kasam se kasam FF episode 14

tanuja comes with aradhya and seeing aradya abhishek was lost and fell on manpreet shoulder from side and another by nakul
manpreet-guys this my shoulder leave
and he moves both fell on the floor everyone laughed they too laughed as aru and tanuja were laughing
both girls-give
both boys-thank you
biji-lets tanu and rishi time has come for arti and arti should be done by new couples
tanuja-biji i will call

at terrace:-
rishi-you maybe misses tanushree
tanu-yes mr.bedi
rishi-this place was waiting for you
tanu-i see open flirting
pulling her closer
rishi-its love
tanu-mr.bedi i think i like you
rishi playing with her hair-i love you
tanu-mr.bedi i would like to marry with you
rishi taking her near the wall-so can you give me a small
tanu moving back-no
both were lost just then tanuja came but after seeing this she stopped
at hall:-
nakul-tanuja is talking a lot of time
naren-we all should go
all goes and see tanuja and touched her from back
tanuja-haa ssh see
biji-see my nose
nakul-biji no
and she sneezed and tanu rishi came apart
aahana-di you have became red
manpreet-bhai you too
naatasha-whats going here anyways all guest are waiting
rano-yes lets go and you both look read only lets go

at hall:-
arti was started by tanshi and ended with naren nakul tanuja but naren hands felt warm he leaved and about to fall just then tanuja and nalkul holds and does arati
someone entered
lady-such a dull navratari with no dandiya
biji-today like this
s.biji-actually i came with kajal
rano-kajal why
kajal-to see tanu and abhishakes marriage this month
kajal-no but only preparations but first dandiya

at dandiya:-
manpreet-it was a joke
abhishake-now what
aradhya-now stay came later on we will think
tanshi playing dandiya
rishi-i wont let ak pk marry you
tanu-nothing will happen by mr.husband is their so
rishi-okay then lets enjoy dandiya

after dandiya:-
kajal-their is no time
lets get to work for my daughter and sons marriage
after kajal and s.bijji went
rishi-i will tell everything
tanu-no she is a heart patient
next day engagement day:-
tanuja-mumma i am a bad luck see i came and reunied your life
tanu-no you made many things clear dont worry this engagement wont happen.you go

at hall:-
all bedis were sad
kajal-tanu come and wear the ring
but as she comes to take the ring everyone sees her red hand
rishi-tanu i said many times work properly but you
kajal-never mind we will skip this rituals and direct marry
all bedis aradya-NOOO
precap:-girl-this marriage cant happen
please comment why you like or dislike so i can do clarifications and how is he precap
with love

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  1. Jasminerahul

    first scene was funny.tanshi terrace scene was romantic. thanks for including tanshi dandiya.good that naren missed out and nakul tanuja did arti.tanu tanuja scene was nice.engagement is stopped.hope wedding also gets stopped.
    you are writing one more ff with my fav rivanya tanshi raglak swasan.but I didn’t read it as i duno the other couples

    1. Sprihasarania

      thanks and make sure about the wedding after a short leap of 12 days.
      and if you dont the characters ten i will write which character belongs to what

      1. Jasminerahul

        i know from which serials they are.but no idea about their characters and names

      2. Sprihasarania

        okay but how can i help you

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