes Nivedita aside. She asks what. He asks do you love your brother. She asks what will guests think that you got me here, are you crazy, I love my brother. He asks how can you do this, you are responsible for this. She says yes, the reason is Prerna, I told the truth to mom and mom took this decision. He says Anurag is confused, you manipulated Mohini, he is doing this engagement as he loves Mohini and cares for family. She says I know you need money. He says not now, I care for Anurag, you are his sister, Mishka isn’t right for him, I know he had a past with Mishka, did you hear anything about her from him, he feels a lot for Prerna, he talks nonstop about her, you had noticed this first. Mohini compliments Tapur and hugs. Moloy says my princess and hugs. He says Mohini don’t announce Tapur’s marriage by finding someone rich in the party, she doesn’t have to marry so soon. He says its a warning, I can’t bear more shocks. Mohini says I will discuss with her and do it. He asks did you ask Anurag before doing this, you took the decision on your own. He goes.

Komolika says I will be becoming your Saali. Anurag goes to receive Prerna and her family. Komolika says your attitude has changed on seeing Prerna, she is Mishka’s Sautan, I will have to do something of Prerna.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ngkrishnakumari

    Precap is superbs
    Anurag ignore komo and goes to receive prena family ??????????
    Desperately waiting Tommorow episode

    1. Medha

      Yeah ???? waiting waiting ?
      & Congratulations for the first comment ?

      1. Ngkrishnakumari


  2. Medha

    Finally Finally this Chipaku went from Basu Mansion… Oh God she took whole 3 weeks ???
    Komolika… The Red Teekhi Mirchi with an aaple ? she was looking so hot ?????
    The dream sequence ? Anupam he was like a good friend of Anu… after a long we heard Siddharth’s name… hope he will return soon atleast on his engagement !!
    I think first time Nive came to Sharma House, with a bad news for Prerna… oh God Prerna was stunned didn’t react ?
    Anupam understood the feelings of Anurag & he tried to explain all this to his so called wife Nive but she ? Tumko Paise Chaiye… huh the another Money Minded Womaniya ? but she was looking pretty,,I think first time Mohini didn’t wore the Saree in Bengali style but but she was looking gorgeous infact all were good & here comes Tapur exactly my expressions were like Mohini… O My God How Beautiful You Are Loooking ???? Moloy & Mohini convo ??? Moloy is so funny yaar !!
    Precap – Komolika ???? Aadhi Ghar Wali
    Can’t wait ?
    ~Thanks Amena

    1. Ngkrishnakumari

      Beautiful review Medha
      Why so early today?
      Any good news
      Or Tapur effects lol
      ? ? ?

      1. Medha

        Actually now I didn’t want Ki Billi apna Rasta kate ? so ? and this Chipaku Mishka went from Basu Mansion & again I saw the glimpse of Tapur ? two two good news nah so couldn’t control ?

    2. No dear medha plz refer to the epi where prerna got to know about their house bondage papers she immediately ran to basu house and at that time when she was talking to mohini
      Mohini was not wearing the saree in bengali style

      1. Medha

        Oooooo is it… I thought that’s the first time !! Thank you for letting me know this, dear Radha

  3. Dear makers you know what as a regular viewer i want to say that please don’t let komolika dominate the show the situations aun’s life prerna’s life like before.. Unless you are going to put yourself in a big trouble… Wake up this is 2019 not 2001 okay. Please let anupre live a happy peaceful life..

  4. Ngkrishnakumari

    Anupam :Anu what happened? I heard some sounds, Is everything all right
    Anurag :Ya…… Nothing just a dream
    Anupam :u know Anu, you only dream of someone when the person is connected to you well
    Your human brain is interesting mind blowing tell me what was the dream?
    Anurag :nothing you are right it’s was strange, dreams doesn’t make sense
    Anupam :I know strange if you didn’t share me how could I get to know
    Anurag :nothing I just see family standing and Congrates me for my engagement then I saw prena, I talk to her, but she was going away when I asked her not to go
    Anupam :it’s simple…. Your mind is saying that you are getting engaged to someone but you have already made promises to someone
    Anurag :prena why prena
    Anupam :you are scared prena can go far away from you
    Anurag :Anupam you are talking…..
    Nowadays you are watching si fi movies
    Science and technology that not about it you are talking completely different world
    Anupam :I see the reality
    Anurag :what reality….. Talking rubbish about logical you are hanging out with Sid, Sid also talks such things about prena to me, get ready for engagement it’s because of ma she will be happy I think we should get ready
    Anupam :yes mom will be happy best of luck Anurag
    Anurag (POV) :I will never lose her after all she is my best friend and best friend always stayed together ???????????
    Nowadays Anupamji is behaving like a sensible person
    He has a good heart
    Are buddu Anu come on sense
    She is very special to you rather than best friend
    Confess your love ? ? ?

    Anupam hold Nivedita hands and asks the question :Do you love your brother?
    He does not care about money and guest
    What a expression?

    1. Medha

      After the first Mahaepisode Anupam became so sensible.. nowdays Moloy is only one there who gives comic vibes… miss old Anupam ? hehehe
      But indeed Anupam is good human being… dil ka saaf type lolz

      1. Ngkrishnakumari

        Something like that ? ? ?
        Anupam new avatar is watchable
        Finally the bili know his limitations no more chapar chapar
        Tapur looking so beautiful like Disney princess ???

  5. Ngkrishnakumari

    Nivedita is horrible
    In order to see the expression of prena after knowing Anurag and chipaku Mishka engagement?
    She personally came to the sharma’s house and invited for the ceremony
    Horrible yaar
    Thanks God prena didn’t react in front of her family?
    Strong girl
    Prena hides her emotions ??????
    Thanks God shivani knows the real motives of big bindi Nivedita

    Komo become the akashwani for prena
    A biggest thanks to maker’s finally chipaku Mishka leaves basu house
    Hope after this so called engagement ceremony she may exit from the show
    She is so fake
    She is so selfish eventhough she didn’t asked komo about Ronit?
    Apane rang main kuch jyada hi rang gaye

    1. Medha

      When Prerna was going to take the sweet this Nive herself took the sweet and didn’t let Prerna eat… she just turned around to Veena & Rajesh Poor Prerna couldn’t eat the sweet… all she just want to make Prerna heartbroken… Thank God Prerna didn’t react that much !!

      1. Ngkrishnakumari

        This egoistic Nivi is too much
        She didn’t want to feed sweet to prena she intentionally came sharma’s house to hurt prena

  6. Ngkrishnakumari

    Moloy and Mohini conversation were awesome
    Mohini feel awkward after listening Molloy words
    Molloy is fun loving guy
    “By the way Mohini Tapur doesn’t want to marry so soon….. Who knows there are so many rich people so don’t make announcements after getting a rich man in the party” lol
    Mohini expression ???

    1. Medha

      Cute cute convo ????

      1. Ngkrishnakumari

        Mohini become shock her expression
        Dekhane layk tha

  7. Ngkrishnakumari

    Prena looking so gorgeous in the sari as usual can’t wait Tommorw episodes
    Today we were missing Anupre scenes and their nokjok,

    Looking forward for Anupre love confession
    Hope this valentine’s days might be a good one for us especially Anupre
    It’s definitely dependent upon maker’s

    1. Medha

      I didn’t like Prerna’s hair style… its something like Champu types ?
      Yeah nice thought this Valentines season AnuPre become Valentines for each other for forever… but it’s depends on makers

      1. Ngkrishnakumari

        Oye Oye you like messy hair
        I like all attire looks as well as hairstyle of Erica
        Over all she is perfect just perfect ???

  8. Ngkrishnakumari

    Nivedita is cooking Anurag story on her own language
    Our happiness lies in Anurag happy
    He went crazy and dancing really make up ki dukan
    Anurag was shocked
    He was giving 40000volt from you and so called mother
    His expression
    Poor Anurag
    He have to sacrifice his own life for the sack of his so called sister and mother

    Overalls today episode was pretty good

    1. Medha

      Hahaha Anurag ka muh khula reh gya ? big shock for him

      1. Ngkrishnakumari

        Shayd makhi bhi entry kar sakti thi
        Dance to dor ki baat hai…. ??????

  9. Ngkrishnakumari

    Anurag is getting engaged in the upcoming episodes
    But Sid is still missing
    After all he is Anurag best friends
    Last times when prena was getting engaged with psycho navin
    Anjali was absent
    History repeated this time Sid
    Absolutely Tapur was looking so beautiful with light makeup
    She is opposite to big bindi gang’s no heavy jewelry
    Egoistic Mohini with her heavy jewelry jitana Madhuri mam ne Devdas main nahin pahena hoga

    1. Medha

      Hahaha Mohini Jwellary ki Dukan ? but she looks so pretty in every attire ?
      Hope Sid & Anjali both retun soon

      1. Ngkrishnakumari

        Let’s see
        Mohini wear too much heavy jewelry so sometimes I’m getting confused she is lady papida ?????

  10. Ngkrishnakumari

    Anupamji is becoming a sensible person after exchanging words with “internet gyani baba”
    He consoles Anurag
    And gives gyaani idea’s
    Wow…….. ???????
    Big bindi gang’s is too much
    Whenever they mention prena
    1st priority goes to so called status
    After breaking chipaku Mishka heart
    Komo will starts to make the high status shades of atom ? ????

    1. Medha

      Sangat ka asar lolz !!

  11. Nice episode anupre dream sequence was nice komo you look so hot and your style was just amazing now days I just watch only for you story is not interesting mishka doesn’t even care about her brother komo rocks wait for precap komo aadhi gharwali and all

    1. Ngkrishnakumari

      Zain Arora welcome back
      Long time no see your comments

  12. Kumkum and kundali bhagya ke writers se ekta ne kasautii aur naagin 3 ki script likhvani shuru kr Di hai kya naagin 3 new year episode aur kasautii current track seriously chaubey family bina basu family aur Anurag se mile bina mishka ki engagement beta jail m hai chipku ki Anurag se engagement

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