Kasautii Zindagii Kay 14th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Anurag kidnaps Prerna

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 14th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Navin says finally, its the day I will get Prerna. Madhuri cries. Mohini compliments Navin. She says we have called Prerna here for marriage as her house is small, Madhuri you should welcome the girl’s family. Mohini and others welcome Prerna and family. Mohini thinks what happened to Madhuri, why isn’t she welcoming them. Anurag sees Prerna and thinks she is a stupid girl, its not a sacrifice, but spoiling life, her family won’t be happy with this. Madhuri says I m tired by the preparations work. Suman says I can understand. Navin holds Prerna’s hand and takes her. Anurag and Madhuri look on. She goes to the room and cries thinking of Navin’s words. Veena puts the ghunghat on Prerna’s face. Navin asks Prerna to hurry up. They exchange the varmala and

sit in mandap. Pandit does tilak to Navin. Hamesha tumko chaha…plays..

Anurag sees Prerna. Rajesh does the ghatbandhan. Anurag thinks how shall I stop Rajesh. Navin and Prerna take wedding rounds. They sit back to do sindoor rasam. Navin sees Anurag. He fills Prerna’s maang. Anurag goes, when he hears that the marriage got completed. He cries. Pandit asks Navin and Prerna to go and take blessings from elders. Navin and Prerna come to Anurag. Navin asks Anurag to wish them. He taunts Anurag. Anurag sees Prerna. His dream ends. Shivani moves him and asks what are you doing here. Anurag looks around. He asks where is Prerna. Shivani says I have made water on Prerna’s dress, she is in the room. He says thank God. She asks what are you going to do now, I did this to send her, what’s your plan, will you stop the marriage, tell me. He says come with me. Prerna cleans her dress. Anurag and Shivani come to talk. He says I beg you Prerna, don’t do this marriage. Prerna asks what’s this, is there anything to say, I love Navin and want to marry him. He says its a lie, I know. They argue. Anupam comes and hits on Prerna’s head.

Prerna faints. Shivani worries. Anurag says I allowed Anupam to do this, sorry, we had no way. Anupam asks what’s the next move. Anurag says even I don’t know. Mohini asks Navin for her phone. Navin says its in room upstairs. She goes upstairs. Anupam and Anurag try to think of the next move. Anupam sees Mohini coming and says she is coming this side. Anurag asks what. Anupam locks the door. Mohini knocks the door and asks Prerna are you fine. Anupam replies as Prerna. Shivani says we can’t open the door, Prerna is cleaning the dress. She makes excuses. Mohini says I need my phone. They find the phone. Shivani passes the phone. Mohini gets Anurag’s call and goes. Anurag says I can’t hear you and disconnects. Anupam asks what did you think ahead.

Anurag says we will roll Prerna in this carpet and take her, her kidnapping will be done. They roll up Prerna inside the carpet. She says Prerna’s hair are seen, roll it again. Navin comes upstairs. He says I m going to washroom. Mohini says fine. Shivani checks if its fine. Anupam says idea is good. Shivani says none will doubt. Anupam and Anurag pick the carpet. Anurag asks Shivani to relax, its just a carpet. Shivani says they will ask you, why are you doing this, instead servant. Anurag says we will give this to any servant if anyone comes. Anupam drops the carpet. It gets unrolled. Anurag worries seeing Navin coming and rolls it back. Navin comes. Shivani says they dropped the carpet. Navin asks did young guys not lift it well, why are you taking this. Anurag says the carpet got stained, so we are taking it for dry cleaning. Navin says I will help you. Anupam says no. Navin says I m strong, come on, I will help you. Anurag thinks if Navin touches the carpet, he will know Prerna is inside.

Navin takes sindoor to fill the bride’s maang. Mohini, Navin and everyone get shocked seeing the bride.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ngkrishnakumari

    Can’t wait to see the Maha episode of our favourite show kasauti zindagi kayy 💃💃💃💃
    Anurag dreams is so scaring
    Thanks Anupam for doing this a great job
    Today episode somehow remind me the kasaam scene where Rishi and his brother cover tanuja inside the carpet
    Nowadays same thing happen in our show

  2. Wow it’s. Nice epi waiting for maha epi but I heard that mad Navin will see after swapping wht the hell these writers are dng we don’t need this stupid Navin such a disgusting role wil watch kzk after exit of Navin

  3. She’s really in it for money. Sacrifice is an excuse.

  4. Tania Ameer khan

    Hey there is no maha episode on hotstar yet … was waiting for it to be six from morning … Very disappointed that the serial hasn’t come yet …

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