Kasam 19th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Naitra and Tanuja argue each other. Tanuja tells Naitra to marry someone. Rishi and Manpreet come there, Tanuja calls Naitra as stupid, idiot who is dreaming to marry an already married man. Naitra leaves angrily. Manpreet and Rishi laugh that this was an easy game, anyone can win. Bee ji comes boasting about her game in childhood. Tanuja challenges Manpreet to play girl-boy now. Manpreet announces a challenge between Rishi and Tanuja. He takes Bee ji aside. Rishi challenges Tanuja she would confess her love if she loses. Tanuja says she will see. Bee ji announces among the people about the game between Rishi and Tanuja. Rishi holds Tanuja’s hand and takes her in the middle.
In the hall, Naitra comes crying. Rano stops her in the way and scolds her for ruining her grace. Naitra tells Rano that Rishi would never marry her, she is leaving this house now. Rano stops her saying she can’t leave. Naitra tells Rano about how Tanuja insulted her and says its their top secret how much she and Rishi love each other. Rano says today Tanuja insulted her not Naitra. She would now revenge her fully and would do Naitra and Rishi’s Roka. Naitra was shocked to hear. Rano tells her to go and get ready.
Rishi and Tanuja confront each other. Rishi thinks she would break her stubbornness. Rishi boasts about his body as if in wrestling and rubs his arms. Tanuja asks if its wrestling? Tanuja says its mischievousness. He forwards his powdered hands which Tanuja takes. Rishi winks towards Manpreet, Nakul cheers him. They begin to swirl. Tanuja loses herself and fell over because of speed. Rishi comes to save her and fell over her instead, both share an eye lock hand in hand with each other. Manpreet hoots that Rishi has won. Rishi confirms Tanuja if she is fine, Tanuja says I love you to him silently, out of shock. Rishi was in disbelief. Bee ji takes Manpreet to hold Rishi and Tanuja. Rishi takes Tanuja’s hand and run away from the hall.
There in the room, Naitra gets ready thinking Rishi would finally and officially be hers. She was upset wondering what if Rishi denies marrying her.
Rishi comes to the roof with Tanuja who was panting. Rishi says he couldn’t hear well what she said downstairs, he wants her to say it again. Tanuja says ‘Thankyou’. Rishi says he would remind her, Tanuja denies saying ‘I love you’. Rishi says since she lost she must now confess. Tanuja says had she loved him, she must have said. Rishi holds her hands saying he does and demands for a kiss. Tanuja withdraws her hands and run away. She watches Rishi from a side, smiling as he stood their curtly. She says I love you to him from a distance and runs away.
In the room, Smiley cries as she opens her diary and remembers the advice of Rohit’s mother. She doesn’t respond to Rohit’s call initially. Rohit was restlessly calling. Ahana comes to the room and finds Smiley crying. She watches the phone ringing and places it back. She tells Smiley if she doesn’t pick up the phone it would signal she doesn’t want to speak. Rohit’s mother comes to him asking whom is he calling and check his call log.
Rano comes to take Naitra and compliments her to be looking beautiful. Naitra was afraid and asks if she wants to announce about their Roka in front of all the guests, what if Rishi rejects her. Rano says she is announcing in front of everyone only so that Rishi can’t say a no. She has already done this before.

PRECAP: Everyone was shocked to hear as Rano announces Naitra as her choice for Rishi.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Why rano never rests ???

  2. Because she is restless woman cant see rishi nd tanuja’s happiness

  3. hope rishi says no to naitra

  4. Why are all the men on these shows so WIMPY ?
    And have no thoughts of their own.
    They all do what MOMMY says.
    And why are all these grown arse men so childish ?
    They all act like little spoilt boys ?

  5. i hate rano ,she always hate tanuja

  6. I think ghar mai sae jhon purab ki sath mila hua h becauseor koi to ho hi nahi sakta

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