Kasam 28th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Ranbir saves Kritika

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Kasam 28th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ashok telling Kritika that he will do some masti with her. Kritika asks him to back off and pushes him. Ranbir comes there and hits Ashok. Kritika says Mr. Flirt. Ranbir calls her angry bird and asks her to come. She takes her bag. Ranbir asks why did you fight with this goon? Kritika says she wanted to teach him a lesson and says all guys are not like Ranbir Kapoor. Kritika says this goon misbehaved with my sister in the market and that’s why I made him apologize to her on road. She tells then he was jealous and came with his goon friends to torture us, but we beat him. She says he saw me alone on bus stand and kidnapped me. Ranbir says if you had told me inside then I would have smash him. Goon comes there and recognizes him and tells that he want his son to be like him. Ranbir says ok and asks can I take angry bird from here. Goon asks him to take her. Ashok slaps goon and asks him to catch them. Ranbir and Kritik are about to leave when goons come infront of them. Kritika asks him to fight with the goons and save them. He hits them. Kritika asks him to leave her. Ashok asks his goons to catch and beat them. Kritika throws marbles balls on their way and they are about to fall. Kritika gets happy as goons fall. Akki waits for Ranbir and calls him. Ashok is about to hit Ranbir, but he tells that it is commercial break time. Ashok is confused.

Ranbir picks the call. Akki asks when he will come for dinner. Ranbir says I will come late. Ashok is about to hit him, but Kritika saves him. She asks him to go. Ranbir is about to go, but Ashok throws drum on him and Ranbir moves away. Kritika and Ranbir hide, but Ashok and his goon catch them. Kritika thinks now he can’t save her. Ranbir says it will be the war now and he will punch them. They hear the police jeep sound. Ranbir says Police will come here and arrests you all. Kritika says they shall get a chance and asks them to leave and save themselves. They run away. Kritika tells Ranbir that it was alarm sound and praises herself. They come out. Ranbir says don’t know what would have happen to you if I had not come. Kritika says I am not thankful or will not invite you. Ranbir asks what? She says she can understand and tells him that he was trying to get closer to her inside. Ranbir asks what? He asks are you mad to think…Jesus. Kritika says your intention is bad, mr. flirt. Ranbir says no.

Kritika says I have saved you, you haven’t saved me. She says if I haven’t saved you then you would have become cuchumber. They argue. Ranbir says I will not save you if you land in any problem. Kritika says good and asks him to leave. Ranbir says ok and calls her. Kritika asks him not to save her even if she is in big problem. Ranbir says I will not come, and tells that he will rescue her. He tells her that he is really a nice guy and asks her not to invite any trouble next time, as if she is in problem then he can’t save her without touching her. He sits in car and goes.

Ranbir comes home. Malishka opens the door and says hi. She says everyone is sleeping and that’s why I have opened the door. She asks why he came late? Ranbir says I have some work. Malishka gives him water. Ranbir says it is nice, you are serving me with a glass of water irrespective of what is happening. She says I like you all and forwards hand of friendship to end enmity. Ranbir says I had a very long day and gives glass in her hand. He goes inside. Malishka feels insulted and thinks one day he will give his hand in her hand.

Ranbir tells Batra and his daughter shall think that they are guest and we are host. Akki says it is effect of the girl whom you met last night. Ranbir asks which girl.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Mona146

    why does she argue even when he is saving her?so stupid? knok jok ke naam pe kuch bhi backwass

  2. We live in a world where pple are greatful and appreciate if someone helps u. And ungrateful pple are unlikable.. I don’t know why writer bring out the worst charector after leap
    But it sees the recarnation seed is just ungrateful and full of ego.

  3. Please make her shut up its too much. She will drag the drama into a gutter. Ranbir is good a gentleman like Rishi. Kratika is all over the place her charector is annoying.

  4. The Undertaker Justin Bieber

    Kritika is the worsed character i have ever seen. Just imagine how great ,good and intresting it would be to see a innocent , caring and thoughtful and thank ful kratika than the kratika we saw which was shouting blaming and angry unthoughtful unmature a total bullshit. I hate her attitude , blaming, anger, and i just hate her character. She is worse than tanuja. The only time when the female lead of this show was good was in preleap but the other tanuja and kritika is a total mess . Just hate kritika character and the writers proved that they had ran away from the mental hospital. Can they think like they had thought in pre leap If they cant the show is a total mess now and the only one thing to blame is kritika’s character

  5. We want tanu back i dont know how they bring her back but i just want her back. Kritika and tanuja [email protected] both. Tanu was best and kritika has no comparision to tanu. We told and told that we want soft , quiet , innocent,mature and thoughful kritika who have a little sense to thank the person who helped her but kritika she is a completly daughter of a [email protected] [email protected]!ck her character we just want tanu back . Tanu was best ans tanu will be best forever in the show. Kritika character will ruin the sho if she doesnot stop to show her attitude and blaming shouting. Every men who watches this show will guarentee hate her cause she always says bad thing about the men she even blame ranbir in little things without understanding or knowing him. She totally [email protected] and ruinefmd the show change her character the show will be nothing more thana piece of shit and [email protected]$k kritika and love tanu

    1. Why do u want a walk all over charactor thats how tunu got into the mess the 1st time and allowing all the bs to happen to her. Which even with this charactor the same thing is going to happen she will hand him over to her sister on step mothers say so.

      1. Atleast she was soft and knows to thank the people who helped or saved her and theirs no reason that she have to hand him to her step sister cause in pre leap rishi had have to marry tanu to cut his marag dosh and raj forced him to do so but this time the situation is different and yes we love tanu cause she knows to give sacrifices for other happiness. Pre leap was best but this time show is total mess. Kasam writers plz kill kritika and ranbir once again and plz in nxt reincarnation make kritika less talkative , mature and soft. That’s what we want

  6. I hate kritika’s character. She is out of line. She only behave good with her step family but with other she behave like she is the queen and she is made of up diamond as she says nobody is allowed to touch her. Man her attitude her angry its just too much. I cant believe the same actress can be so much different playing different character. As she was playing the character of tanu she looked so good and loved by many fans but the same actress playing the kritika is so much hated . Comeon writers just stop kritika’s attitude ,angry , and shouting i am just fed of it and i know others r fed of it too. Just do the simple thing make her like the every fan of this show want her to be.

  7. I haven’t watched kasam for a while maybe since 6month and when i saw the episode yesterday i was shocked that the female lead was so bad. Watching the show no longer gives now the feeling of love because kritika’s character is a total garbage. Tell me who would like to see the show which female lead is like shouting and blaming all the time like most common girls. We wanted to see a girl with different behaviour in the show not like kritika .Kratika sengar was a total hit actress but by giving her the kritika kohli role they made her total flop. As said by undertaker justin bieber , fake kasam and other individuals in the comment preleap was best but as we all know preleap cant be back now so we can just expect that they create a improved version of kritika’s character. Expect kritika needs a bit improvement i think the show is all good.

  8. dint like kririka insulting ranbir . Someone came to help you by dangering his life and you think he is flirting and coming close to you is your badluck that you take a good person wrong , just show kritika sweet also , I was afraid that fight does not happen and that only happened sad.

  9. I didnt see kritika talk nice with any men she only talked nice with balraj cause he help to save her mother except that I am seeing that see hate men. Example see quralled with a boy in airport she always quarrel with ranbir and at the airport she said all men r the same cheap. Kritika is the worsed i agree with undertaker jusen beber and fake kasam. R the writers really gone mental as this is the worsed female lead role i have ever seen. Just hate her hate her……

  10. Loving kritika character..her attitude towards ranbir is rite..coz ranbir is a playboy..so of course she will blaming him for touching her. Except 3 people..all loving kritika character so much..Thank cvs for giving tis bold chatacter to kratika..she to totally nailed it. Thsnk god she is not like tanu, always sacrificied for others.

    1. Agree with you

  11. Even i feel kritika is not good character I dont like her too. She is a total pshyco. She is a total shit. From her behaviour , attitude, blaming, shouting , anger, ego and too much talkative. I am a big fan of kasam and was a big fan of kritika sengar until she was tanu/ tanuja but now she has ruined herself by playing kraitika role . They just show us what the rubbish thing they have thought for the story which will not gonna go now. The only reason the show couldnt make it to trp list is its rubbish female character called kritika. She has too much sank in her own ego. As i see in the comments it is full of complaints about kritika and when i see it i have known the i was not the only one who hates kritika . What a rubbish storyline , twist and female character. If it goes like that the show will go off air soon which i and the kasam fans dont want.

  12. @pooja dear, i dont agree with you. As i have no problem that you r viewing your points in the comment but dear why r u poking others by saying thank god she is not like tanu. U have no rights dear to indirectly prove them they r wrong about kritika in which case they r not i like that kritika is independent woman but she should be little soft and should not show her ego all the time. I am big fan of this show and i will watch it nomatter what it will be but i expect kritika to be a little soft and thoughful.

    1. Omid, for u info, not only me but almost all kasam fans loving kritika..except this few people who r sharad fans. When Kratika played as tanu they blamed y she silent, sacrified her love. When ktatika as tanuja they blamed tanuja is very rude, never trust rishi. N now they blamed kritika..they will never stop blaming coz they purposely doing it. Y there is no one blaming ranbir who always flirting, hanging, wth girls. Ranbir is over attitude, always shouting wth kritika. They wont say anything about ranbir coz they all sharad fans. For me im glad to see kritika as storng n attitude girl.

      1. well said pooja ?

      2. Right well said

  13. Guyz dont blam kritika. The only one to blame is cvs. And @pooja dear how can u tell that kritika’s attitude , and other no good shit is best.if u think like that in which case u r wrong. Look at all the comments above not only 2 or 3 r not liking kritika but the whole kasam fan is not liking it except u. And if u think kritika is good and her attitude should be like that than the show will go down and the trp of the show is the biggest proof of it . Kritika’s attitude and ego should be stoped.

    1. @NiNa hello only this 2 or 3 comment not liking kritika..not the whole fandom..u go n see in twitter n insta..kritika character is the most loving character. Everyday fans appreciated her character. N for u info trp down not coz of kritika attitude..its coz of time slot..6.00pm ..For me ranbir should stop flirt wth girls n stop his attitude.

      1. well said pooja ?

  14. Though the story has leaped to 20 years … wherental are their initial families….

  15. Kritika is so arrogant

  16. Entire Kasam fandom has been thoroughly enjoying the character Kritika along with RBK, one can the evidences of this in Insta and Twitter. Tanu was like a passive bearer of pain, does it mean that Kritika also should be the same. She has confidence, qualification and most importantly she respects when requires for example we may recall her first meeting with BALRAJ & then Mahima, in fact both of them were highly impressed of her. Plus, all girls are not like running after celebrity madly, and she is that type. She had seen RBK with girls in some discomforting situations so there is the impact of them in her mind regarding his image. So, how can she be blamed blatantly? Constructive criticism is great but the comments above have come with the motive of bashing her, and the entire Kasam fandom fully hates such bashing.

  17. One minute silence to those people..
    What do they expect ..which girl would respect a whom she has seen with many girls going cosy …
    Have gone through a tweet about a recent episode that’s it’s right to molest a girl and it’s wrong to taking stand against harassing a girl ..
    Writers are trying to give social massage which is really common now a days..

    Disgusting is the surname of these kinds of people

  18. First of all Every one is loving kittu character. And Seeing man with many girls who the hell going to respect him I think these are the same girls want to sleep with guys like Ranbir haha.

  19. Kasam losts VIEWERS also Because of a particular fangroups ..
    Never seen any constructive criticism from them. Even during season 1 when Rishi kicked out Tanuja at midnight after the day he had promised to love her for eternity for them it’s the right thing to do. Even if Rishi was ready marry multiple on his mother’s behest in from of his wife was the right thing to do…

    Highlights of season 2 has to be Kittu.. no one wants to see that old Tanu_ja again then what’s the point of this new janam..
    Why should she speak softly to a celebrity when the celebrety himself failed to earn that respect from her..

    Fans should understand the difference between real and reel.. if you think too much how will you enjoy

  20. Wow! *Slow claps* fr few fanatics here… these fanatics r d reason why many shows r showing regreessive content nd these fanatics enjoy such regressive shows… these ppl want a shy , meek , always crying female lead who cant take stand fr herself , always need a man to help her n b grateful to d hero always… Feel sorry fr such fanatics………
    Im happy that Kasam cvs r showing something different now as Kritika is not like Tanu/Tanuja.. She is bold, gutsy and no-nonsense girl…love Kritika’s attitude… Kittu is rocking ?

  21. Wow! *Slow claps* fr few fanatics here… these fanatics r d reason why many shows r showing regreessive content nd these fanatics enjoy such regressive shows… these ppl want a shy , meek , always crying female lead who cant take stand fr herself , always need a man to help her n b grateful to d hero always… Feel sorry fr such fanatics………
    Im happy that Kasam cvs r showing something different this time as Kritika is not like Tanu/Tanuja.. She is bold, gutsy and no-nonsense girl…… love kritika’s attitude ?

  22. Reading those comments against Kittu’s character and their reasons only disgusts me..
    I can’t believe how regressive minded they are?wonder if they are human or some other species .
    Why should kittu speak softly with Ranbir just because he is a celebrity or he has saved her..
    Really that doesn’t give her enough reason to be greatful or thankful to him cos the way he had presented himself in the past.. NOT to forget he was about to leave her then he realized he must help.. if he is so saint he wouldn’t be even thinking leaving her with those goons..

    To those who are criticizing kittu remember you are a girl too.. kittu is one girl who has the guts to raise voice against harassing girls which is a common issue in India now a days ..

    Don’t take everything seriously then u will never be able to enjoy

  23. Those who want Kittu to behave like Tanu or Tanuja can simply switch off the channel and can watch pre leap repeats…
    Except Kiritika character i don’t see any change in NJ kasam… Jiya and Mahima is good..

    Otherwise all characters is a copy paste of old kasam…
    Akki=manpreet and so on..

    May i know what’s the use of New Janam ???

    Putting all the blame on kittu won’t help u …

  24. People here who wants tanu/ja back can simply watch preleap episode. And why actually she behaves softly with him no need of that. Nobody even know in india he ‘s a celebrity lol.
    Secondly, kittu character is best & there is no flaws in her character so better enjoy or else switch off the tv

  25. RIP for Kritika/Kasam haters…go to hell

  26. Loving strong kritika she is totally nailing in each episode as strong girl
    Who stand strong gainst goons alone who try to misbehave with her sisters

  27. Who don’t like kratika as kritika role then they don’t see episode but don’t say this nonsense kritika’s role is so bad or something else I’m not seeing any serials without kasam but I’m not bad comments any others serials so kasam haters don’t worst comments?????go to hell kasam haters

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