Kasam 23rd January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kasam 23rd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Tanuja explains to Rishi she had no proof. Rishi says she is a living proof, had she reached his mom wouldn’t have been there. His mother had a pay a huge cost of his love, and drags Tanuja to show her Rano’s condition. In the ICU, Tanuja was taken aback watching Rano being treated. Rishi tells her this is what her complaint has did to his mother, she put his mother in so much pain. Whenever Rano opens her eyes, she only says she did nothing to Tanuja; he questions if his mother is worth paying so heavily for their love. Tanuja only cried. Rishi considers Tanuja as responsible for Rano’s condition, doctor requests Tanuja to leave the room. Outside in the corridor, Rishi tells Tanuja she was given such grace and respect in his life, he gave her the place of his wife, Tannu; but everything has finished now. Tanuja pleads him not to say another word. He says he got betrayal in love, there is pain and shame in his mother’s eyes, and she might not be able to meet eyes with anyone again. Rishi holds her face, and says he loves her dearly, does she. She assures she also loves him dearly. Rishi demands her to leave him for the sake of this love, he was not ready to hear anything. He says he has fought his family for her, but today he is ready to lose her. He has freed her from his life, his house and even his soul. Tanuja only cries, and requests Rishi not to do this all. Rishi divorces Tanuja. The process of divorce will continue, but she won’t stay here anymore and must leave. He had seen his mother breaking in jail, he feels helpless whenever he looks at her. Today will always remain as a dark day in his life, and only Tanuja is responsible for his helplessness. He has left her completely. Tanuja cries, pleading him not to do this. Rishi says love has to be repaid by loyalty, he wants her to sacrifice her love and leave him for his family. He jerks her away, annoyed. Tanuja keeps on crying. Rishi finally screams at her to leave. Tanuja turns to leave, Ahana was also weepy. Rishi fell over a bench, Tanuja walks alone between the streets, crying with memories of each other. Raaj places a hand over Rishi’s shoulder, he smiles after wiping his tears.
The doctor comes outside, saying Rano has a deep injury in a nerve on foot and her lower portion is completely paralyzed. Bee ji cries that Rano won’t be able to bear her condition anymore. The doctor assures they have tried their best, they should now keep her out of any mental tension. Everyone was tensed. Rishi recalls police inspector’s words, and lawyer’s queries and Rano’s fears.
Tanuja comes to her room and finds the petals still on the bed. She cries thinking about last night, Rishi’s demands to leave him echo in her mind, and she stuffs her ears.

PRECAP: Tanuja has an accident with a truck, she cries in Kaali Maa’s temple saying she remember everything, she is Tannu as all the memories are now right in front of her eyes.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. if you dont have story then why to waste time in these non sense acts… divorse…thenthey met again then what kind of love is thin if you dont have the guts to trust his partner through the day…. hahaa… plz for god sake go offf from clours and put some comedy show in place of kasam

  2. today episode is boring please do something interesting but ssharad looking nice

  3. Very annoying tanuja can’t talk so dumb

  4. Top most Irritated serial….. I hate this too Much…this serial full filled with suppper selfish peoples….rishi’s age now uncle age of tanuja. 😀

  5. ainnie sheikh

    dumb tanuja
    slapes rishi it would be best for her and for rishi she is not a doll she is a human please scripted her as human

  6. MAD-FURIOUS -Satya

    Rishi did not trust her at all or else he would have given her a chance to prove her innocence. Rishi is full of sh*t. Why isn’t anyone taking action against the cops for beating Rano into this state.{ I personally would give them a medal, but that’s me) if i was Tanu, i would tell the jellyfish Rishi to go suck a lemon.

  7. d mute stupid nefariously none stop crying tanuja deserved much much harsher reaction from everyone not just rishi fat wicked tanuja had a very long tongue to interrupped and make rishi to listen to her when she was attacking and doubting d love and promises of rishi after d truth of pregnancy came out but by order of wicked brainless ekta once she again become mute an annoying all d time crying weak woman instead of making her point by over speaking rishi the same as d other day BUT HONESTY WHAT THIS WAST OF SPACE TANUJA HAS TO DEFEND HER INEXCUSABLE GARBAGE WAY OF HANDLING D DISASTER OF POLICE DRAMA? EVEN SOMEONE WIT A COW’S BRAIN FIRST WILL GO TO POLICE STATION SAY D TRUTH & ASKING THEM TO GIVE HER A LITTLE TIME FOR GOING TO D Dr AND BRINGING A FACT REPORT NOT IGNORING RISHI’S BEGGING FOR SHE IMMEDIATELY GO TO D POLICE STATION EVEN SHE DID THIS STUPID MISTAKE THEN NOT KEEPING A REPORT & DOCUMENT WHICH WAS HER ONLY INNOCENCE’S PROOF SO UNSAFELY IN HER HAND & WHEN WAS SURROUNDED & ATTACKED BY HER BIGGEST ENEMIES MALAIKA & BONI A NORMAL AVERAGE FUNCTIONING BRAIN WILL LEAD D PERSON TO HIDE D DOCUMENT NOT DISGUSTINGLY MENTIONING TO THEM WHAT WAS IN THAT ENVELOPE so by psycho ekta’s sick writing of story line tanuja was as guilty as someone who really made that complaint in d first place so as rishi for d first time was 100% right to fume scolding & rejecting such a fool creature

  8. Wt the hell is going on this crap serial……I better quit watching this shit…….Day by day it’s going crazy….And for godsake plz stop this serial….Or put some gud n NYC story

  9. Why are u repeating the same scene of MATSH in ktpk. we are getting bored in seeing the same thing .just the character has changed,plz show something new,so that we get interest an yur trp increases.
    Iam also a new commenter.MRs,sona please reply.

  10. As a family they are very dysfunctional nobody talks or at least tries to explain themselves ?
    I started watching this show a while ago,Like a lot of people on here.
    What they are showing now is nothing like the earlier shows ?
    The script writers have decided to treat the viewers like morons,And hope we keep watching ?
    It used to be a must watch show for my wife and myself,But now we watch occasionally to see how ridiculous the story has gone ?
    women are shown as either very submissive and cant live without a man,Or they are scheming witches ?
    And the men are pathetic boys ?,Or should I ask my Mom first ?

  11. Alister La Frenais

    When are we going to see Tanuja stop crying. All she ever does is cry. She is not able to explain herself or stand up for her rights, all she does is cry. Rishi, of course likes the sound of his own voice, because he never allows Tanuja to get in a word sideways, and when she does have the opportunity to speak she mumbles and then cries. Perhaps, the serial should be given a new title – ‘The Crying Virgin’ My advice to the sponsors of this show, you all should consider pulling your sponsorship, if the present incoherent storyline continues.

  12. Anyways this is for being so dumb. Tanuja should have had brains to go to police station and take back the complaint instead of searching for proof.

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