Kasam 28th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Kasam 28th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Tanuja watches Malaika and Rishi dance together and was worried. The man again come to Tanuja and explains he was coming with his girlfriend but right now he needs to celebrate his breakup. Tanuja agrees to dance, as her husband is also celebrating. Rishi returns to table, and not finding Tanuja Malaika takes his attention towards Tanuja dancing with the man, taunting Tanuja only needs anyone rich. Rishi watches them curtly, Malaika says Tanuja is acting as if she dislikes this dance. In couple dances close moments always come, if she dislikes she shouldn’t have gone. Tanuja forbids dancing, Rishi goes towards Tanuja and asks to dance with her now. The man tells Rishi she isn’t interested in dancing with anyone else. Rishi clarifies she is his wife. Malaika was shocked to hear. Tanuja happily holds Rishi’s hand. He dances vigorously, hurting Tanuja. Tanuja comes to a side upset. Rishi pins her on the wall, Tanuja says it is hurting her. Rishi questions what when that person was clutching her hand, didn’t it hurt. Tanuja looks into his eyes saying he was jealous, that is why he came there. Rishi reminds her name is connected to his family, and he doesn’t want it ruined. Tanuja asks if she doesn’t matter to him at all, Rishi clarifies he never feels for her. Malaika was happy that Rishi clarifies her confusion. Tanuja leaves the hall crying. Malaika smiles, while Rishi was also upset.
Tanuja walks outside and cries under a tree. She says she thought Rishi also felt exactly what she felt for him but she was wrong. He is just fulfilling his responsibility, she has started to love him so much but he doesn’t care. He only considers her a liar. She thinks she isn’t in the story, being in it.
In the room, Rishi was restless when Malaika comes to calm himself down. He understands he shouldn’t have done this, but he was helpless. She was then calling him jealous, she had forgotten her limits. How could she go to dance with anyone? Malaika says he knows someone like Tanuja, she only needs a rich person. She tells Rishi to go and bring Tanuja back, she might create an issue after calling Raaj and his family has already faced much because of Tanuja. Rishi goes outside. Malaika cheers for creating this misunderstanding between them.
Rishi comes out looking for Tanuja, and tells her to come in. Tanuja denies coming in, how it matters to him. He is already showing everything off. Rishi says he is doing this for his father. Tanuja tells Rishi to go inside, she can take care of herself. She turns to leave for Mumbai. Rishi holds her back, forbidding her to be over smart. He won’t always let her take advantage of his papa, he understands his game well. In the way, he thought she was a bit different but he has forgotten what purpose she came into their house. Tanuja says this is her mistake, she thought maybe they were about to understand each other. Rishi calls mangal sooter, and this wedding as a rubbish; for him it was a drama and for her it was a purpose. Tanuja cries, Rishi tells her not to look down as he is speaking to her. She asks if she should look at him. He was about to take her when some goons arrive and loot their wallet and watch. They holds Rishi and asks Tanuja for valuable. They demand for mangal sooter, but Tanuja denies. They misbehave with Tanuja, Rishi insists on her to hand it over. One of them pulls the trigger.
Malaika comes there. Rishi gets a chance to kick the man with the gun and get himself freed. He fights the group of goons. Tanuja counters the men, and finds a rod near the tree. She comes to beat them with it. Malaika watches Rishi wrestle, while Tanuja countering with the rod. Some guards arrive, and the goons run away. Rishi was badly hurt, he was angry at Tanuja but she helps him inside. Malaika takes advantage of time and was determined to make up she sent the guards.
In the room, Tanuja cleans the cuts over Rishi’s face. She apologizes, hadn’t she insisted to stay out… Rishi boasts about beating them badly. Tanuja wonders if he hit them, or they hit him badly. Rishi was annoyed. Tanuja brings pain killers for him. She says if he is fond of listening his appreciation, she would… Rishi thinks Malaika must have called him a hero, she is nice. Tanuja was jealous, and puts an antiseptic over his arm. He screams. Tanuja taunts she should have also seen how he screams with antiseptic. Rishi accuses her for not giving away her mangal sooter, Tanuja replies this is mangal sooter and he can never understand what it means for a woman.

PRECAP: Tanuja drops a rose in hand as she watches Malaika intimate with a guy.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Justin Bieber

    nice episode

  2. I want to give tight slap for rishi and malaika….how cruel he is….he repeatedly hurting tanu….???

    1. i was thinking that too ………
      first slap is for rishi and
      2nd for malaika ………
      and 3rd for writer……

  3. Justin Bieber

    I hate that maliaka a lot more than any human beings in the world even Barack Obama refuses to be in her punar janam role after her death in the show. So guyz love sharad(rishi) and kratika(tanu) and hate smriti(maliaka).

  4. Rishi & tanuja scenes were superb this malaika is so irritating………………………….

  5. o god rishi plzzzzzzzz dont be silly …………..
    and dont hurt tanu now…..
    otherwise u will regret over it later……
    i really hate that type of dialoges …..
    which shows that the heroen of the show alwayzz have a fake greedy title for money….

    1. in tanu 1st life she hurt rishi too much alot….
      now rishi is humiliating tanu alot ……
      writers if u trying this to balance all ..
      then plzzzzzzz dont even dare to think about that…
      bcoz from the starting we bearing these type of villians like pawan and now malaika…
      plzz dont repeat the track again…..

      do u guyzz just listen to us…
      and show a love confession sequence……..

      plzzzz dont end it like other serialss love little and extensive hate track much…..
      which drops trp and finally the show off air …
      i really dont want that………

      so dont create misunderstanding b/w tanshi and show there love confession clearly…

    2. and whats that so called “” papa ji””
      reason of rishi ………disgusting actually lol

  6. Hate rishi n tanuja… forget Malika… is rishi so dump not to see whos doing want n who’s throwing herself at rishi his “wife” or wanna be “wife”… such a jerk…no respect for women… n then act all calm n kool in the room.
    Bigger idiot is Tanuja… have some respect n tell me to take his malyika, bank balance n dad n shave it… if she is such a bad person than she should leave… y should she wait for his papa ji to get better… since they’re all so good for each other n she’s the only misfit in the so called family.
    I’m just so annoyed by the track… he insults her infront of the whole world n she takes it. Then they’re all friends when he’s volunerable n she has to help him… for a change maybe she should start ignoring him all together as if he doesn’t exist n let me realize that he’s no Prince Charming but just another man who has no manners or respect for others

    1. Exactly….. rishi is not the only one man in the world… he repeatedly humiliating his wife and will suffer later…

    2. Good for you Rock,true comment

  7. nice!! thnx for written update!!

  8. Sabrina

    Finally Tanu will learns of that snake tricks… can’t wait for tomorrow

  9. A garbage episode, it is now tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much , whole weekend I was exited :rish will get jealous and dance romantically with tanuja,
    BUT my dream become a nightmare , as the sick,psycho ekta has developed a disgusting habit of PROMOTING VIOLENT , in last two dances by rishi and tanuja ,you can see,WRESTLING , violent and to some extend even seems tanuja was bitten up by rishi instead of tender,loving and passionate dancing in which expected from a couple in honeymoon.

    eka now made rishi and tanuja both, foolish naive, so that . Rishi become painfully tick and stupid and tanuja with no integrity , and self respect.After being with the show from very first episode , now I am on the edge of leaving it. tooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much dra…………gging , ONE STEP FORWARD, BUT 10 STEPS PULLING BACK.

  10. 29/11/16

  11. You said all dear katerine

  12. where is my comment

  13. moderation

  14. @Maryam, I remember your honesty , when you back up nina2 and her sister honey, and now gave honest comment. Just for sake of dragging ,becoz the writer hit the bottom of her greedy brain and can not think of a reasonable story line, repeating what happened already ,with different people ,like instead of pawan now malaika, or instead rishi, tanuja is suffering as you already mentioned. what a joke .

    1. hey… dear @katerine ………….i m new here actually…
      and i really dont aware of anything happend to @nina……….
      i just read yours and all comentators coments…..and i think something was happened here uncivilized totally but i appriciate u guyzz r really a family and i loved to b a part of this …….
      and thanks to suppport my comment as well as i supports yours actually…..but honestly ekta alwayz just hurts the veiwers by her brainless and extensive hate tracks….

      1. Hi Maryam, first I was going to say sorry for mixing you with the Maryam I knew, BUT I changed my mind as you are both equally as good and lovely as each other.
        Dear sister (you said you love family so here we go ;sister) I enjoyed your comment ,because most of comments are:

      2. wow you r so sweet instead of experiences all bitterness of your whole life…..
        u are different……….and one thing is similar between us ……..that i also doesnt belong to this region…..and i m actually a young student and i just love to watch romantic indian serials..that bitter ends in the last actually happens in real mostly …reel stories r just give us a strength to bear the next bitter story of our life ..and i just love the first talk of us……..

  15. everybody can see lots of meaningless comment like: comment ,or just a date, or, where is my comment, I would like to assure you :

  16. Stupid rishi

  17. Stupid rishi

  18. Hi dearest katerine,how are u?/you must be very frustrated, & u have every right /even yo yo bouncing less than feeling of rishi/ one minute is lost in love of tanuja/next minute become most cruel , &horrible to annoying tanuja& showering her wit most insulting words &accusations /d story going around a circle & giving us anger & frustration/ hope u never even think of leaving/ becoz if you did /then I will be d next one/ hi to sia/snow white/vafa/silent reader/i am still sick/but better/

  19. [email protected] dearAND ALL KASAM FAMILY . i am here. i wonot leave kasamfamily @sia also wonot leavekasamfamily . i like all kasam family. thank s god that you be better and hope that you better fully soon. @Nina dear. yesterday i tell you that have new enetry in kasam (rohit sharma as shaker) as a replacement. yes [email protected] New enetry in kasam.Rohit sharma and also have said that malaikas partner in crime.he will. he will go for tanuja for separate her from rishi for him to marray malaika and this might bring jealousy in rishi making him realsie his love for tanuja. episode was good and bad at the same time!
    i just fall in love with song dance tanuja and srantger.
    rishi a liar person. he jealousy when that see tanuja is dancing with otherperson but he deny.
    @Tanshi and tia dear. iam here .guys hope that you also be fine. i willnot leave you. i love all you guys.

    i saw interviewstanshi with fans and i really injoyed with it. and also in upcoming episodes kasam saw that rishi was Nashe when tanuja was in room with his and i excited for it. you also will see it.

  20. Once again no sense ?
    Rishi has spent some time with Tanu alone ,So surely he is getting to know her a little better by now ?
    And he must notice she does not throw herself at him like Malaiki does ?
    He seems to have a split personality,When they are alone its all lovey dovey,In front of people its a war.
    And if he really wants to marry Malaika,Divorce Tanu ?

  21. Nice episode, I think rishi had drunk and he thought that she is tanuja. Good twist if tanu heard that love confession means she start to ignore rishi, then rishi realize he is in love with tanuja.

  22. Vafa where are you plzzzzzzzz come back.

  23. Is rishi have split personality as sometimes he behaves n his funny fights with Tanuja looks as they r lyk normal hus n wife kind of couple n sometimes he behaves with her lyk as she is his enemy or something….God knows what’s up in writers brain….

  24. @Tanshi dear. iam here. love u. i didnot kasamfamily . @Tanshi. you are right.
    @ROHIT SHARMA also com in kasam you heard this news .I writein first mycomment . and i saw interviews tanshi with fans and i really injoyed with it. guys you also go to see it. be sure that will injoy it.

    1. Ya yaar vafa I saw that, which was so nice.and thanks to come back

  25. Hi my special friend NINA , I am OK and yes angry as mad by current rubbish story line of kasam. The two people I loved so much (thanshi) due to the written story and disgusting characters of theM , I started to dislike them,
    I am so happy you feel better, restlessly waiting for complete good health for you. GET SOON WELL AND SEE YOU SOON DEAREST

  26. Hi Omid , why you are so mean to give us a bigger comment instead of jut agree with somebody. You seem a good and reasonable member,and thanks for all your supports. bless your heart.

  27. I feel so happy to see you back vafa the episode was not at all good why rishi always hurts tanooja .hey guys katherine tanshi snow white magic all Kasam family how r u all?

    1. I am good tia and thanks for asking

    2. I am fine Tia,how are you? Best of luck for your exams do well.

  28. [email protected] dear.tia dear hope that you also be fine.read first mycomment untill notice because something that i write in first my comment . this news is incofrimed. yes. rishi love tanuja but he alwayzs hurts tanuja . because he want prove tanuja that he donot love tanuja while that he love for same that when tanuja with stranger danc .rishi jealous.

  29. Hey vafa and all Kasam family please pray for me that I can do well in my exams

  30. Alister La Frenais

    Okay, I am somewhat confused, and here is why. Tanuja, is one of the stupidest people on planet earth. Her make believe husband is constantly hurting her and she still loves him. She also tolerates his nonsense and constant insults, a western woman would have slapped him silly, but I guess Indian women are more subservient and brought up to be second class citizens.
    Now in this age of modern gadgets, where mobile ‘phones have cameras etc., yet Dumbo(aka Tanuja) never records on her ‘phone the underhanded affair that her arch rival Malika is conducting. With photographic evidence it would be difficult for Malika to talk her way out of the situation or call Tanuja a liar. The writers should wake up and stop thinking that the viewing public are all morons.

  31. @tia dear. donot worry. be sure. i will pary that ur all exams will go well..and Best of luck for it.

  32. Thank you vafa

  33. Good episode

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