Kasam 19th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kasam 19th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bani tells Malaika to tear the reports, Tanuja forbids but Malaika throw the reports over Tanuja’s face into hundreds of pieces. The doctor’s car had also left. Tanuja cried holding those torn papers, Malaika says this is a revenge to what Tanuja did to them. Today, Rishi needed her the most but she isn’t there; he would now hate her. She had snatched Rishi from her, now Rishi would snatch everything from Tanuja. Bani says Rishi would now only understand her as the culprit. Both Bani and Malaika sing cheerfully, hand in hand. Tanuja stands up and gets a rod of wood to beat Bani and Malaika both with it. Tanuja beats Malaika saying she has broken her family, she has even broken Rano’s trust. She wants to break Malaika’s hand and feet today. Bani goes to hide behind a car. Bani announces she has left. Tanuja asks Malaika if she thinks her relation would break so easily, but their relation limits till the skies. Rishi would never suspect her, no matter a thousand Malaika’s are born. Bani thinks Malaika is gone today. Tanuja says she would go by herself to get her family freed.
Rishi comes to save her family in the jail. Everyone was hopeful to see Rishi. Rishi was sure Tanuja would take her complain back. The inspector says they better know what Rishi and his family did to his wife. He had boasted that his wife would take his complain back, but where is she. Rishi realizes Tanuja had promised to reach in 20 minutes, but its 2 hours. The inspector says Tanuja filed the complaint, would she withdraw it? Bani fines a huge stone on the floor. Tanuja turns to leave when Bani calls her from behind with a stone held over her. But watching the rage in Tanuja’s eyes, she hides it behind her. Tanuja warns Bani not to do something which makes her take a step they must not have thought. The inspector tells Rishi it’s his over confidence that Tanuja would come here, she hasn’t arrived means she is true. Now they must get the truth from them all. In the jail, the lady inspector beats Rano again. Rishi pleads on them not to beat her. There, Manpreet was also being beaten. Rishi cries outside his lockup. He joins his hands to the inspector when the lawyer reaches and warns them about the situations they must face after this all. He shows the bail papers, and says there is no guarantee a girl is telling the truth so they can’t take direct action against any family without proofs.
Rishi gets the family unlocked. He goes to Rano who had fainted by then. They help her outside. Raaj says today Rano has bear more than enough. Rishi thinks about his last talk with Tanuja and her promise to reach within twenty minutes. In the auto, Tanuja notices her phone had no network. Rishi takes Rano to the car, while UV helps Manpreet. Rishi looks around for Tanuja, and calls her number. Raaj calls him to hurry up. Rishi wonders if he must call Tanuja but Rano calls him inside. Tanuja reaches the police station in an auto behind. Inside the police station the inspector apologizes for not being able to know about the truth, they were bailed. The lady jailor wonders what her mother in law must do with her, she says if her husband sent her to withdraw her complain. Tanuja accepts there are millions of such females who prefer to stay silent, but a number of them misuse such articles. It’s her grandmother’s mistake who wanted to revenge her in laws and charged them falsely.
In the car, Rano weakly murmurs. Rishi wakes her up, Rano gets up and tells Rano she never hit Tanuja. She cries why police hit her so much, she never did anything to Tanuja then why she filed the complaint. Rishi says Tanuja didn’t file the complaint, it was Bani. When he spoke to Tanuja, she was also shocked. She said she would withdraw her complaint. Rano insists Tanuja is playing games with them. Raaj tells her to stop talking, else her condition would worsen. She cries, confirming Rishi if she would come again? Rishi assures she would be fine. Rano accepts she says anything in anger but she is not the one to do any domestic violence with Tanuja. Tanuja had warned her to hurt her, and she did it today. She questions Rishi where his love would take them all, her head aches badly and she suffocates. Raaj asks UV to turn the car to CITI hospital.

PRECAP: In the hospital, Rishi insults Tanuja that Bee ji was right, whenever you trust someone that person betrays.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. today’s episode was boring…. PLZZ update jaldi upload kr Diya Kro…

  2. plz end this violence track add some fresh track

  3. why these people make fool

  4. Better end this non sense show total crap

  5. good

  6. MAD-FURIOUS -Satya

    seriously!! this is really becoming childish. tossing the report around. come on. So, is the DR dead or hands been amputated or tongue’s removed that he will not be able to write another or testify…dumb , dumb dumb. Are 10 yr olds writing this?? grow up writers. I know you are trying to stretch this as much as possible , why don’t you add some songs??

    1. I totally agree with you,This show has gone from some brilliant moments to stupid.
      The silence thing seems to happen a lot in these soaps,They manage to get 2-3 weeks out of a story,That any normal person would have told someone and end of situation.
      I watched Police beating people in full sight of everyone,Then the lawyer turns up in the middle of this and nothing was said or done.lol
      I think you would be insulting ten years old to suggest they have been writing some of these stories ? lol

      1. MAD-FURIOUS -Satya

        yuo are right. 10 yr old’s would have done a better job.

  7. Boring track

  8. I have a big question. When Ahana who is Bani’s niece is a daughter in law there, why did she not state that Bani was her aunt and a fraud and her complaint was rubbish? Why all this crap track? And I have never heard of all members being jailed including an old grandma and a college going granddaughter. Height of stupidity. They think all viewers are totally dumb!

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