Kasam Se Kasam FF Episode 29

Naira- Nakul I bet you that you propose Tanuja
(Naira said to Nakul disturbing their bonding talks as she was instructed by Rakesh who was behind the pillar)
Nakul- what non sense

aira- Oh so you lost already
Nakul- N-No I will do it
Naira- Good and it should be accomplished within 24 hours
(Nakul immediately ran away for the planning while Rakesh came out)
Rakesh- I bet he can’t do it
Naira- I know my best friend well he can
Rakesh- Then let’s see

At hall
Biji- Tanuja can you please make Rangoli
Tanuja- Yes Biji worry not you just go and rest
Naira- Tanuja let me help you
(Tanuja and Naira were making Rangoli while Nakul came down rose in his hand he looked at Tanuja and turned backwards repeating the words he had to say and when someone tapped his shoulders he thought it to be Tanuja so he turned immediately and said)
Nakul- I love you *looked up and saw it was Naira* Naira?
(While Rakesh who saw this felt like banging his head on some wall but Tanuja felt like to cry so she ran to her room)
Nakul- What the hell are you doing here I was proposing Tanuja why you came in between
Naira- Like this without looking at her you know what you are hopeless and now because of you I will loss bet with Rakesh
Nakul- Bet with Rakesh? When did you both came so close
Naira- Did I said too much
Rakesh- Yes
Nakul- Why were you hiding behind the pillar what’s going on will someone tell me
Rakesh- Oh let me introduce us first hello this Rakesh and she is my gorgeous wife Naira *Nakul got shocked*
Naira- And when we came here and saw your hide and seek love we planned to help you both and till then keep our marriage a secret but now
Rakesh- So now after this revelation please I beg you propose Tanuja orelse she keep crying go

At Tanu Room
Ahanna- Did you are looking so beautiful I bet Rishi will again fall for you
Tanu- Don’t tease me Ahanna go away
*Her phone vibrated making her look at it*
My dear soon to be wife can I have a picture of you because I am dying like a desparate


No till marriage we both shouldn’t looking at each othe not even in the picture


My bad but I promise after this marriage I won’t let you leave me even for a second


(Tanu blushed looking at the text while Ahanna who saw her blush snatched away her phone)
Ahanna- Oh ho love is the air
Tanu- Ahanna give the phone
Ahanna- No no no *running while Tanu was trying to catch her*

Tanuja Room
Tanuja- Why why why *Tanuja said crying while someone gave her tissue making her take it and rub it but when she turned to look who gave her made her shock*
Tanuja- Nakul you
Nakul- Yes me and why are you crying
Tanuja- Nothing something just went inside my eyes
Nakul- Really
Tanuja- But what are you doing here you must be w-with Naira right
Nakul- Why so
Tanuja- Because you love her
Nakul- If I say it was just a misunderstanding
Tanuja- How can this be possible
Nakul- It can be because she is married moreover I don’t love her cause I love you
Tanuja- Bu… What *Nakul nodded* re-really
Nakul- Really
Tanuja- I hate you *hugging him*
Nakul- What is this I just confessed my love to you and you said I hate you this is not fair
Tanuja- I love you
Nakul- really
*Tanuja nodded and Nakul hugged her more tightly*

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  1. Jasminerahul

    its surprising for others that rakesh naira are a couple who are trying to unite nakul tanuja.good that nakul cleared tanuja’s misunderstanding. their confession was cute n romantic. tanshi text scene was cute n romantic

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