Kasam 22nd November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Kasam 22nd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rishi makes faces at the bitter Qara. Rano hands the glass to Tanuja as well, as she might as well get sick because of cold drink in party. Rishi teases Tanuja that it was exactly like her.
The next morning, Bee ji asks about Tanuja and Rishi for breakfast. Manpreet says they must be on their breakfast, Raaj was about to have sweet while Rano forbids him. Malaika joins the breakfast table. Raaj was hopeful that everything would be fine now. Raaj offers sweet to Malaika, Malaika says she must take one now. Rishi comes there, and apologizes Raaj as he kept on sleeping. Tanuja comes apologetic. Rishi says Rano handed them Qara at night, Raaj looks towards Rano then demands Rishi to take Tanuja on honeymoon through car. It would be a beautiful honeymoon, there is a lot of sceneries in the way. Manpreet bucks Rishi up. Tanuja comes with tea for Raaj, Raaj hurries her to get ready soon. Manpreet takes Rishi to give him some video games for the way. Raaj sends Tanuja to get ready. He tells Malaika to help Ahana wash the plates after breakfast, as Divia is busy. Malaika thinks she would part Rishi and Tanuja away, in any way.
On the way, Tanuja asks Rishi if he is a kid to get the videogames from Manpreet. He asks her to be silent, Tanuja wonders how this long way would pass otherwise. Rishi switch the song, it begins ‘Do dil mil rahay hain’, Tanuja changes the station ‘Qadam qadam qadam saath chalna’, Rishi laughs and changes the station to another 90s song. Tanuja stares at him with a bad face. Now it plays, ‘aik hazaaron me meri behna hai’. Rishi says not this one. They argue about playing the song of their choice, Rishi loses control of his car as a bike comes from front; it bangs at a tree in front. Tanuja wakes up, finding Rishi unconscious with his head on steering wheel. She was concerned all at once and gets water bottle from the car towards him. Rishi wasn’t there in his seat. She screams his name and cries badly. Rishi comes calling her and laughs over her concern. She slaps him, asking if this is a joke. Tanuja slaps him; he counters both arguing. Rishi was hopeful she would now stay silent. Getting back in car, Rishi was determined to fly in the air. Tanuja looks towards him as he struggles to start the car, feared they would really fly; then walks out of the car laughing over him. Rishi gets out to search for some mechanic, Tanuja makes fun of him so he sits over the road. She promises not to laugh again, he goes to get the bag and she laughs again. Both argue for once again.
Manpreet comes to the room upset and finds Ahana upset. She tells Manpreet that she doesn’t want to say Rano is doing wrong, still Malaika is manipulative. Manpreet agrees. Ahana shares she heard them talking, about the Qara that contained sleeping pills. Manpreet understands her, and confirms if she likes her? Ahana nods. Manpreet talks about his video games, Ahana wasn’t interested. Manpreet tells Ahana she has a strong feeling Tanuja is Tannu, can’t she see not only Tanuja’s face, but her behavior, her likes and dislikes and everything resembles Tannu. Time would prove they are made for each other.
Rishi pants while walking and asks Tanuja to take rest. Tanuja insists on him to keep on walking, this is a strange place and its soon going to be dark. Rishi sits beside the street. Tanuja taunts him for being weight lifter and boxer. Rishi says she is from village, who are used to walking. Tanuja boasts about being better than him. Rishi seriously tells her that they won’t find a mechanic here, so they need a lift. He tells her to give a pose, someone might also stop his car watching a beautiful girl. Tanuja says if he complimented her? Rishi clarifies he is using her. Tanuja agrees, for a change he accepts she isn’t using him. He gives her directions to get the lift, and hides behind the tree so that he can jump in the car just in time. Tanuja gets confused watching a truck, and wonders if she should stop this. The truck driver offers Tanuja the lift, Rishi slips down the cliff while Tanuja climbs up hoping Rishi had climbed the tree. She looks outside, worried.

PRECAP: Tanuja wish to become Tannu. Rishi says if she becomes Tannu, she would only get pain. Tanuja says atleast she would be special for someone, and someone might love her as much as he did to her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Ahana atlast accepted that she likes Tanuja. And somehow finds similarity in them. Rishi too feels the same love for Tanuja just like Tannu but is hesistant due to his mom and that witch Malaika. Hope to see the old love story again with new twist.

  2. Awesome i like it very [email protected]@@@@

  3. Hi guys today epi was extraordinary no more than that tanujha and rishi pair was awesome their both fight was too cute it really nice to watch today epi I wanted to watch again but can’t.vafa u asked us to vote for its awards I saw the promo of its awards ssharad malhotra(rishi) was dancing I am awaiting for the ita awards

  4. Song scene was awesome specially ek hazaaron mein meri behena hai.

  5. Do anyone watch swaragini here? It is going to I am going to miss swara,sanskar,ragini and laksh Jodi so sad by the way wat is the new story in promo one aunty is coming giving jewels taking money I buying books to her daughter so boring the promo was I am confirm it is about women empowerment

  6. Interesting episode.

  7. excellent episode GOOD GOING

  8. nice episode:)
    eagerly waiting for next episode

  9. Awesome episode!
    Rishi and Tanuja’s fight was so cute!!
    Can’t wait for next episode!

  10. Episode was so nice, specially that songs scene, so funny to watch this episode. Really superb episode.

  11. awesome epiiiiii…….xpecially…songz….nd song…scenes were mind blowing….njoyd..A.lot……….keep goin lyk dis ….kasam ki jaiiii………

  12. kasam is very awesome episode, very cute fight with tanuja and rishi, both are very rocks couples. Like it very much and awaiting next episode with eager…. thanks tanshi…….. rocks for kasam…….

  13. great episode……….kasam is rocking ………..tanshi good pairing

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