Kasam 24th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Kritika hears Malishka’s confession

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Kasam 24th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with kritika coming to Ranbir house. She sees his passport kept on table and thinks if he is leaving India. She checks his passport and thinks he is not a betrayal and can’t betray Malishka after agreeing for out of court settlement. Ranbir comes. Kritika asks if he is leaving the country and says I won’t let you go anywhere. She asks him to fight the case or do out of court settlement. Ranbir says you don’t trust me, but I will give you 1 reason, may be after that you will trust me. He asks her to keep all his family passports. She says may be now you will believe me now. Kritika thinks she can see truth in his eyes and others seem to be fake. She is walking out. Ranbir thinks if she is with him that he will win all fight. He asks her to tell Malishka to meet him at 6 pm on terrace.

Kritika nods.

Jiana comes to pummy and tries to pacifies her. Pummy realizes her mistake for over pampering Ishani and ignoring her. Jiana says you loves both of us very much. Jiana says you will get dark circles and says you are Ms. Universe’s mum. Pummy says you are my real Ms. Universe. They hug each other and cry happily. Akki sees Ishani’s call on his mobile and she asks him to come and meet her. Akki says I will come there and asks her not to cry. Ishani says I am waiting. Akki thinks if something happened to Jiana and hopes she is fine.

Ranbir waits for Malishka on the terrace. Kritika and Malishka come there. Ranbir gives her water. Kritika sits near them and switches on video cam. She recalls Malishka’s words and tells that she will go now. Malishka asks her to go. Akki comes to Ishani and asks what happened? Ishani asks will you love me same all lifetime. Akki says yes. Ishani says Mamma hurts me and tells that Kritika brought LCD TV for her and she has become her favorite. Akki smiles and says it is fine. Ishani asks will you marry me? Akki says I never thought you will propose me and agrees to marry her. Ishani hugs Akki. Akki sees Jiana coming there and have tears in her eyes. Malishka asks why did you call me? Ranbir says it is simple and says you filed the case on me as I slapped you. He says I did that for your own good. He says I am ready to apologized to your dad and tells that she has to tell Kritika that the case is fabricated. Malishka asks who is she? Ranbir says she is my only friend and feeling bad because of the accusations. Malishka says ok, I will tell but what I will get in exchange.

Ranbir says what? She says you know why I did this. Ranbir says you want me to go behind bars, and says I will go. Malishka says if you go to jail then my hardwork will get waste. She says she filed case to get Kapoor Mansion. Ranbir asks her to shut up. Malishka says Dad and I have filed the case to get this property. She tells everything and says she thought that he called her to give Kapoor Mansion. Kritika hears them. Ranbir tells her that he will not give her Kapoor Mansion as it is his dad and forefathers home and there is a sentimental value attached to it. He says I am ready to do everything and go to jail, but will not give this house. Kritika hears him and gets happy.

Ishani tells Akki that she is so happy. Akki says I am also happy. She asks him to talk to his parents. Akki says I will go to Punjab in the morning and will talk to mom and dad. Ishani says when did they go? Akki says they stay in Punjab. She asks if Ranbir’s parents are not his parents. Akki says they are his chacha and chachi. Ishani asks why did he lie to her. Akki says I didn’t lie and tells that he used to stay with Ranbir’s family. Ishani is shocked and says I can’t believe this. Akki asks what happened? He asks why she is bothered if he is not real brother of Ranbir. Ishani says everything is changed and tells that she can’t go to Punjab and says she can’t marry him. Akki gets sad and goes. Malishka tells Ranbir that she can go to any length to get this house and says she can do anything. Ranbir asks her to calm down and says you can take my Canada home, and asks her to understand and says he is ready to sign now. Malishka says I am also emotionally attached to this house. She says she will see him in court. Ranbir also says the same. Kritika cries and gets happy.

Arun confesses infront of Pummy that Kritika is his own daughter. Pummy, Jiana and Ishani are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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