Kasautii Zindagii Kay 16th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Anurag reveals the truth to Mohini

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The Episode starts with Mahesh telling Veena about Switzerland. Veena says its enough, should we ask Prerna about the place when she comes back from there. Mohini asks why didn’t the puja start, where are Prerna and Anurag. Nivediya says Anurag said he will bring Prerna with him. Mohini says he has gone crazy. Tapur says I got Anurag’s phone broken and room is messed, I think some fight happened there. Nivedita says he left in a hurry. Shivani calls Anupam and says Anurag is fine. He says thank God, everything is fine, Anurag and Prerna are on the way, start the puja. Shivani says listen to me. Nivedita gets the call. Shivani says Anurag is not at home, he is in the hospital. Nivedita asks why, is he fine, what happened, take care of Prerna, don’t worry, we are coming there. Shivani cries.


says its all happening because of you, how will Anurag live without you, he will die. Nivedita goes to Mohini and says Anurag is in hospital. Mohini asks did he get hurt. Nivedita says we will go there and find out. Anurag shouts to Prerna, don’t leave me Prerna….. She goes. He wakes up and sees the doctor. He says Prerna had come here. Doctor says please come. He makes Anurag rest. The lady asks Mr. Bajaj can we go. He says Prerna would be coming, show her the room, once she is comfortable, you can go, Prerna is loyal, I m sure she will come. Prerna comes. Mr. Bajaj asks pandit to start grahpravesh rituals. Pandit does the rituals. Prerna hits the kalash and enters the house, thinking of Anurag. Anurag says Prerna came to meet me, she loves me, Mr. Bajaj forced her to marry. Doctor shouts no one has come to meet you. Anurag says no, I felt her presence, she was talking to m. Doctor says sorry, she didn’t come, if she is a married woman, forget her. She is someone else’s wife now. Anurag says she came for me and spoke to me, I felt her, she came for me, she loves me a lot, Prerna. He falls asleep.

Doctor recalls Prerna saying Anurag and I love each other a lot, I had to marry someone else being helpless, please don’t tell her that I came here to see him, he will get false hope and he will shatter, I can’t see him in pain. Doctor says I won’t tell him anything, he is in deep sleep, he won’t ask about you. She says he doesn’t need to see me, we can feel each other, our hearts are connected, when he wakes up, please lie to him that I didn’t come to meet him. FB ends.

Mohini and family come to see Anurag. They cry. Mohini cries and asks how did this happen, you would be hurt. He says yes, I can’t even bear it, she shattered me, she broke my heart. Nivedita says she would be late, she will come. He cries and says she won’t come. Mohini asks what happened. He says she won’t come. She says she will come. He says she married Bajaj. They get shocked.

Anurag says I went to stop her marriage, I couldn’t, this mehendi is to show that love is deep, my mehendi is dark, Prerna’s love is strong, why did she do this with me. They all cry. Anurag cries out. He says I had worn the sacred thread and didn’t see her face on pandit’s face, I thought nothing will go wrong and we will get married, she left, I love her, I can’t live without her, I did everything for her, I did everything for her happiness. Mohini hugs him.

Shivani calls Prerna. Prerna asks how is Anurag. Shivani says I m your sister, I have a right to know why you did this, you know how happy everyone is, they are so happy and feeling fortunate, because you couldn’t have got a better guy than Anurag, he married Komolika to save your family, he loves you a lot, you betrayed him, are you not ashamed, my sister wasn’t such. She ends the call. Veena come there and says take me to Prerna, we will go and get her, she is already beautiful. Shivani says Prerna…. Veena says this isn’t the time to cry. They hear Mohini shouting. Veena says we are so late, I have to go to her. Shivani thinks Mohini knows Prerna has married Bajaj. Mohini shouts Veena where are you. Veena says sorry, we got late, Prerna didn’t come from parlor. Mohini shouts stop pretending, you gave these values to your daughter, I was right to suspect your values. Veena asks what happened, tell me. Mohini says guests have already attended the marriage, how much money did you get, you are so greedy, you got her married to fulfill your greed. Veena asks what happened, lets talk and sort it out.

Mohini says you are asking me, Prerna has married Bajaj, you are asking me what happened. A curtain catches fire. Shekhar and Mahesh out water to blow off the fire. Veena asks what are you saying, I respect you, you can’t say anything, Prerna got late. Mohini says she got late to reach Anurag’s mandap, she married Bajaj. Veena says Prerna is my pride, I trust her, she would die, but not do such a mistake, you are here to stop the marriage, you can’t stain her name, I will break this relation. Shivani looks on. Veena says Anurag and Prerna won’t get married, you never liked Prerna, I break this relation, you have said bad things about Prerna, I m showing you the door today. Nivedita comes and says my mum isn’t wrong even this time, Prerna has married Mr. Bajaj. Veena signs no.

Mohini says like my son’s heart broke, your daughter’s heart will also break. Veena says Prerna will suffer more, its my curse. Mohini says I can’t let my family fall apart. Servant says Mr. Bajaj and Prerna left for Switzerland. Veena gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. After all prerna didn’t told everyone about her helplessness that’s why everyone was cursing her and saying bad about her…that Bajaj would have gave any other demand except this marriage demands…hate this demand..😡😡😡. Bajaj is shameless..now their honeymoon in Switzerland.😠. From their Ronit will kidnap prerna and Bajaj will come to rescue and Bajaj will realise his concerns for prerna. Hate all this parts… they are ignoring the main actor parth ( anurag ). Will they make him villain of prerna and Bajaj story

    1. i love mr bajaj because he changed the whole scenario of the show and your main actor has lost his charm time for bajaj and prerna

      1. i still not believe why people over here are criticising the plot its a second phase of the show and they have to accept it not just wanna see anupre kissing and hugging and producing babies the show has more diversifications to show but these buzzers are just wanting to see the lust only
        in fact i think they are just here for the looks of their actors and actresses not the love # just lol on them

  2. Ngkrishnakumari

    Today episode was good
    Prerna is the real thornbird
    She did sacrifice for Anurag and his Family by marrying Mr Bajaj
    In return everyone’s is cursing for her eventhough her real mother
    Precap :Swiss tracks is on the way
    Waiting Anurag Deewangi……..
    Thanks Amena for fast update

    1. prerna was real thorn in anurag’s life so she’s out he can focus on komolika ;p

    2. Sacrifice in love is right. But there’s yet a human to be born who could give Prerna a run for her money when it comes to being an idiot. The issue here is that people do not communicate with each other!

    3. And by being soooo sacrificial all the time, Prerna’s character has saviour complex, and nothing else.

  3. What a pathetic show….its take a lot of hard work and creativity (ahm sarcasm) to create such high levels of nonsense. Kudos to the whole team.

    1. Exactly. And they expect people to believe this!

  4. Prerna accepted Mr.bajaj marriage proposal only and she said to expect only her loyalty nothing else from her so why did she go Switzerland with Bajaj,is prerna to fulfill her wife duties😈😈😤😤
    And Anurag had the right to know about their baby but prerna didn’t even say him💔even at the last situation when Anurag was in jail talking their future plans 💔poor Anurag💔💔💔
    So now just awaiting to see the new Anurag❤❤

  5. Zurich track is going to be fabulous.I am excited to see how Prerna faces Anurag

    1. I am afraid you will be disappointed my friend. The people peddling this shitty story line will deliver another majestical master piece of the worst kind. Brainless Indian woman getting married to an evil man but still loyal and obedient and faithful. Will defend her new man if the lover threatened him. So as they say ….move on there is nothing to see here.

  6. I know this fiction but still some reality check is needed here. You could not make this shit story line even if you try. Who write this script? Pathetic is too weak a word. We have a woman who sneak out of her house in distress whilst her family is happily preparing for her wedding but she still managed to pack her passport in her bag on her way out to marry a man who in her own word is evil. Now she is going to behave like a nice Indian bride who is loyal and accept this evil man as her husband. Whoa. On top of that the makers of this TV serial keeps fibbing so that they can get a good TRP. They feed snippets of these lies to the press as headline news like Anurag stopping Prena marrying Bajaj. Who cast this robot as Mr Bajaj. Big mistake. The guy is struggling to keep up with the high standard set by the other actors before he joined. Never seen a worst actor like that.

  7. Ask these questions to ekta Kapoor not prerna nor anurag.she told in an interview she don’t bother about audience,whatever she wrote thats gng to shoot that’s it

    1. Because she knows…since the introduction of shows like kyuki saas bhi…and in all these years..indian audience (rural and urban aunties) are now trained to watch crap….itne years me yhi to dekha h unhone…aurat..mahaanta ki murat….tyag balidaan ki devi etc etc….aisi aurat hi ideal aurat hai…..
      So ekta is not concerned about audience bcoz she knows that these aunties (even in 2019) will watch this nonsense happily..thanx to years of training….and yes…blind followers of the leads too.
      Ekta chahti hi nhi h k ye aunties iss crap ki duniya se nikl kr reality and sense ki duniya me aay…she dont want them to understand how a head strong…educated..self respecting women or girl operates in real world. Dumb audiences are her asset.

      1. Agree with u

      2. no matter how you yell politics and tv dramas are non changeable parts of indian history # just u can’t make a difference lol so just vent your anger on keyboard nothing else;
        saas bahu drama is the essence for all viewers you can’t change it to something like them to believe in live in goals and what ppl will say they will say i agree with u and will continue watching the show and then accept it as it is but can’t get over the hangover of their addictness to the show # fact # believe that !!

  8. Ninnu evaru adigaru me Pani nuvvu chusuko.she told in Switzerland interview.if u addict watch the show I don’t have any issue.i am not doing politics, you r dng politics.every body said their opinions right,u told u r opinion it’s k but u don’t have right to scold others.mr.modiji

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