Kasam 26th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kasam 26th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rishi reads Tanuja’s letter that she is leaving his life, his house. She is alone, her mother left but Rishi’s mother is alive. He should never leave her. She doesn’t want to come between their relations, as she is aware already if she stays for a few days; he would insist on her to stay. His heart won’t be able to decide whose side he must be; but he must not forget her. This letter is their last conversation, she is taking him along in his memories and heart. She loves him enough for this life time, she is thankful for him to take her into his life. Rishi cries reading the letter.
The soul inside Tanuja wakes up in the temple, while the body still lay there. She turns to hear the temple lady from the childhood engagement of Rishi and Tannu. She walks across the temple, and hears the time of Rishi and Tannu’s wedding. She then visualizes the shot of bullet into her chest, as she lost her breathes in his lap. She had promised to return to the world, only to love Rishi forever.
The soul returns to Tanuja, she gets up to question the Goddess why she felt as if she lived that life. The lady comes from behind and corrects as if she is the Tannu; she says Tanuja has returned as Tannu. Tanuja says she has now realized she has returned to the world for Rishi, and asks the lady if she knows about everything. She now speaks to Goddess that she now understands why she has come into this world; to fulfil her promise with Rishi. Her head bang badly as she recall her wedding with Rishi. Their moments together flash in front of Tanuja’s eyes, she throws flower petals into the ears saying she now remember everything. She dances with the old lady that she knows well that she is Tannu. The old lady was also cheery that a miracle happened today that Tanuja has realized her existence. The old lady says Tanuja’s love is really strong, but she read her birth chart just to know why they aren’t together in spite of their love for each other. She got the answers from her birth chart; Tanuja asks why? The lady says it’s something that cannot be understood, it is a story of true love. It’s a story with hurdle at each turn of their life, Tanuja has been granted a new life for Rishi but she doesn’t belong to Rishi. Tanuja questions why? She looks towards the Goddess now.
Rishi hear the temple bells in his room and couldn’t sleep. He calls Tanuja to stop these bells, as there is no temple around. Suddenly Tannu’s photo mirror break. Rishi goes to pick it up, but the glass pierce in his hand. He wonders what this break of glass means.
The lady tells Tanuja that true love has a single demand that is sacrifice. There would always be a destruction of his life whenever she becomes his wife. Everyone read Rishi’s birth chart, but none has studied Rishi’s life. It states she would be his shield whenever he is in trouble, she will always be his shield but whenever she would come to his life, his life would shatter.

PRECAP: Rano asks Rishi if he would accept what she demands, and asks him to divorce Tannu.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Nice birth chart means nice story.. Ekta maiyya is always habituated shatter life of her leads but here the basic line itself is if tannu is in rishi’s life then his life will shatter.. Wowww so ekta maiyya will leave no stone turned to make rishi and tanu suffer like hell.. Kudos psycho maiya

  2. nice episode as tanu regained her memory…. but I request update jaldi upload kr Diya kro..

  3. QURBANI **************************************************************************************************************** WAT RUBBISH SHE IS THE SHIELD & SHE IS THE DESTROYER IN TOTAL THEY R NOT GOING 2 UNITE RISHI & TANNU WHERE IS THIS STORY GOING? ONLY EVIL WINING ALL THE TIME I THINK THIS SERIAL HAS LOST ITS DIRECTION

  4. Shakaib

    What the hell, Precap is so called, that moti rano, it was better that she die, CVS are unnecessary showing Rishi character dumb, after reading, can’t he get a smple thing that tanuja/Tanu is not Neha’s daughter. And after seeing last scene, I’m more furious, now, if I’m not wrong, tanuja will die, and will reborn again, and that I hope at least rano should have died. An Rishi will be od 60+ lol. hi sharada sharma what’s your views on today episode..??

  5. what a clever girl was katerine I bow her whatever she said about nastiest creature god has created wit name of ekta was nothing but d truth & was such a vise move to leave totally bcas now very clearly d psycho ekta saying :
    kasam means bitterness crying b*t*hiness crying foolishness crying slavery crying no happiness crying all d culprits being prosper crying hero & heroin being dumb & most stupid crying tanu & rishi never being united crying …………………………….crying
    If I carry on even by reading d update then that would be my own stamp of being donkey on myself but I am not that stupid therefor wait katerine I am coming your way

  6. Kaash wo moti raano marr jaati

  7. Kaash wo moti raano marr jaati.Issiki wajah se Tanu aur Rishi juda ho jaate hai

  8. Crying Crying Crying . Precap disgusting

  9. kamini ekta kisi ko khush rakh hi nai sakti air na hi uske show me kuch v reality based ho sakta h.

  10. MAD-FURIOUS -Satya

    Now, that’s what you call a real Mum. One who will sacrifice the happiness of her offsprings than to hurt her own ego. I will never wish a mother like this even to my worst enemy.

  11. If Rishi and tannu never be together then what is the f**king story of the serial
    On which thing the story is based

  12. What the hell is this?????and what the f**k this blo*dy hell ekta has thought! Is she a dumbo who cannot understand the difference between the truth and reality. Frankly it is high time to stop watching this serial unless it is on the right track and i dont think it would ever be!!!

    Sorry if someone is hurt with my comment.

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