Kasam 21st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Ranbir gives money to Kritika for treatment

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Kasam 21st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ranbir giving an envelope to Kritika and finds money in it and have the same asylum. She writes his note that he has understood her situation and asks her to get herself treated. And asks her to call him, he is just a call away. Kritika shouts and tells that she is not mad, and asks him to take his money back. Ranbir signs her bye from the car. Pummy answers a question on mobile and plans big for the future. Kritika thinks they are simple people and prays for their happiness. Jiana asks her to have sweets. Pummy says she has handled her figure with much difficulty. She asks Kritika if she got job? Kritika says no and tells that her employer is out. Pummy says ok and asks her if she has some money. Kritika recalls Ranbir giving her money and tells that she has just 300-350 Rs. Pummy asks her to give. Jiana asks her not to give. Pummy asks her to keep 100 for travelling expenses and give the rest. Arun comes and tells that his shop in the mall is ready. Pummy asks him to get ishani do the inauguration.

Ranbir and Akki come to their house. Servant introduces himself as Mantri. Balraj and Mahima look tensed. Ranbir asks what happened? Jiana tells that she is doing interior designing and wants her help. Kritika says she has learnt everything from her mother. Just then money envelope falls down. Kritika says you might be thinking that I didn’t give money to Chachi when she asked me. Jiana says she don’t need to give explanation. Kritika tells that Ranbir Kapoor gave her money and tells that he is mad. Jiana says she likes Ranbir and tells that she is very lucky to meet him often.

Balraj tries to tell Ranbir something. Akki says you need a chilled bear. Balraj shouts at them. Ranbir says he shouted. Balraj says this house is very big for us. Mahima says shall we shift to hotel. Ranbir and Akki tell that it is good. Akki says we can play football here. Balraj says no, and says it is my ancestral house.
Kritika gives money to Pummy. Pummy says it is very less. Jiana says you gave all your money to Maa and asks why she behaves as if this house is hers. Kritika says it is my house also. Jiana says she has some idea to complete her projects and get internship. Kritika asks if Chachi will give you permission. Jiana says she will convince her.
Ranbir thinks it was a superb day and says he taught a lesson to angry bird. Kritika talks to her mum’s pic and tells that nakchada talks so much nonstop and thinks I am his big fan. Ranbir asks himself to stop thinking about his crazy big fan and says you need to sleep, tomorrow is your match. Ranbir sees her scarf and thinks who are you? Why you are following me. Kritika looks in the sky through the window. Ranbir also looks at the sky.

Kritika gives envelope back to Ranbir. Ranbir says you need treatment and calls her babe. Kritika asks him not to call her Babe. Ranbir says you are not Babe. Kritika asks then who is she?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Loving kittu n jiyana bonding..kritika as usual superb performance..n looking beautiful. Hope her character remain like this..

  2. it reminds me preeta nd karan scenes when they met for first time in car like kritika nd ranbir same condition in car karan with two girls nd ranbir with two girls everything same that girls fight for kiss here also same fight for kiss every scene same… karan also think preeta is big crazy fan who always stock him nd here ranbir also think kritika is his big crazy fan who always stock him… same character there preeta father dead nd here kritika mother dead…… there preeta come to Mumbai to find out her mother due to his father last wish nd live with her mother.. here kritika come to mumbai to find out her father due to her mother last wish nd live with her father…. Here both heros are player karan Cricket player nd ranbir foothball player both serials are has same story now

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