Kasautii Zindagii Kay 14th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Anurag rescues Komolika

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Kasautii Zindagii Kay 14th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Anurag and Prerna running away. Mohini says there is no similarity between Mishka and Prerna. Nivedita says even then Mishka has seen what we didn’t see. Mohini says Anurag would be in office. Nivedita says he is with Prerna, your love for your own son clouds your mind, Anurag also has feelings for Prerna, you know him well, if he loves someone, he can go to any extent for that person, he can go against you, he is a man of his words, if he chooses Prerna, you will be losing her. Mohini warns her. Nivedita asks her to call him and ask him if he is with Prerna. She says its a challenge, he is with Prerna. Mohini says I don’t believe you, I will not accept any challenge, you always say that Anurag is my fav, yes he will always be my fav, he is my life, I trust my son completely. Nivedita goes.

Anurag and Prerna get shocked seeing some people shoot a man. They rush and hide. A man sees them and shouts. They run again. Anurag asks her to just go, he will deal wit them. She refuses to leave him and go. The man hits on his head. Prerna shouts Anurag. Anurag takes the stick from the man and fights back. The man says I will get the rest of the men, stop there. Prerna also beats the man. Anurag and Prerna care for each other. He says you should have gone from here. She says how could I leave you alone, this would have not happened if you went home, I m your friend, I will never leave you in this danger, you always supported me, why can’t I support you, if something had happened to you, I would have died. He asks what, complete the sentence. The men come to catch them. Anurag and Prerna hide between the dyed clothes. Goons look for them. Anurag and Prerna run away and hide once again. Goons pass by. Anurag takes her safely.

Komolika comes there and says these guys have gone crazy. The men attack her car as well. They recognize her as Siddhant Chobey’s daughter. They follow Komolika. Anurag and Prerna come to a temple and relax there for a while. He has his back hurt and jokes. He says you know what all happened just now. She makes him wash his wounds by water. He smiles and sees her. Tere bin….plays…. She cares for his wounds. He says you wanted to tear your dupatta, I remember your tiny…. I said you are very filmi. She says I m emotional, even you are emotional, the more I try to hide, it appears. He asks what do you hide, tell me, you can say it, its me, if anything is bothering you, if you think I will judge you, its not true, I will not judge you, tell me. She signs nothing. He says I won’t harm myself, I know you can’t stay without me, stay here, I will be back as soon as possible. She stops him. Music plays…. He compliments her and calls her cute. She smiles.

Komolika falls in trouble. Her car breaks down. Someone comes to her and takes the car keys. He takes her away. Goons reach there and doesn’t find her inside the car. They sear for her. Anurag has saved her. He stops her from reacting he signs her to stay there she stares at him. He looks outside. She asks him why did he save her, was he finding a chance to come close. He asks what. She says I know men, they find chance to get close to a pretty girl. He says I have seen those men trying to kill you, did they not see your beauty. She says these men are my dad’s party, they are from opposition party, money matters, now you understand what I m trying to say. He says I m least interested in this. He saves her from the goons again. He says I have no intention to come close to you, I can just save your life, take my suggestion and run, go towards the temple, these are real goons, not party workers, its dangerous, run, you aren’t safe here.

She looks on while he bashes all of them. He says what, you are still here, fine, suit yourself, you are welcome. He goes. She looks on and says you wanted to come close to me, its the fact. He goes back to temple and says I have found a way. Pandit asks them to come for aarti. He sees their aarti plates and says its incomplete, you both make the plate complete by keeping items together, you do the puja together. Anurag and Prerna do the aarti together. Komolika comes there and sees Anurag. Pandit blesses Anurag and Prerna and assumes them to be a couple. Prerna says we are friends. Pandit takes his first blessing back and blesses them to be always friends and prosper in life. Komolika looks on and thinks is this guy Prerna’s lover. She comes in between them and asks pandit to give her blessings too. Pandit blesses her.

Komolika says I m impressed with you and took your advice, I have come here. She asks Prerna how are you. Anurag asks do you know each other. Komolika says we had interesting meetings. He says small world. He goes to attend a call. Mohini asks Anurag is he with Prerna. He says there are network issues here, can you hear me, yes Prerna is with me. Mohini gets shocked. The call drops. Nivedita says I was right. Mishka comes and asks do you know where Anurag is, he isn’t answering my call. Mohini says there are network issues, don’t worry, he is fine. She thinks why are Anurag and Prerna together. Nivedita thinks mom has finally understood what I wanted to say. Prerna calls home. Komolika comes to her and says he is the one, who has left you and broke your heart, right? don’t tell me if you don’t want, I got my answer, I saw Prerna, when pandit gave you wrong blessing, you got quiet, I saw that pain in your eyes.

She says you are my true enemy, I will give you an advice, broken things just hurt, that guy is not of your league, he is someone of my league. Prerna says he is way out of your league, he knows to care for people, you just know to give pain, he isn’t like you. Komolika asks what’s the name of that girl who has snatched your lover boy. Prerna says that girl is pretty and sweet, unlike you. Komolika says finally, you have confessed that this guy has cheated you, he is the one, your lover boy, I m saying what I have noticed, you told me everything about that guy, when I just asked his name, good choice, ask your sister to stay away from Ronit, she has visited Ronit in the jail, she wants to emotionally blackmail him, Ronit will never seen her now, I will free him soon.

Prerna says sorry, your family has not taught you any manners, how can you talk about any girl like this, don’t you have any sister. Komolika says I have a sister, she loves someone of her status, he loves her too, she isn’t forcing any relation. They argue. She says this time I m with Ronit, trust me, I won’t let Shivani come close to him. She gets a call and says its imp than you. She answers. She says yes, I m safe, come and pick me up, ask your sister to stay way from my brother. She goes. Prerna thinks why did Shivani meet him, she shouldn’t have done this. Anurag talks to Mohini on call and says I m in temple with Prerna. She asks why did you go there at this time, what’s going on between you and Prerna. He says we are stuck here, some goons attacked on our car, there was a riot, people were fighting, situation went out of control. She asks what, are you fine. He says we are safe, we will leave from the temple area. Mohini says no, I will send a car for you. He agrees. The call disconnects. Komolika says I was leaving, I can drop you. Anurag says its okay, my family is coming. She slips. He holds her and asks you okay. She says definitely, how many chances will you find to come close to me.

Komolika is on the way and says I will make your life hell. Anurag holds Prerna’s hand and takes her. Mohini looks on. Mishka sees Prerna. She asks Anurag do you like Prerna. Mohini angrily slaps Nivedita.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. THE LEAD PAIR IN THE SHOW IS JUST DOING OVERACTING AT TIMES MAKING THE SHOW LOOK like cartoon channel , irrelevent of the plots no connection among the facts and kmolikka given space unnecessarily as if no trp without her # idiotic and crapy plot

  3. foolish fans of this show are most velle ppl in the world to be frank lol those pea sized brains are epitome of foolishness
    parth seems naive he isn’t matching to any of the star faces as leads , erica is ruining this coz it not meant for his this serial needs somebody strong as shaheer to give this drowning boat some stability

  4. prerna is aasuon ki tanki hahahaha and komolika is wig oriented chudail lol and massom sa bacha parth is
    sandwich among these two kitties , better makers would have shaped this plot in some thing interesting rather than making a mess of it

  5. still amena i know how much tortorous is to give the updates of this flop serial but all in all kudos to you that you take risk everytime to give this update even if you don’t want to give your keyboard some exercise again i will say this show didn’t deserve your credibility but work hai to karna padta hai # happy makarsakrant and pongal to you dear !!!!!

  6. ufff ek ghanta ki comedy show tha aaj i mean aur kitna bakwass ye serial ja sakti hai # disgusting level at its best , isse ache trps to motu patlu ke hote hai lol

    EMOJIS DHAKKANS WILL soon arrive to give # REPETATIVE CONTENTS OF THE SHOW rather kaha jaye to spamming of the amena’s hard work # lol copy pasters hahahah
    is show ke fans din par din aur half minded aur fool hote ja rhe hai thinking ability zero nhi negative mein chali gyi hai inki hahahaha
    AUR JO LOG INSTA KI SHOP CHALA RHE HAI ABHI RECESSION MEIN JANE WALE HAI LOL # ye serial zyada dino tak nhi tik sakti will be a super duper flop and soon will EXIT TOP 20 LOL

  8. GONE ARE TOSE DAYS jab maabharat aur barun sanaya ki show ka samay tha ppl used to watch those shows leaving their work aur unke comments as usual 250 avg par rehte the par these days merely 50 comments aate hai woh bhi 3 dino mein tells us the story ki kitni bakwass show hai ye aur usse bhi zyada is show ke fans absolute velle hai # vella panti ke sare records tod rakhe hai unhone hahahhaa

  9. mishka shivani ye dono serial mein back artist gajab ke namune khoze hai star walon ne manna padega itne stupid selections shayad hi kise ne dekhe honge lol # BALAJI PRODUCTIONS AB gadhon se bhar chuki hai lol , jisne shivani ko select kiya hai paakka bribe liya hoga usne itni kharab acting koi kaise kar sakta hai itni hasi aati hai jaise ki motu acting kar rha ho hahahaha lol # samose de do shiva ko hope acting shikh jaye
    aur rhi batt hawa mahal erica ki to show mein makers ne erica ko zero size dikhane ka plot decide kiya hai in upcoming episodes # clothing mein bhi recession hai iss show mein lol
    by the way erica looks slight grey shaded from her original appereance ye bhi bewkoof camera man walon ki galti hogi # crap show crap script crap story crap crap crap all the things

  10. since DIYA AUR BATTI HUM STAR HAS LOST ITS TOUCH DIKHANE KO KUCH bacha hi nhi unke pass and as a result unke shows trps mein bhi bottomers hai lol # just as starone band huya tha ussi tarah kahin zald hi ye channel walon par talle na latak jaye # bhagwan bharose hai ye star wale hahahaha

    1. ??????

  11. acha khasa khush insaan agar is show ko dekh le woh bhi devdass ban jayega hahahaha kitne aur sitam karoge kasautii walon ab bachon ki jann lekar rahoge kya soon this show will have fate of # THUGS OF HINDOSTAN
    amitabh ji made mistake to do TOH aur erica ne KZK2 !!!!!

    1. Don’t waste your time writing so much bout this crap show??…..i liked this show before that also becoz of Parth?….but now i’ve lost interest……so weird and boring…..chill bro we can’t help it…..Indian dramas full of overacting and melodrama??? nd especially this Ekta Kapoor always likes to mess up things……nd that’s why people don’t like indian dramas??…..

  12. Ngkrishnakumari

    Wow………….. What a dhamekadar Maha episode
    I’m speechless
    Anupre fight with goons
    Anurag heropanti
    Prena devi avatar
    What a episode
    Thanks Amena for fast update

    Unfortunately this creepy moron guys has no work so he getting negatives vibes through comments
    Horrible yaar
    Shayad pahele janam main bili ? ????????????????????????????????????????Thi so adat nahin gaye

    1. Medha

      Hahaha epic ? Billi ?
      Nalla hain bichara… koi kaam dhaam nhi so roj aa dhamkta hain…

      1. Ngkrishnakumari

        Kuch karoon Ish ? ka
        Rooz Rooz chipakna
        Can’t digest

  13. Ngkrishnakumari

    Anurag was just helping komo but she misunderstood him
    “how many chances will you find to come close to me(komo)”
    Horrible yaar
    Helping her is a chances in her eyes

    1. Medha

      Where is your description detailed review… missing it today ?

      1. Ngkrishnakumari

        I will post tonight epi as soon as possible
        Bcoz of the the above moron person spoiled my mood

  14. Ngkrishnakumari

    Precap is on the ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Mohini slap Nivedita
    Nive deserves from the first episode of the show
    She is spying too much on Anupre
    She murmured too much
    Besides this slap will work
    Chipaku Mishka is planning to stay basu house until she get married
    Day by day her psycho lover acting is increasingly
    She is over acting ki dukan with heavy makeup
    Too much

    1. Medha

      Mje aayege Thappad on Nive’s face ? she deserves it ?
      Seriously Chipaku is doing so much over acting ? plz koi to btao isko Ronit k bare mein.

      1. Ngkrishnakumari

        Chipaku Mishka Ka kuch nahin hoga
        Until maker show the exit place to her
        We have to wait

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