Kasautii Zindagii Kay 12th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Prerna and Mr. Bajaj get married

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The Episode starts with Anurag and Prerna thinking of each other. Mera haq hai…plays… Prerna cries and does the rituals. Anurag is stopped by a traffic constable. He pleads and leaves. His car doesn’t function. Anurag starts running. He thinks of Prerna. A dupatta flies on his face. It starts raining. Mr. Bajaj and Prerna take the rounds. Anurag comes there and falls on the stairs. Mr. Bajaj takes the sindoor to fill. Prerna recalls Anurag. Anurag shouts Prerna. Mr. Bajaj stops. The men catch Anurag. Anurag says leave me, I m talking to her. He asks what’s all this. He asks Mr. Bajaj to stay out of it, this marriage can’t happen. He pours water in the havan kund. Mr. Bajaj says that’s enough. Anurag says you stop it, what’s all this, someone showed me the video. Mr. Bajaj says Prerna can decide for her life.

Anurag says no, we both decided, why did she do this. Mr Bajaj makes him away. Anurag says everyone is waiting, don’t do this, why are you doing this. He cries. He asks is Mr. Bajaj stopping you, say you love me Prerna. Prerna shouts yes I love you, I want to marry you because I love you. Anurag hugs her. They cry. He asks pandit to chant the mantras again, this time its the real couple who love each other, our marriage will happen. He asks Prerna not to fear anyone, its enough, first Komolika, then Ronit and now this man, we will fight against it, our love will win, you are mine and I m yours, no one can separate us, we will fight our destiny and make a new story.

He cleans the mess and tries to light the havan kund. He ignites fire. He asks pandit to chant mantras. He says I swear, I will fight the world when you are with me, break this bandhan. He removes the old gathbandhan cloth. He you are mine and I m yours. He holds her hand and takes rounds with her. Mr. Bajaj looks on. Anurag fills sindoor in her maang. She smiles. Pandit says marriage is completed. Mr. Bajaj punches his face. Anurag’s dream ends. He sees an old lady and looks around. She asks what happened. He asks which way to the temple. He runs and gets knocked down by a car. He falls on the road. Dil ka dariyaa….plays…..Mr Bajaj fills sindoor in her maang. Anurag says Prerna. She turns and asks what…. She doesn’t see him. Anurag bleeds a lot, and lies in the rain. Nivedita sees the diya blown off. She gets shocked. She goes to the temple again.

Veena is busy in arrangements. She asks Shivani to call Prerna. Nivedita goes to Anupam and asks has Anurag called you. He says no, he went to get Prerna. She says I feel its weird, I found Anurag’s phone on the floor in his room, like someone has thrown it. She calls Veena and asks did Anurag reach there. Veena says no. Nivedita says he told me that he is going to get Prerna. Veena says I don’t know, Prerna isn’t answering. Nivedita says inform me if he arrives there. Veena says this is weird. She asks Shivani to go to parlor fast. Anupam asks Nivedita to call Prerna. Nivedita asks what’s happening, Prerna isn’t answering, Anurag hasn’t reached there. Anupam asks where did he go then. Some people gatheer and help Anurag. The old lady says he had come to find his lover. The man says he is alive. The lady says he was taking that girl’s name. Mr. Bajaj and Prerna leave from the temple. Anurag is close. They leave in the car. The man says lets ask them for help. The man says that car looks decorated for a marriage, its not good to ask them for help for an accident, I will call my brother, he has a car.

Driver stops the car and asks what happened. The man says its an accident, the guy was going to the temple to find his love. Mr. Bajaj says we just got married, we can’t get involved in this. Prerna says stop the car, I have to get down the car. He goes to see Anurag. She thinks why do I feel that there is someone dear.

Mr. Bajaj and Prerna’s Grahpravesh happens. She thinks no, I can’t remain in this marriage. She runs out crying. Mohini insults Veena and says Prerna married someone else. Prerna falls on the road. Nivedita says Mohini isn’t lying, ask your daughter, Shivani tell the truth to your mum.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I have lost interest on this show…. What the heck going on there…. For boosting up serial, you just write the story line what you want, I think so…. Disgusting…… She carrying a baby of anurag and marrying Bajaj….. Not good to see all this… For dragging episodes… U people will do anything, I got understand by this episode…. Better wind up the show… Or else cost you more Mr. Producer, director….. Etc….

  2. Waste serial.andaru makers kalisi chavandi.serial end avutundi

  3. Ngkrishnakumari

    Today episode was heartwrenching
    Prerna went Bajaj house while Anurag in jail for murdering Ronit Chobey at the time everyone pressurized prerna in order to visit house and accept the deals whatever he had to
    No one noticed her and never asked a question about the deal between them
    Nowadays everyone’s bashing prerna character
    Actually prerna is the real thornbird
    She had to suffer
    The real story is going to be happen….. From today onward
    Precap :Egoistic Mohini is back to her real sense
    Again Nivedita also joined with her mother as expected
    Egoistic Mohini is always behind Veenama in order to judge her against the upbringing of the childrens

    Thanks Amena for fast update

  4. Totally Yuck

  5. Nijame Padmavati Garu….so gud to see a Telugu reader here.

    1. Konnisarlu ilantivi cheppadaniki Mana language baguntundi andi

  6. On precap, niveditha and mohini didn’t do right by scolding and insulting Veena and others. It should be done to prerna Sharma by niveditha and mohini ??…what this prerna doing…for her marriage is a simple thing that can do anytime with any person… emotions and feelings are nothing infront of her…..??

    1. Don’t blame prerna

  7. Prerna should get an amazing, fantastic, hard, painful slap from everyone……???????????

  8. Everytime marriage is kept for taking deal…?.. actually why would anyone demand to marry an unknown person..prerna don’t know Bajaj..Bajaj also don’t know prerna…I hate when Bajaj s marriage is over going to home and anurag lying unconscious on the road. He is not looking what happened. And he want to go home as soon…??telling we just got married and we can’t get involved…..?????. He is telling as he want to go soon to home and spent time with new wifey….???I hope prerna got a chance to slap that Bajaj uncle…????

    1. Mr. Bajaj married Prerna as his daughter likes Prerna.

  9. Wats da big deal.. Nwaz dey dnt value wedding.. so prerna can divorce bajaj after sumtim n get married to anurag… they cud hv planned nicely n gt married .. this show has no other story…other thn having unlimited weddings.. I dnt watch this show but I read onl comments ..??

    1. Writers could have used this marriage track of anupre as the first failure of bajaj and proved to him what is true love…
      Then anupre stand together &,solve all the kasautis together…instead what did they do
      In 8 mar episode prerna reveals & proves to komolika & whole family that as per hindu rituals 1st marriage is valid & 2nd marriage is void….then on 20 mar episode anu fills pre maang in jail….then how come suddenly bajaj prena marriage becomes valid & sindoor has no importance that anyone can fill anyones maang at any time….what a shame ekta how r u misleading….

    2. Divya…I did not watch the original Kasauti which lasted for nearly 7 years. I hope this rubbish does not last that long. The makers of Kasauti 2 are just lazy with their story line. I don’t know how close they have kept the story line to the original but they could have shown some originality and bravery. They have turned Prena into a tart who accept to marry anyone for flimsy reasons. For god sake this is the 21st century…show some respect for women. They treat their audience and women as retards.

  10. Savithri V Ramani

    Stupid story. How cana girl marry somebody for a deal? Disgusting.can t see the serial any more. Now they can change the story line. Always somebody is hit by car and prerana marries Mr. Bajaj absurd it is stop the serial

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