Kasam 9th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Netra makes Plan with Kanchal against Rishi-Tanuja

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Kasam 9th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rishi asking Tanuja about her wound. Tanuja asks how did you know about it. Rishi says he knows and asks if it is needed to convey. Tanuja says it is needed to listen and says I am with you. Rishi says you are afraid to say. Tanuja says I was scared in fire, but I had a believe that you will come and save me. Rishi says even if I die, but …Tanuja asks him not to say this. She says if our love is truth then why it is tested and why do accident happens with us. Rishi says when there is immense love, then it is tested by God. Tanuja says good night and says when you are with me, I feel strange. Rishi says very soon you will not feel that. Tanuja says don’t know when that day come. Rishi says when you say.

Manpreet comes to kitchen and gives flying kisses to Ahana. Ahana says if anyone sees that. Manpreet says nobody will see. Beeji and others laugh on Manpreet and Ahana. Tanuja asks what happened? Beeji says romance is happening openly, Manpreet and Ahana are caught. Raj says it is happening after the storm. Beeji asks what? Manpreet says it is a misunderstanding. Beeji says there were many girls. Manpreet says no. Beeji tells that Rishi used to flirt with girls and then used to fight with them so that Manpreet can give his shoulder to them. Netra comes and says her friend asked for Rishi’s number when they were about to get engaged, but she didn’t his number to her. Tanuja gets upset and goes. Netra says now everyone knows that Rishi loves Tanuja. Rishi follows Tanuja. Tanuja asks Rishi why her number came last. Rishi says I agree that I met you last, but the moment I spent with you was a lifetime, we met late, but I am very happy with you. He asks can we forget the past and get back together. He says you are my only love. Netra hears them and tells Rishi that his phone was in her room and vibrating. Rishi takes the phone and goes with Manpreet. Netra ignores Tanuja and then asks did I come in between you both. Tanuja recalls seeing Rishi with Netra on bed, and Netra asking him to wait till marriage. Netra thinks since 8 years, tanuja is still affected by that night.

Rishi steps down from the car. He meets a pandit ji aciddently and reminds him that he is Rishi Singh Bedi, Rano’s son. Pandit ji sees his hand and gets shocked. He thinks what is this bad thing, and thinks to stop it. Netra tells Kanchal that AK is a coward to sacrifice his love, but she is not coward like him. Kanchal asks her to taste sweets. Netra says it is good. Kanchal asks what Tanuja makes best. Netra says tea. Kanchal asks her to make Tanuja’s tasty chai bitter. Netra asks what? Tanuja sees everyone clothes and then Netra’s clothes also. She thinks you didn’t come in between us, but that night came. She thinks to end the differences. Kanchal asks them to stop Tanuja and Rishi from coming closer and gives idea. Netra says she can do anything to get Rishi back. Rishi sees Tanuja sleeping in her room and admires her. He comes inside and hopes for her happiness always.

Netra tells Tanuja that she didn’t know when friendship turned love, and tells that she loves Rishi. Tanuja is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I don’t know what to say real ,maybe I will just read and stop watching for a while. All this about ” Tanuja is shocked at NETRA saying she loves Rishi” really is this woman made to appear that stupid just to prolong the misunderstandings. The other thing is they say Rishi has go sprit of death MAROODOSH, but Tanuja seems to be the one with marrodosh that pulls Rishi towards danger.

  2. Is netra real mother of tania or tania is smiley daughter. What about manpreet n ahna doesn’t care about where their daughter is.

    Hope this time tanuja give every to netra cheap trick instead of sit quite n listen to her negative word, tanuja must really fight for her love against netra, hope rano with her son instead of netra.

    I’m confuse about mother is rishi real father of tania n netra is her real mother

    1. Stopdragging plz

      Tanya is Smiley’s illegitimate child Netra has just used Tanya to obtain Rishi

  3. Stopdragging plz

    I totally hate this

  4. Stopdragging plz

    This show is just a joke in name of love

  5. Sona Pal now that you talk about Tania. Its surprising that Tanuja and Ahana take each other as sisters but they don’t talk about what happened to Smiley? Tanuja has come back to Bedis u would think the first thing they will talk about is their children. I don’t know where the writer comes from but relation always ask about the children. The truth about origin of Tania will come out then or he/she is trying to tell us that Ahana and Tanuja are self centered ladies who don’t care about children except themselves. I think if some issues are corrected to fit the way society live Kasam will make sense
    I love the show but some misunderstanding and the way people communicate don’t make sense.

    1. TanshiForever

      Exactly! Tanuja has never in these past few months asked Rishi directly about why he ‘cheated’ on her. If she had, she would have found the truth. She’s acting as if talking about s*x is such a taboo, even though the Bedi family is quite progressive. And yes, I’m surprised that neither Rishi nor Ahana ever told Tanuja that Tania is Smiley’s daughter. Does Rishi think that Tanuja should be okay with him having an extramarital child? He initially thought Natasha was AK’s child, so doesn’t he know that Tanuja would think the same way about Tania? This family is stupid.

  6. Kasam soon revamp whole cast change except tanshi,soon netra get exposed and tanuja is tanu this truth revel after leap to see tanshi new love story so keep paitience

    1. Tanshi ka new janAm hone wala hai ya nahi?????

  7. And thus leap is ahead with reincarnation of tanshi and rest cast make way for new cast , this time plz dont make the story,worst request to makers. This news is confirmed

  8. nice episode. but guys there is any new leap for the show!!

  9. Yes TanshiForever.Rishi is always apologising all the time,why is Tanuja not asking questions,like why did you cheat as u say and things like how long did u carry on sleeping with Netra in stead she choses to be angry and pull away from her husband. Everybody keeps saying we must promote the show. Unless and until they show that they are intelligent people in Bedi family lt is not only Tanuja Rishi and ahana acting dumb and secrets about Tania which are unnecessary. Then the drama will be taken serious. As for Rishi why is he not telling his wife the truth.

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