Kasam 25th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Rishi Goes to London Behind Natasha and Tanuja

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Scene 1
Rishi cries and says to Tanu that Abhi will leave now, Abhi has to leave, Abhi wont come between father and daughter, you have to understand that too, you cant come between Natasha and me, he holds her hand and says I used to say that we will make our life, lets go, we will make a life with Natasha, you will go with me right? now that I know that Natasha is mine, Tanu says I.. Rishi… Natasha comes there and says Hi Mr. Handsome, Rishi gets emotional, he smiles while crying, he pulls Natasha closer and peppers her face with kisses all over, he hugs her tightly. Natasha comes to Rishi, Rishi hugs her and cries, he says will you go home with me? Natasha says I am telling mama from so much time that I want to live with you. Rishi looks at Tanuja hopefully and says Natasha wants to go with me? see.. please dont say no, its not husband but a father requesting you, he hugs Natasha close and folds his hand infront of Tanuja saying please come home with me, Natasha says mama lets go with him. Tanuja tears up seeing them. Rishi asks Natasha to request her, Natasha says please mama come with Rishi… it all turns out to be Rishi’s dream and he hasnt met Tanuja, he stands in Tanuja’s house and asks servant where is Tanuja and Natasha? servant says they have gone to airport, Rishi says what? he runs out to go there.

Tanuja is in car with Natasha, she thinks that Abhi loves Natasha so much that he cant live without her a single, without Natasha he cant live that he is taking us on business trip, he doesnt love anyone but loves Natasha so much that cant live without her and me? Rishi has given me so much pain that I couldnt live, I tried to hate him but couldnt, just for Natasha’s sake, he didnt come between me and Abhi, he saw Abhi’s love for Natasha, Rishi will always be special for me. Abhi is at airport, he calls Tanuja and asks where are you? she says I have reached. Tanuja comes out of car, Abhi is mesmerized to see her, dhoka dhari plays. Tanuja smiles at Abhi. Abhi comes to Tanuja and picks up sleeping Natasha. Tanu feels Rishi’s presence and thinks why I am feeling like Rishi.. no no.. Abhi asks Tanuja to come inside, they have to take the flight. Rishi is driving to airport and says how will I find out where they are? Manpreet calls Rishi and says they are going to London, they must be at airport, Rishi says I am going there. Manpreet says what happened? why you are going behind them? Rishi says will talk you later, he ends call.

Samar asks Rohit to take care of Abhi, you know his condition, Tanu eyes Abhi skeptically, Abhi says he is crazy, Samar says heart is crazy. Abhi asks him to leave, he leaves. Samar comes out of airport and strikes with Rishi, Rishi asks where is Abhi? Samar says they went inside, Abhi is with Natasha and Tanu. Rishi runs inside airport, he tries to go inside but inspector stops him and says you cant go inside, Rishi says I am requesting you my daughter is leaving. Rishi screams Natasha! Tanu and Natasha feels like hearing him. Tanu asks Abhi if he heard something? he says no, Abhi goes to luggage check, Tanuja takes Natasha and thinks why I felt like Rishi was screaming for Natasha? it must be my thinking only. Outside terminal, Rishi fights with army people and ask them to let him go inside but they push him outside. Rishi calls Manpreet and says bring my passport, I am going to london to bring my daughter back, Manpreet what daughter? Rishi says Natasha is my daughter, Manpreet is stunned and says what? Rishi says yes she is mine, just bring my passport, I will bring her back from any corner of world, Manpreet asks him to relax and says I am coming there, Rishi ends call and looks on.
Manpreet says Natasha is Rishi’s daughter? Naitra is in her room and recalls telling Rishi that Natasha is his daughter. She recalls flashback that she wanted to tell Rishi about Tanu and Abhi not married but he left without listening to her after seeing the reports. Naitra thinks that Rishi knows Natasha is his daughter, he will fight with Tanu and then Tanu will tell him that she is not married to Abhi and where will I go then?

Scene 2
Manpreet comes to airport, he gives him tickets and passport, Rishi says why two tickets? Manpreet says I am your lakshman, I have to go with you to bring back Sita. Rishi smiles and hugs him.

Ahana comes to Naitra and asks why Rishi left? did you have fight with Rishi? Manpreet has gone behind him but what happened? Naitra says only Rishi will tell what happened and what is going to happen.

Manpreet says to Rishi that lets go and bring our Tanuja and Natasha back. Manpreet asks where will we find them in London? Rishi says Samar will tell us where is Tanuja.

Scene 3
Tanuja, Abhi and Natasha reaches London hotel. Abhi asks Rohit to bring keys of their room. Abhi says this is indian hotel as my princess’s demand was it and I fulfill everything she wants, Natasha says I love India, Tanuja says me too, Abhi says me three, he gives hi-five to Natsaha and Tanuja, Natasha runs around and asks Abhi to play with her but Tanuja holds his hand and says dont run around here, this is hotel, she leaves, Abhi looks at his hand which Tanu held and says something happens, gosh what is happening to me.

Natsaha, Tanu and Abhi comes to room. Natasha is jumping on bed, Tanu says you will fall down, Natasha says I am enjoying, she is about to fall down but Abhi catches her. Tanu runs to her and says you dont listen to me, what if you got hurt? Natsaha says you get scared, my papa is superman, Tanu thanks Abhi for saving her. Abhi says she is my princess, he says I have to meet Rohit, Natasha no more jumping, she goes to balcony. Abhi start to leave but Tanuja comes infront of him, they keep coming in each others way, Tanuja pulls Abhi away and goes to Natasha, Abhi is mesmerized to see her, he smiles at her totally in love. Tanuja is laughing with Natasha and Abhi keep looking at her smile. Tanuja looks at him staring at her and asks if you need water too? I gave it to Natasha, he says yes.. I mean.. that.. kuch kuch hota hai(feels something).. but nothing like that, he leaves.

Abhi comes to Rohit’s room. Abhi says my life is messed up. Rohit says relax. Abhi says she lives with me for 7 years, we touched each other many times but today when she touched me.. I felt electric shock, I couldnt even form right words, dont know what she is thinking, I need your help, I have to come out of love, help me, Rohit says okay.

Rishi and Manpreet comes to London. Manpreet calls Samar and asks where is Abhi staying? Samar tells him that they are staying in Indian legacy hotel. Manpreet tells it to Rishi, Rishi asks driver to drive them there. Manpreet says are you if Abhi will give you Natasha easily? Rishi says I dont know that but a father is going to bring his daughter back, I am going to bring my daughter back, Natasha is my blood, she is Bedi’s blood and she has to comeback to us, to her family.

Natasha is looking over balcony, Tanuja asks whom you are looking for? Natasha says I am finding Mr. Handsome dont know where he went, Tanuja looks on.

PRECAP- Natasha is seeing picture in phone and says to Tanuja that see this is beeji, I like her a lot, you know whom I like most? grandpa Raj, if we lived there, we would have had so much fun, we would live with everyone, Tanuja gets emotional hearing it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Gahhh what’s with the mister handsome that natadha is choosing him.over the father that brought her up. So unrealistic

    1. Purvi128

      Hey dear,
      No matter whatever happens but God filled love in our hearts for our parents..! If he brought her up still Natasha will love her father more na.
      Rishi is her father, she is his blood so her heart is filled with love for her father. Although she don’t know about Rishi being her father, but still he is her father.
      You can’t deny the fact.
      I totally agree with you that Abhi brought her up and this would be injustice with him if Cvs will seperate Natasha and Abhi becuz she is his princess and he can’t live without her. Don’t know what Cvs are gonna do. They made Abhi fall in love with Tanuja, this is total unfair. He shouldn’t have fallen in love with her. Abhi’s heart would break, firstly his princess will go away from him and then his love. That’s total unfair!
      We can just hope for the best!

    2. well said dearpurvi agree with you yeah i love abhi but cmon now.. rishi is her real father

  2. Purvi128

    What the hell is this??????????
    I m very disappointed…!! This shouldn’t have happened…! I was hoping for some good thing, but it just pissed me off…!
    CVs, what r you doing???
    U r spoiling a great show…!!
    Firstly that 1st 20 years leap spoiled the whole show. Nd now after 7 years leap, when a good story has started you are gonna make it bad ryt??…!
    Ekta ma’m plsss don’t spoil this show like u r spoiling kumkum bhagya..!! Plsss ..!!

    Now the positive side…!!
    Woooohh Rishi went to london just to bring his daughter back…!!! Hooo…!! Amazing…!!
    Sharad Malhotra, u nailed it with your acting…!!
    In love with you.. muaaah.. ???❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
    Hoping for some good episode on Monday..! But honestly, I can’t wait for Monday..!!
    TanShi rocks…!!

  3. Oh nooooo dream ???
    I hope new twists will be more interesting.
    All the best Rishi.
    Rishi will get his love Tanu and daughter Natasha for sure. ???

  4. I don’t want abhi to become bad

  5. Hope tansi unite and a.k dont become bad

  6. Dream’ah?

  7. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    ok, so here’s my take on today’s episode … Sharad Malhotra a.k.a. Rishi Bedi Singh, my brotha … you have to come really really really rrreeeally good next time to bring my tears again mmm hmmm … after the swelling of my eyes went down (earlier today) I find out that it was all your imagination?? wtf … damn man … Writer’s, what the heck is wrong with u guys ?? why ??? his freaking imagination ?? I think I can safely say that it was Sharad Malhotra’s Best performance EVER !!! … and it was all a Dream??? smdh

    Abhishek baby, you win. Take them both. ?

    n Rishi, I still cannot believe u went to see the Doctor first, instead of running to stop Tanuja and cutie pie (smh)

    I really hope next week sort out a lot of misunderstandings, n both Rishi and Abhishek do not finish this story on a sour note. ?

  8. kasam has become a bit boring while abhishek came into thier life and we are not seing tanshi that magical romance.please give brimg thier love masti cuteness and noke chonk back.one thing more tanuja and abhishek jodi does not look good at al.

    1. It has become more interesting Ak is strong villan like pawan
      Ak rishi tashan is must watch
      let see how rishi succed in taking tanu and natasha to back india

  9. When the rishi got his child natasha…?when rishi and thanu and also natasha live together ..l am waiting for that epusode…

  10. we are not interested in watching abhi falling in love with tanu.dream???

  11. No one seems to care poor Abhi….

  12. Yst abhi looks so cute and his attitude towards Natasha andtanja is too possessive….rishi hurts tanuja many times.
    Abhi has been taking care tanu and .Natasha for the past 7years with out asking any questions….. if tanuja goes with rishi what about naitra position her daughter also.again his mom torture.
    Plz rishi allow tanujalive peacefully with abhi….abhi and Natasha bond is also real and so good.. Natasha is ur daughter right.but abhi loves her core..but final decision is only director and writer

    1. You are correct like me dear I agree with you because abhi is better father and husband compare than rishi if tanuja and Natasha go back to rishi so after some time I m100% sure rishi will hurt tanuja again leave her for his mom and not give Natasha to tanuja another reason is rishi promise naitra he never separate Tanya from naitra so what??

    2. I agree with u rishi will leave tanu for his mom
      Ak tanu natasha bounding is must watch
      love Ak tanu jodi

  13. I dont like the idea of Getting Rishi and Natasha closer. He left Tanuja like that and now asks for Natasha. He only thinks for Natasha. She is living peacefully with Abhi or else if she go with Rishi, she will be treated badly by her nanny.

    Natasha don’t go with stupid Rishi

    1. what!!!! he left tanuja really!!!! when!!!!
      i think you are a fan of the actor abhi … but it you are a fan of kasam and you watch the show everyday you must know that tanuja who left rishi and the house she think that he is a cheater and he love naitra!!!!! rishi is innocent

  14. Does anyone know the person’s name who is playing abhi’s friend rohit? He’s the tall guy wearing a pink shirt. Please say!!

  15. Nonsense Chanti stupid Rishi nhi hai stupid tu hai aur iss show ki kahani Rishi aur Tanu ki hai Ak pk ki nhi

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