Kasam 5th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Kritika meets her father

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The Episode starts with Kritika deciding to meet her father. Mahima serves food to Ranbir. Mr. Kapoor says he has become second class citizen. He tells him that he is going to see his Mumbai home, although he gave maintenance money. Ranbir says we will also come. Mr. Kapoor says no. Ranbir says old man bye. He tells Akki that they have to go and search that stranger girl, lies to Mahima that they will see Stadium. Kritika is walking on the footpath and sees a mother caring for her daughter. She cries. Ranbir asks Akki to search the stadium and come. Kritika crosses the road and enquires someone about the address. Ranbir is about to see her, when his mobile falls in car. He bends to take it. Kritika also feels connection and goes past his car.

Ranbir gets down from his car. Kritika’s scarf flies and falls on his face. He realizes that this is the same girl. He runs behind her and tries to stop her, but his fans stop him and click selfies with him. Akki takes Ranbir to car. Ranbir tells that the girl left and her dupatta/scarf fell on his face. Akki asks what he will do now, and says lets go. Ranbir makes the scarf fly holding it while Akki drives the car.

Kritika comes to her father Arun Kohli’s address and gets tears in her eyes. She rings the bell. Arun opens the door and asks what happened? Who are you? Kritika starts crying. He asks her to come inside and sit. He brings water and gives to her. He says if you don’t tell me then how will I help you. He asks her to stop crying, says I am like your father. Kritika cries and says you are not like father, but own my father. She says she is Arun Kohli’s daughter, Kritika Kohli.

She shows her childhood pic with Malini and him. He looks at the pic shockingly and gets emotional. She asks why did you come here? Kritika says Mamma…..and cries. Just then his second wife and his daughters come there. They come inside and look at kritika. Kritika also looks at them. Arun’s wife asks who is she? Kritika says she is Kritika Kohli came from Ludhiana. Arun says I am her Chacha, he is my relatives daughter. Kritika is shocked.

Missed the precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Precap was ranbir talking with akki about kritika , on the other hand Kritika is introduced to family . Pammi stepmother,and ,two daughters , one is attitude wali other sober type girl. Duffer writer copying preleap to this extent , just watching the show for krasha .curse to Creativeless cvs of kasam

    1. Seema Jaiswal

      This is not good as why only kritika sengar is getting the roles of pain as first her parents die and second also her parents die and third they’re just doing the foolish things I just hate it but I love krasha

  2. Seema Jaiswal

    The precap is that he introduced kritika to his wife and daughters and kritika is shocked

  3. The Undertaker Justin Bieber

    Last time they did a big mistake by killing Tanu in the show. But now the show is in the same track on what it was in 2016. Remember the show was hit due to the same story. Mabye they want to improve their mistakes by running the show in same track on what it was but this time kratika will not be died and they will be together until their life time. So i think they are copying their previous script. Any way its intresting to watch whats going to happen in upcoming episodes in the show

  4. It’s like the writers have gone back to the beginning of the show! Here we go again! Come on writers..be creative! And did anyone else notice same people walking around with same clothes..as least change their clothes!

  5. i guess again one of the daughters will love Ranbir, as he is the super star,. And Kritika will again stay as a maid in the house. same old story of first episode.

  6. yeah i too feel preleap is copyied , even the sets are being copyied . i think now ak s house will be kapoor house , but whatever it is krasha are my favorite so i will watch as its intresting that ranbir is already in love with kritika still unmet, how will be their first meeting maybe under the dim bulb

  7. They should show natasha also..she might be 32 years…

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