Kasam 31st October 2017 Written Episode Update: Rishi tries to win Tanuja’s love

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The Episode starts with Abhishek telling Rohit that Rishi didn’t bother even after suffering losses in business. He says he won’t let Rishi win and get everything. Beeji asks Maasi if she gets good sleep. Maasi says yes. Gauri, the servant comes and serves them tea. Rishi comes and asks Maasi to come and says we will go to garden. Abhishek asks him to go and handle business, and asks him not to tell that business is ruined. Rishi flirts with Maasi and goes. Abhishek thinks Rishi is smart, you have won my family’s hearts, I will win your family’s hearts. He praises Rano’s beauty and asks her to make something with motherly love. Rano says she will make kheer. Ahana says she will make tea. Rishi sees the magazine and thinks when he came to room, Tanuja was seeing him in the magazine. He sits at Tanuja’s side while the latter is sleeping and admires her. She wakes up and asks when did you come. Rishi says just now. He asks about her foot.. Tanuja says better. Natasha wakes up and asks Rishi to take her to Papa.

Tanuja and Rishi looks at each other. Abhishek praises Ahana and drinks the tea made by her. He says it seems tea is made by Tanuja and asks if they are real sisters. Ahana says it seems that they share relation since birth. Abhishek tells that he will tell her when his relation gets stronger with Tanuja. Rishi lifts Natasha and takes her out of room. Ahana sees Myra and Manpreet together and gets jealous and angry. Rishi brings Natasha to Abhishek. Natasha says she missed him very much. Abhishek says even he missed her. Rishi taunts him. Abhishek says his daughter is always his. Rishi says he never tried to take his daughter back. Manpreet comes to Rishi and tells that ahana saw him flirting with Myra. Rishi takes him to Ahana.

Tanuja and Abhishek are having tea. She asks if the tea is made by Ahana and says she makes nice tea since childhood. Abhishek says childhood. She says no. He says it seems you have deep connection with her. Tanuja says she has many memories with Ahana, and it seems it is afresh. Abhishek asks what about Rishi memories. Ahana tells Rishi that Manpreet flirted with Myra. She asks him not to take his side else she will not believe him. Rishi says he has an idea and says Rakhi idea. Tanuja asks why do you wants to know. Abhishek says he wants to know her and asks why she thinks of Raj as her own father. Tanuja says she is my bau ji. Rishi comes there and tries to feed food to Tanuja. Tanuja looks at Abhishek. Rishi says he will see and asks her to eat. He tries to feed her sandwich and medicine. Abhishek gets a call and goes. Tanuja asks Rishi not to do this and hurt Abhishek’s heart. Rishi says he will be thankful to him for taking care of them, but can’t his life to him.

Rishi tells Tanuja that wherever she goes, he will follow her. There is one way to get rid of him and that is to kill him. Tanuja looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Thunder

    Does Tanuja have Tannu’s memories? She seems to have a connection with Ahana but doesn’t speak about it.She even spoke about maa bauji and then hurt her foot. If so,does everyone know she has those memories?

    1. VINAL

      Yes she got her memory long back

  2. Thunder

    Hope Tanuja tells Rishi the reason for her anger soon. Maybe that will happen when Naitra returns..

  3. seerat agarwal

    very good

  4. seerat agarwal

    very good.

  5. childish Rishi! trying to gain Tanuja with blackmail! seriously writters!! stop hurting AK!! he is such a nice person and he deserves to be with Tanuja.

  6. This show always delays of revealing thr truth

  7. lal dorwaja jounpur

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