Kasam 27th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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The lady tells Tanuja if she put sindoor in her hairline, his life would get red with blood and shatter. If she marries him, their love would turn to disaster. Tanuja denies, but the lady qualifies this is the truth. She reminds Tannu about her marriage with Rishi, after that Rishi was about to lose his life. He isn’t alone, he has a whole family and her relation would part him away from his family. Tanuja remembers the death of Tannu’s parents, then Rishi’s mother; both time Rishi had recognized Tannu and Tanuja respectively. The lady says may be there is something good for Tanuja in this. Tanuja wonders what better she has, she wanted to stay as Rishi’s wife for lifetime. She wasn’t granted what she asked for, and questions why her soul was granted a new life without Rishi. Tanuja questions the Goddess why was she granted a new life, she can’t either live with him or without him. They both love each other dearly, and cries requesting to take this curse back. The old lady comes to caress Tanuja, then speaks to the Goddess while ringing the bells of temple; she has always prayed Maa, but today she swears her to take the curse from her birth chart back as they are made for each other.
The next morning, Ahana comes to Rishi’s room. Rishi wipes his tears, then makes up there was something in his eyes. Ahana gives him the tray of food, he tries to become normal but Ahana tells him not to do any acting at least in front of her. It is visible, his tears, pain, tears; he can hide this from anyone but her. Did he sleep whole night? Raaj hears, Rishi tells Ahana they both are aware about their feelings for Tanuja but it’s not necessary what they feel is true. Ahana says now he has begun to lie. Rishi goes to get shower. Ahana turns to find Raaj enter the room, he asks Ahana what she wants. He heard their conversation and wants to know what Ahana wants. Ahana says Tanuja, she wants her back in this house. Ahana asks Raaj what he wants, Raaj replies he wants the same as hers. He never told anyone, but he feels Tanuja isn’t this all. Ahana agrees, Bani is behind this all. Ahana asks him to make everyone understand this, Raaj calls it difficult. How he should convince Rano that it’s not Tanuja’s mistake. He doesn’t understand what to do, only Rishi can bring Tanuja back home.
Tanuja wakes up in the temple, and wonders where the old lady has gone.
The old lady comes to Bedi’s house, and wonders why anyone didn’t think Rishi’s marriage can be difficult for Rishi. She thinks about going to speak to Rishi. The guard stops the lady but the security guard doesn’t let lose of her. Ahana comes outside, and allows the lady inside. The lady asks to speak to Rishi about Tanuja, she tells her that Rishi is in the hall. The lady turns to say she is her real friend, of both the lives.
Rishi forces Rano to take the soup that she denies. Manpreet also comes out and joins Raaj. Rano asks Rishi if he loves her, Rishi replies for sure. Rano asks if he would abide by her demands. Rishi promises, Rano demands him to divorce Tanuja and remarry someone else; sending Tanuja out of his life and heart. The lady qualifies what didn’t go for ages, how would Rano do this. Rishi calls John angrily, the lady says she returned for him. Rishi accepts, but Tanuja got late and his family was shattered. The lady says Rano never wants Tanuja be with him ever. UV comes to ask what she wants, Ahana comes qualifying she wants to speak to Rishi.

PRECAP: Tanuja hears a lady dealing about Tanuja on phone.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I am not like this episode yaar

  2. Kasam ki Kismat badaldo writers.

  3. not good enough…

  4. Nahi tho iss serial me Kuch accha nahi hai. Sirf Rona….Rona hai

  5. In other words she can’t marry him but can stay in sin

  6. Hi guys I also read kasam ………….exactly Kia bai kabi shade hote hy to kabi toot jate hy bad episode But phir b I like kasam ?and cheers Iam with you yr kasam ki kis mat badlo writers ? but meet in next epi every reader take care

  7. Bechara tanuja.Rishi kabhi bi tanuja ko aur uska pyar ko nahi samcha he.i don’t like this story

  8. malayali, kerala

    Hate rishi,hate kasam story so stupid. rishi kya bolte he kya karte he mummy boy….feel so sad for tanu. This show copyright the post track of sasural simar ka

  9. once again this page #which has base of pure English# has been covered by none English comments# please stop being selfish #d story & show is wickedly garbage# then you people coming with arrogance # ignoring none Indian members # bY writing in Urdu or similar# if you feel this trash does belong to you people# so you have RIGHT to ignore & disrespect none Indian members# then don’t act double crossly & contradiction what you want # by# SENDING YOUR PRODUCTS TO OUR COUNTRIES #& USE THE MONEY OUT OF IT # BUT DISRESPECT & TAKE AWAY OUR RIGHTS BY NOT GIVE DAMN TO US # THIS PAGE # HAS BEEN CREATED FOR NONE INDIAN# OTHERWISE YOU PEOPLE COULD UNDERSTAND D SHOW # IT IS YOUR LANGUAGE # SO OBVIOUSLY DON’T NEED ANY UPDATE#

    1. KrissAnn

      what’s the matter dear???

  10. Wts gng on kasam..pls chng d montage.or else let join tanshi.i cn’t c them in tis situatn.rishi dont listn ur mom words

  11. Justin Bieber

    I have a update guyz that rishi knows that tanuja is tanu and he says tanuja to go home with him but tanuja donot agree to go.

  12. What is it with all the soaps on Rishtey ?
    Every couple gets 2 minutes of happiness,Then 4 weeks of hell ?
    What kind of man/boy is Rishi ?
    And he must have run out of insults for Tanu by now ?
    Oh and what human being would want to be in a family with a Mother like Rano ?

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