Kasam 21st August 2017 Written Episode Update: Abhi Catches Rishi and Tanu Hugging

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Kasam 21st August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Naitra sees doctor’s letter, she is about to open it but Ahana comes there and asks who came? Naitra says Dr. Khanna sent this envelope for Rishi, Ahana says he called, Naitra says that I am keeping it here, she leaves envelope on table, Ahana says if Rishi has some medical disease and doesnt want to worry us by hiding it? I should check, she is about to open it bur Raj comes there, she hides envelope, he asks what she is hiding? she throws letter and says I have nothing in hand, Raj says okay and leaves. Ahana turns to find letter but it has blown away with wind, she tries to search it bur Rano calls her and she leaves.

Abhi is in car, he looks at Natasha and Tanu’s picture, he says I love you princess, papa loves you alot, he looks at Tanuja’s picture and do it for you too(love). He recalls his moments with Tanu. He is desperate.

Tanuja is standing in balcony of her house. Rishi comes behind her and sees her in tears, he says hot coffee? Tanu says what if I stopped you two days back? Rishi says um.. I.. he looks away and says look, two days back I was behind you, Abhi is between us, I could have thrown him from between us but now things have changed, I have seen Abhi’s fatherly love for Natasha, I can never come between a father and daughter, I can feel what he feels for Natasha, if it was two days, I would have taken you away from here with Tanya and Natasha and nobody would have stopped me from coming closer to you but now nothing can happen, Natasha is Abhi’s blood. Tanu says she is your blood, your blood. Rishi looks stunned but then says yes I know its my blood.

Rano asks Naitra where is Tanya? Naitra thinks that Tanya went to Natasha’s house, she recalls how Rano is against their friendship, Rano asks where is Tanya? Naitra says she went to Natasha’s house, they are playing Radha Krishan in a play. Beeji says to Manpreet that why Naitra had to tell this Rano? Rano says Krishan should come to Radha’s house, Natasha should have come here, we could have played with her, Beeji says she is saying poisonous things, Rano says I am not that bad, I know Natasha is naughty but doctor told me whole truth, how Natasha saved Tanya’s life, call Natasha and ask her to come here, all are surprised.

Rishi says to Tanu that I know she has my blood, I mean she is my cutie pie, I gave her blood, its okay, you are in trauma Tanu says you dont understand, she weeps, Rishi says why you are getting so emotional? please dont cry, Tanu breakdown, Rishi hugs her, Tany lies her head on his shoulder and cries. Abhi comes home and is shocked to see scene infront of him. He sees Rishi and Tany hugging, rishi sees him and is stunned, he breaks away from hug, Tanu is shocked to see him, she looks away.

Rano says to family that it will be good if kids play Raas leela. Rano asks Raj to call Tanuja, she wouldnt deny him, Manpreet and Beeji jumps in excitement.

Abhi approaches Rishi and Tanu. Rishi says how can you be so irresponsible, your daughter is in this condition and you left your wife alone? Tanu asks Abhi if he didnt go to London? Abhi says I missed the flight. Tanu gets call and goes to receive it. Abhi asks Rishi why didnt he leave? Rishi says Natasha stopped me, Abhi says she is my first love, Rishi says and Tanuja? Abhi says she is not my wife.. I mean my boss, Natasha is my life, when I saw her first time, I got the feeling of what love is. Rishi says I saw how you lifted her in arms, she is your life. Tanu comes there and says Raj Bauji called, he wants me, Abhi and Natasha to celebrate Janmastami in his house. Abhi says if he called with this much love then we will go there, Tanu goes to ready Natasha, Rishi leaves.

Abhi comes to his room and says why I cant bear Rishi and Tanu coming closer? Tanu never cried on my shoulder, she hates rishi but she was sharing her pain with him? she was crying on his shoulder? What is happening between them? Tanu comes there, she brings out his clothes and says wear this, Abhi holds her hand and says what I would do without you? Tanu retreats her hand and says you dont know what I would be without you, you mean a lot. Abhi smiles and says then why did you get emotional infront of Rishi and not me? Tanu gets jittery and says when human is emotional, they dont see who is infront of them, Rishi was there. Abhi says why not me? I mean I could bring you to my arms, I could handle you, Tanu says you dont get emotional intentionally, you dont know when you are about to cry. Abhi says then I would be with your all the time, I will leave all my girlfriends and be with you. Tanu says you just keep talking about your girlfriends, she leaves. Abhi says she thinks I am joking, my feelings have become a joke.

Janmashtami function starts at Rishi’s house, its all decorated. Natasha and Tanya comes there, Ahana says both Radha and Krishan are looking beautiful, Beeji asks Natasha where is her parents? Natasha says they are coming… she calls our mama, papa? Rishi and Tanu enters there together, all look on seeing them entering house like a couple.

PRECAP- Rishi and Abhi fights over groom’s dupatta, Abhi says Tanuja gave it to me, Rishi says gave everything but not this, I wont give it. Abhi says this is mine, what Abhi takes becomes his and remain his. Rishi says and what is Rishi’s and gets snatched, Rishi takes it back somehow, Abhi says dare you to take this, Rishi says you have to give it either smiling or crying, they both tug at the dupatta.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Lovely so much interesting love you rishi and and why didn’t he understand that natasha is his daughter and abhishek has also developed feeling for tanuja
    kasam is becoming more interesting day by day
    love to watch it
    luv uu kasam
    luvvv uuu ssharad

  2. Plzzz tanuja don’t break ak’s heart I like ak more than rishi

  3. Ak and tanu jodi look nice
    ak and rishi fight for tanu…who will win???
    Episode was excellent
    kasam become interesting

  4. i love rishi so so so much

  5. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    oh boy Abhishek is in luuv ? gonna give up all his girlfriends ? his expression tho when he saw them hugging ?

    Precap: ??? 2 kids fighting over a lollipop ?

  6. I love rishi more than ak….when thanu and risgi live together…

  7. I don’t wonna see ak being negative at least so CVS pls bring rishi tanuja together but pls don’t make ak negative..Kuch aisa kro ki es bar tanuja ko buchane me ak apni Jan de de aur jate jate use I love u bhi bole

  8. Plz bring rishi and tanuja together and end this drama

    1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

      no dear … I want this drama to go on and on and on and on and on and on … ??

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