Kasam 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bee Jee tells Raaj that Rishi had gone to say a no to Rano about the proposal.
In the room, Rano asks why Rishi changed his consent so soon. She is sure he won’t leave Tanuja. Rishi was sure Tanuja would never leave him. Rano says she understands there is some reason for what he has been doing. Rishi says Tanuja, Tanuja got hold of whole of their property. He tells Rano that he told Tanuja I love you, she insulted him; he wants Tanuja to say a sorry. Rano understands Rishi’s game that he would leave Naitra. Rishi says he would insult Tanuja and would leave her, and makes up Rano to break her fast and eat.
Tanuja tells Ahana that sometimes she feels she is Rishi’s Tannu. Ahana understands that sometimes she really feels Tanuja is her Tannu Dee. Tanuja was taken aback and hugs Ahana. Smiley watches them and asks why they are so sad, else her baby would also be sad.
Naitra tries to run away from the door. Rano stops her outside and asks Naitra if she is shy. Rishi tells Rano to announce about their Roka. Rano tells Naitra to keep good care of her Rishi and be her side always. In the hall, Raaj asks Bee ji why she is having coffee at mid night. They watch Naitra. Rano comes with Rishi who signals Manpreet. Rano says she is going to make a huge announcement, Raaj sends Manpreet to call Tanuja. Bee ji foresee a storm and wonders why are they so happy.
Manpreet calls Tanuja and Ahana downstairs as Rano wants to announce an important decision to Tanuja, it’s about Rishi and Naitra. Tanuja was sure Rano would pour her anger about Rishi’s denial of Naitra’s proposal. They come downstairs to the hall. Rano says she talked about Rishi and Naitra’s proposal on Baisakhi, Tanuja thinks she would now say Rishi denied. Rano says so… She comes to Tanuja and says she never respected her husband still her son is crazy for her, he denied his proposal with Naitra. He returned to her room after a while and assured her that they can both not stay together anymore. She happily announces that Rishi is ready to marry Naitra. Divia and Naitra was happy, UV and Manpreet smile. Rano gives Naitra’s hand in Rishi’s. Tanuja was shocked to see this. Rano says Rishi wants a Roka tonight and calls for preparations. Manpreet thinks now Tanuja would say I love you to Rishi. Bee ji and Raaj take Manpreet inside.
Rishi tells Tanuja he had warned her to say what’s in her heart. Tanuja understands if this is just to make her confess her love. Rishi asks if she can feel some jealousy. Tanuja says she is so happy and wants to dance in his Roka.
Bee ji and Raaj bring Manpreet to the backyard. He asks what happened to them both as they deter him to tell what happened. UV comes there. Manpreet hides behind UV. UV asks Raaj why he raised his hand when Bee ji asked who wants Rishi and Tanuja’s Roka. Raaj decides to go to tell Rishi about the truth. Bee ji stops him saying she is sure Rishi would never marry Naitra, for him there is only Tanuja.
Rishi comes behind Tanuja. Tanuja says he promised to be with her no matter what she does. Rishi holds her dupatta, she tells him to leave it. Rishi says she always tell him to leave her dupatta, her room, her bed; she never tells him to stay with her. He asks Tanuja why she returned to this home. Tanuja thinks she can’t tell him the truth. Rishi says if she doesn’t speak this time he would really marry Naitra. Tanuja thinks if he is blackmailing her, she won’t speak the truth at all. Manpreet comes to take Rishi to get ready. Naitra comes there, Tanuja stops her and takes her to get ready by herself.
In the room, Manpreet tells Rishi about Raaj and Bee ji’s attack over him, they want to know about the truth. He tells Rishi to make Tanuja say I love you. Rishi says once Tanuja will realize he is actually marrying Naitra, she would speak I love you by herself.

PRECAP: Tanuja fumes watching Rishi happily get his Roka done with Naitra.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. This is so wrong how can rishi do Roka with Naitra only to make Tanuja jaelous or make her confess her life she is destroying tht girl life by doing tht..It’s wrong he can’t play with anyone’s emotions Roka is a big thing he should not do this only for making tanuja jealous…

  2. How come naitra is marrying a married man. It isn’t wrong to do Roka with a married man.

  3. The story has now become ridiculous.
    From a great love story to this ?
    On what planet do grown men behave like Rishi and his brothers ?
    Why are they all so childish ?
    And most of the women are just money grabbing horrible people,Or they are Rano ?
    Oh I also thought if you were married you could not Marry anyone else ?
    Or are the laws different in Kasam land ?
    ps.Tanu is once again sticking her neck out for family that only the Gran,Dad and Ahana are worth saving ?
    Oh and maybe Smiley

  4. nice episode

  5. Liked it ?
    Wasn’t expecting Tanuja giving it back like this. I thought she would cry and all like she use to. But how they took it to the ego and ready for it.
    Waiting for coming episodes egearly to know till what extent rishi would go or till when Tanuja can hold back , knowing her marriage is at stake.

    P. s I thought rishi Tanuja divorcing each other and rano asked him to go ahead with rituals not marry till divorce doesn’t get finalised.
    But can it happen ??? I mean rituals can be done without finalised divorce in India or anywhere ???

    1. I am fairly sure you priyal , dreaming to have a job from ekta, or receiving something from them , otherwise not even average people defending this immoral and childish show and it’s joke line story . listen I was born and bread in United Kingdom , so my judgement is on base of , being privileged, to watch so so so many first class western or even better , international shows

  6. Rani121

    Isse jyda romantic show mene aaj tak nahi dekha .I love this show

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