Kasautii Zindagii Kay 14th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Anurag agrees for honeymoon

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The Episode starts with Mohini saying let Prerna stay without her husband, when Anurag and you come back from honeymoon, she will understand that she lost the battle. Komolika says I m impressed. Mohini says its necessary, I will find a way to convince Anurag. Komolika says I trust you, you will fix everything. Mohini asks Nivedita to handle Anupam.

Anupam falls down the bed and asks what happened. Nivedita says you were shouting that Anurag loves Prerna, when she said she is his wife, he didn’t say anything, why do you want to become a puppet. She beats him with cushions. She says you have no idea what we planned for Komolika. He says you have no idea what we planned for her. Nivedita asks who we, Prerna? He says you and I. She says in your dreams, I didn’t plan anything. Nivedita

comes to wake up Anurag. He asks Prerna. She says Prerna is fine, come, mum needs you. He rushes to Mohini and asks what happened. Mohini acts in front of him.

He says I will take you to doctor. She says doctor can heal physical pain, not mental pain, its not easy to end this tension. He says don’t worry. She says I had many dreams for your marriage, everything was so fast and then this problem, I could not even congratulate you, I should forget this, we must have joy in this house, I want you to go on a honeymoon with Komolika, just think how to get rid of this problem, Komolika is so worried, look at her. Anurag thinks this is right chance to get close to Komolika and work out my plan. Komolika thinks he will surely refuse. Mohini asks do you have any objection. He says no, I don’t have any objection, I got to know Prerna was never the right girl, I felt she is a nice girl, she is weak and needs help, it was her ploy to reach me, I know Komolika and my marriage has happened, whatever happened with Prerna was a mistake, it wasn’t a marriage, Komolika you are my wife. Mohini smiles. He says so yes, I have no objection. He holds Komolika’s hand and says I know that our wedding took place in a hurry, we didn’t get time to know each other, I want this honeymoon to be the best, I want to know, would you like to come on honeymoon with me. Komolika smiles and says yes. He says I will make all the arrangements. He goes.

Komolika says mom, did you just see this. Nivedita comes and gets happy. She hugs Komolika. Komolika says mom is a genius, he proposed me for a honeymoon, I can’t believe this, thanks mom. She hugs Mohini. Anurag thinks I will be defeating Komolika in her own game, its my turn now. Prerna collides with him. Ishq ki….plays…. He holds her in arms. They recall their moments and have an eyelock. Her thread mangalsutra gets stuck in his kurta button. He frees it and says done. She goes. He says what was I doing, if Komolika has seen me, she would have known that I have feelings for Prerna, I have to keep Prerna away. Prerna thinks how can I fall weak, he is my enemy and I can’t be friendly with him. Anupam asks are you going on honeymoon, wow, why are you smiling. Anurag hugs him and says this was the first step of my plan, I have a plan, I need time, I will tell you once its certain. Anupam asks him to be careful, Komolika may take advantage. Anurag says not anymore, its our turn now. Prerna comes to room.

Komolika asks are you shocked. Prerna says no, it was expected that you will copy me, what are you doing here. Komolika argues. She says Anurag and I are going on honeymoon, you did a lot, you tried every possible thing, you don’t consider me weak, I m not very weak, if he loves you, how did he get ready to celebrate wedding night with me, I have booked a hotel room and bed, we will be having fun. Prerna says best of luck for that, if you think you are going to create problems in our relation, you know… Komolika says your relation will be over, Anurag won’t return in your life. Prerna says go and finish the packing, enjoy. Komolika says you are cheap, your mum didn’t teach you not to get after someone’s husband. Prerna says its my right, you are cheap. They continue to argue. Komolika says a husband and a wife have a wedding night, Anurag and I are married. Prerna says your dream of nuptial night will be breaking, I won’t let this happen. Komolika says I never lose any challenge. Prerna says I always win. Komolika says if you win, I will bow down to you, deal. She goes.

Anurag says this is your problem, that means my problem, I will help you, this is a war of love. He holds Komolika’s hand and takes her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. -awesome acting by mohiniji she won anulika’s heart with her gesture
    -komolika was looking ravishing today day by day she is glowing
    -anurag agreed to go for honeymoon how much he loves komolika to infinite times
    -komolika is a god’s gift to the mohiniji i loved their care towards each other
    -day by day prerna is falling in her own trap soon she will be kicked out of anurag’s life and basu family
    -eyeing someone else’s husband killing people conspiring against basu family prerna has stooped low now she needs revenge only
    -prerna and anupam are not going to succeed to seperate anulika
    -prerna has illegal child or she is faking her pregnancy it will be revealed soon but its time to enjoy anulika’s honeymoon
    -STAR OF THE SHOW – MOHINIMAA SHE IS A MOTHER WHO LOVES HER SON AND CAN GO BEYOND any limits to see him happy best saas bahu jodi in the show

    1. what you think modiji ,was prerna being bribed for money to fake her pregnancy to trap anurag if yes then who could have bribed prerna to do fake pregnancy is really the baby is of anupam what about navin and her gf are they with prerna to trap anurag’s wealth seems like too much…….. is navin the father of anupam or what are they together making these plans of destruction

      1. well story can take a plot where prerna could be a surrogate mother for navin’s wife coz he has less percent of chances to become mother as she told to anurag in the previous episodes but that will be too complicated for viewers to digest dear i think both prerna and navin are together in this revenge from anulika and get the property papers but definitely anurag didn’t had one night stand with devil prerna im sure it was anupam’s plan

      2. what you think DEAR vibgyor what plan prerna will try to remove innocent komolika from her path ? will she would go for accident or kidnapp anurag , soon it will be revealed that from the beginning prerna was doing this with navin with SECRET MOTTO will prerna reach hospital to kill moloy and lay the blame on anurag then komolika will have to save her husband from going to jail lots of twists and turns are there

    2. Anyways she’s getting replaced by the ultimate vamp Alisha

  2. No what’s wrong with anu pls do something anupam and I’m sure prena will do something

  3. I think I need to shut up u stupid modji u disgust us all so pls shout up and go on your own biryani diet. That’s what u told me but first do it yourself u unstable person . Go away and no one wants your stupid biscuits … by the way prena and anu did not have a one night stand they where married ok u dumbo and now go and watch the real kasauti and stop making your on up bye

  4. -with every passing day anurag is coming closer to komolika soon they will be forever together # prerna should quit attempting to get basu empire she deserves only treatment from anulika’s child now
    -it was nice on behalf of komolika to give prerna her dress coz prerna wanted to live luxurious life like komolika does but she is not getting komolika’s family values at all
    -money is everything for that prerna she never cares for anyone all she wants to defeat komolika and win property papers and have one night stand with anurag to make him guilty but thats not gonna happen at any cost neither she could kill anulika’s baby coz devi maa is watching and protecting komolika and her lovely family
    -nikaaa…. swag is the most important thing this show is depended upon loved the lipstick mark on anurag’s shirt by komolika # pyarr ki shuruwatt ho chuki hai loved it loved the precap that forehead kiss of anurag to komolika just make things more hotter and watchable
    -NIVEDITA WAS SO MUCH worried for her mother she is the best daughter people are proud of her she loves her family the most like any girl used to do she was close to moloy her father but that evil prerna ruined everything

    1. MODIJI
      AAP TOH PAGAL HEY KYA? Komolika put Moloy and Rajesh in so much danger just because they revealed her truth about poising Mohini’s drink, which KOMOLIKA blamed on Prerna. Komolika is running after Anurag whom she knows loves Prerna. She cheated on her sister Mishka. How cheap! YEH HAK SIRF PRERNA KI HAI ANURAG KO SHAADI KARNE KA! If you are an avid KZK watcher, you would know this.OF COURSE, how would you know this because you are as cheap as Komolika. HIna Khan bahut zyada overacting.

  5. Ngkrishnakumari

    Thanks maker’s
    For showing a glimpse of romance of Anupre
    After a decade
    It’s a treat to watch especially for Anupre
    “Ishq di baajiyaan”
    Is playing in background music 🎶 🎶
    Anupre eyelock
    They recall their moments
    When they try to maintain their distance
    “dhaga” stucks in between Anurag buttons
    What a sizzling chemistry 🔥🔥🔥
    Anurag thoda kya bao dete hi
    Aunty komo to usal padi
    Komo apani honeymoon ke liye
    Itana excitement
    Omg umit bhi kya kar sakti hai
    She is insane
    How cheap egoistic Mohini is?
    In order to closet between Anurag and aunty komo?
    She took her false illnesses
    To attract Anurag attention
    Cheap thing’s
    Trio’s vamp hug and congrats each other for their mission
    As Anurag already accepted the honeymoon
    What a family?
    They didn’t care about their husband and father who is in coma at critical stages for few months?
    They are busy in making plans for honeymoon of their son and so called aunty komo
    Precap :looking forward for police arest

  6. oh my god what is happening here I have been a Silent reader of this page a while but today I can’t resist myself to write I had seen people appreciating negative character jst bcoz they love that actor for instance there are more fans to Jennifer winget for beyadh and some people like drashti in silsila where whether they say I love the way of their acting though I don’t like her character sketch or they try to justify their favorite person’s role and action but here I can’t understand how modhiji are commenting the things which never happened and totally twisting the plot
    I think he or she is writing her own kzk here ufff

    1. Yeah…thats d reason even i mssged ystdae….like i totally agree with ur views….as actors they are commendable….they have portrayed their characters in reel world really well…..bt this is d appreciation for the actors n not the characters they portray…..so ppl should understand the difference btwn reel and real….and stop obsessing over negative reel characters

  7. Modiji is writing kzk3. When Moloy comes out of coma he will reveal komolika’s evil plans in front of his family members and she will be throne out from Basus’s house . That time where you will keep your face. Will you go along with Komolika to the prison as you are sincere fa.

  8. Aunty ji hina khan… Omg… Luking so silly😂

  9. Avira

    Come on it’s a show
    And here komolika is a negative character
    Stop being obsessed with it….

    1. IKR , can’t differentiate between reel and real

  10. uff , everyday KJK is becoming horrible.its not even a patch on kjk1. All the time Mohini flashing her sarees n jewellery when her dear husband is i hospital .Better to walk n make health rather than sit n sulk

  11. How can Mohini do such cheap things i mean she played with her own son Anurag whom she loves so much emotions just to convince him? If she wanted him to go for honeymoon she could have at least talked to him but why the hell she has to play with her own sons feelings? Its his decision his life whether he wants to go for honeymoon or not. How disgusting she is. Is this her love for her so called beloved son? Komolika and Mohini both got so much overexcited by Anurags fake concern for Komolika. Good to see Komolika becoming overexcited and this overexcited is going defeat her now. Miss Komolika your real countdown begins now. And i hope either Mishka or Anupam reveals Komolikas true face to Prerna so that at least she can do something to save Anurag from Prerna.

  12. Modji stop dream inhale

    1. chill fatma no need to panic :p

      1. PrayforModiji

        Exactly modiji pls you also dont panic ha else your hurt… i m so sorry heart will blast like a bomb !! Hopes 😗

  13. Sorry there is a mistake it’s Anurag from Komolika not Prerna

  14. there was only one person commenting before in this forum and she is ngkrishnakumari. After that modiji came here and commented to ngkrishnakumari for being obsessed about this show. I am the silent reader of this forum from the very beginning. So, i guess modiji seriously nahi likhrahehai.. I think so.. hahaha…. people are taking comments seriously of this faltoo ki drama ka..(somebody might thing why i am here sometimes as i am saying faltoo ka drama) cuz i don’t find better serials these days.. so i read and get enjoyed..

    1. Ngkrishnakumari

      What do you mean?
      I’m the one who provokes so called modiji
      The creepy moron

  15. PrayforModiji

    Modiji fine… Chill !! You dont have to prove daily that you are a psychopath we all are praying for you !!! 😘


      1. PrayforModiji

        No i love cookies 😌

  16. PrayforModiji

    Came to know HK had signed up Colors Tawaif !!… Alisha will be the new komolika…


      1. PrayforModiji

        Btw who sells makeup in the youtube dear modiji… Omg hina di… Hmm she is supremely talented !!! 👄

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