Kasautii Zindagii Kay 17th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Anurag apologizes to Kuki

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The Episode starts with Prerna seeing Shivani and Ronit’s engagement pics. She sees Samidha’s pic and smiles. Samidha gets hiccups and asks Priyanka did she think of her. Priyanka says no, just sleep, I will get water for you. Samidha says no, I already had much water, just call Prerna, please. Priyanka asks why, fine, I love you and you take an advantage. She calls Prerna. She says sorry to call you at this time. Prerna says its fine, you can call me. Priyanka says Samidha is getting hiccups, she wants to talk to you. Samidha takes the phone and asks were you missing me. Prerna asks how do you know, I was seeing our pics and missed you. Samidha says my hiccups stopped, I will sleep now, you also sleep, when we meet, you remind me, I have to talk something imp. Prerna asks her to come with Priyanka. Samidha says okay. Prerna thinks this girl returned my lost smile.

Kaushik calls Kuki. She says you know that I got rusticated. He gets thinking. She says I don’t like people who can’t express, like my dad. He says no, I know to express, I just called to ask, I hope you are fine. She says you tell me how would you feel being in my place. He says yes, maybe I also felt upset, I would hope to get a clean chit and return to college, I feel you are innocent. She thanks him for trusting her. He says yes, why not. He disconnects the call.

Shivani’s sangeet begins. Prerna asks Veena to do anything, but stay happy. Shekhar asks Mahesh to check arrangements again. Prerna sees Komolika and Anurag coming, holding hands. Kasauti…plays… Komolika asks him to look like a happily married husband. He says I m doing it since 8 years, don’t worry, I know the acting. He thinks I want Prerna to misunderstand me, so that she becomes strong, I can fall in her eyes. Prerna welcomes them. Komolika says we can’t live without each other. Anurag says of course. Prerna says he has a habit to trouble everyone, where is everyone. Komolika says they are coming.

Mr. Bajaj is on the way and cancels the deal. Moloy thinks I should explain Prerna that Anurag isn’t such, I know she will never come back at our house, but we can meet Sneha. Prerna gets Mr. Bajaj’s call. He says I m coming back home. She asks when, you reached London right. He says no, I don’t feel right about it. She asks him to come, he will feel better. He says see you and ends call. She sees Kuki. She says your dad is coming back, we won’t discuss anything today. Kuki nods. Prerna goes to get water. She drinks water and keeps the glass. Anurag comes to have water. He takes Prerna’s glass and sees the lipstick mark. Main tumhara….plays…. He recalls Prerna. Prerna looks for her glass. Anurag sees her and keeps the glass. Komolika looks on.

Anurag thinks how can she come here, what will kids do here. He sees Kuki and goes to talk. Moloy stops Prerna and says you think I will talk about business. She says no, I don’t blame you for Anurag’s mistake, you know you stay with Anurag and Komolika, you love him, its not wrong, don’t think anything, I have stayed away from my family also, situation was such, our relation will always be same. He asks aren’t you upset, don’t you have any doubt. She says no, never. He says sorry that I wasn’t there. She says it was good, else I could have not become a strong woman. He says yes, but Anurag… Veena comes and asks him to come. Anurag says I just want to say sorry, I m not involved, I didn’t read your name on the form, I can’t see wrong happening with you. Kuki says Prerna told me you are spoiling my career to take revenge on her. He says listen, sit, when you came to Kolkata in childhood, you got attached to me. Kuki says I remember, I saw you at the airport on my return, I realized you are the same Anurag who can do anything for Prerna’s happiness, but you changed now. He says right, I changed, but trust me, I want the best for you, I m genuinely concerned for you, trust me on that, I will solve this college problem, you will get a clean chit. Kuki says Prerna also told this, I didn’t do anything wrong. She goes. Prerna takes Anurag aside and scolds him. He says I was telling her that everything will get fine, I have issues with you, I like everyone here, except you.

Anurag asks can we start a new life again. Veena says Anurag had pushed Prerna down the bridge. Moloy slaps Anurag. Anurag says I had to do it, I care for Prerna and will always do. Prerna come and asks why did you not tell me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Okay so now maybe everyone will know why Anurag Killed Prena just like why Katappa killed Bahubali😂😂.
    I am happy that Parth and Erica are leaving the show cuz they deserve much better and logical shows apart from all these shit.
    I love this show only when Basu sisters gets humiliated but Ekta snaches that as well 😒. I want Komolika, Mr. Bajaj and prena itself to humiliate these Basu ladies cuz they are even worst then Komolika and Ronit.

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