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Outside, Tanuja tells Rohit to start his work from today, she wants him to spy for her. Rohit was ready to do anything for her. Tanuja shows him the black car and tells him to stalk the car, he must provide her with every detail about its ride. Rohit promises to call her.
In the room, Rishi complains Tanuja for everything she has been doing in the family for a while. He was angry at her for demanding his brothers a resignation letter. Rishi was ready to forgive Tanuja for anything but not if she insults his brothers again. Tanuja apologizes. Bee ji stood at the door, she asks Tanuja why she brought Rohit home. Tanuja says Rohit left his house and family, she wants him to stay here and win the trust of Smiley. Bee ji asks if that is the reason she appointed him a secretary. Tanuja tells her about the incident with Poorab and says the actual culprit is UV. Raaj had heard this and says he is sure UV would do anything but betray his family. He has faith over his sons, and he trusts Yuvraj blindly. Tanuja says she heard UV talking to Poorab on call. Raaj asks if he took Poorab’s name for once on the call. Tanuja says she heard UV handing quotations to someone. Raaj tells her about another planned meeting of UV. He sends Tanuja inside to look for other matters.
In the room, Rano helps Naitra select her jewelry. She at once gets confused about Malaika’s warning that Rishi won’t marry her. She asks Rano if Rishi would actually marry her. Rano tells Naitra about a Pandit’s Guru who can even correct any problems in her birth chart. She assures Naitra that Rishi would marry her repeatedly if she becomes the kind of girl he likes.
Rohit follows the car to a house, the taxi driver interrupts him and he misses who went inside. Rohit calls Tanuja and sends her the photo of a house.
Rano tells Naitra that Rishi likes simple girls. Naitra calls herself as simple as well. Rano says Tanuja got Rishi in by preparing good tea for him. Naitra was determined to prepare good food for Rishi. Rano tells Naitra to wear clothes similar to Tanuja. Naitra was determined to follow Rano’s advices.
In the office, Manpreet comes to Rishi and asks about UV. He notices Rishi was worried and tells him not to forget his mission only for us brother’s problems. He must keep on making her feel jealous. Tanuja must have thought something before appointing Rohit. Rishi asks if he has no problem with Tanuja. Manpreet tells him to relax and not get serious because of anyone. Rishi says Manpreet can never let him be serious ever, they hug each other.
At home, Tanuja was worried for how long Rishi won’t speak to her. Rishi calls her but doesn’t speak. She gets the call again and says she knows already its Rishi. Rishi drops the phone for being caught at once. He gets a call again, then gets serious with Mr. Mehta. Tanuja smiles thinking its good Rishi called. She opens the picture sent by Rohit and was shocked to see Poorab’s home. She was shocked to think UV is actually on Poorab’s side.
Poorab reads the quotations and was elated to get them. Tanuja reaches Poorab’s house. Malaika was also there. They serve hot to tea to the person. Tanuja enters Poorab’s house, hiding from the servants. She hears Ratnani name from Malaika and was upset what will happen when Raaj would find out UV is acutally betraying them. Malaika asks why is she against her family, it was Divia who sat on the chair and calls themselves as steps. Tanuja was shocked as Divia stands up and says they treat UV as a servant, Rano has also turned her a servant. UV works so hard and he only gets complains and allegations. Malaika qualifies if this is the reason she shook hands with Poorab. Divia says when Poorab got Rishi jailed she was happy. She can understand what it is being a step. UV always fight his wife for Bedis, he isn’t even concerned about Nakul. She will surely get Nakul’s right in Bedi’s property. Poorab was determined they will get their rights and destroy Bedis. The three shake hands.

PRECAP: UV finds Tanuja sitting on a tea stall and buys him water. He asks if she has to say something.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Finally pta chal hi gya real villain ka. Nd new entry (Rohit) is also very good.
    Nice episode

  2. Sandy kha h

  3. @preeti
    If sandy comes. Nothing changes.
    He would be shocked to see Tanuja’s face as Tanu. Nothing else

    Sandy will not kill rishi or rishi to sandy. He has fallen in love with Tanuja he will forgive once sandy tells him how he is sorry in real.

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