Kasam 18th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Kasam 18th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Every eye was stuck over Tanuja, including Rishi as she walks downstairs towards him. Raaj calls her, Rano takes Malaika aside. Raaj takes Tanuja towards Super Bee ji, who blesses her and was happy that Rishi got a pretty wife. They take to introduce her to others.
Rano complains Malaika for providing Tanuja her dress, as Tanuja is looking the prettiest. Malaika says this is her dress, she had given her the short western dresses but she matched a few and even with a stroller. Raaj calls Malaika aside to show she is wearing western, but carries it so beautifully; she looks like a princess. He suggests her to learn wearing western from Tanuja, then goes to another guest and takes them to meet Tanuja.
Super Bee ji tells Tanuja to inform her if Bee ji scolds her ever. Tanuja says she scolds Bee ji when she doesn’t eat on time. Super Bee ji says she is lucky to have Tanuja at her home, then notices a tension between Bee ji and Tanuja. Raaj brings his guests then, Tanuja comes to explain to Raaj about the dress. Raaj says she is looking graceful in this dress as well, and boasts to be proud of her.
Nakul comes to Rishi saying if Tanuja has a sister, his friend is ready to marry her. Rano comes to show Rishi how happy Tanuja is getting involved with everyone. Malaika comes to complain about Raaj who insulted her again, because of Tanuja. She says Tanuja is controlling Raaj, and even in office she got insulted in office because of this; Rishi promised her to make everything well but Tanuja is manipulating him as well. Divia was sure she must have hypnotized Rishi. Rano says Tanuja resembles Tannu and this makes Rishi weak. Raaj comes there, saying Super Bee ji has gone crazy meeting Tanuja. She wants him to dance with Tanuja. Rishi denies. Raaj insists Super Bee ji wants to see their chemistry, Rishi was reluctant but Super Bee ji comes there. Everyone was silent, Tanuja was shocked to hear the demand too. Rishi thinks he would swirl Tanuja to fall badly, and once heard she would never come to him again. Rishi agrees to Super Bee ji and forwards his hand towards Tanuja. Tanuja was reluctant in the beginning, but finally goes with Rishi; winking towards Rano. Malaika whispers to Rano that Rishi would definitely do something to Tanuja.
Super Bee ji sends Manpreet to DJ to play romantic music. Rishi warns Tanuja she loves dancing over other’s heads, and hurts her while dancing. He curtly says he has nothing in heart for her, his hatred for her is still there. Everyone notices him being vigorous. Malaika notices tears in Tanuja’s ears, Rano says Rishi is saying something to her angrily; whatever is there between them, it’s meaningless. She was sure, nothing would happen between them.
Rishi curtly dances with Tanuja, about to push her to fell down; and holds her hand tight. Tanuja was weeping fearful. Rishi was moved and straightens her up. He holds her hand, and was about to kiss the back of it when she withdraws. He now dances romantically with her, and apologize kneeling in front of her. Tanuja was moved, and rests her head over Rishi’s shoulder. The lights get on at once, Rishi comes to realization while everyone claps for them. Manpreet and Nakul celebrate the performance. Rano scolds her, Nakul says Super Bee ji told him to cheer. Super Bee ji comes to take their blessings, complimenting them to be perfect for each other. She takes Rishi aside for something secret, and tells him it feels as if this isn’t Tanuja but Tannu who came to fulfil her Kasam. Rishi asks how she know about it. Super Bee ji says Nakul showed her Tannu’s photo and told her about the Kasam as well, it seems to her this is Tannu. Rishi looks towards Tanuja, remembering Tannu and her feel. He was moved.

PRECAP: Rishi confirms Tanuja if she feels something when he touches her. She denies. He drags her closer, asks now?

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Sahi baat h jab kasam jayada achha aatah tab koi nahi dekhta aur jab nahi aata tab dekhte h

  2. Kasam is best serial please watch it.dont miss it

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  6. dear/dear katerine/ thank you 4 ur warm message/ I just saw your writing/ I am just NINA &b4 kasam left I supported him /when he was upset/ about he was a man /not a she /I am happy u r my friend/how do you watch kasam / we are even setting our recorders to record repeating kasam from TV to increase the trp.

  7. ****************************** good news
    gurmeet in ita awards 2016 choose as kratika best actress drama . he said kratika is vsrygood actress and good human and fun to work with her.
    one television actor( gurmeet ) u want to wrok with again?
    gurmeet said : I waulod say kratika sengar. she is a very good actress , down to earth and extremely talened.
    guys see that even best television actors also know that best actress drama in ita wards was kratikasright.

  8. @sia dear. u r right. we are a family even if fight with each other. i really missed kasam. this is right. that fight with each other but i hadnot hated his . i didnot know that he is a man. big god witness that i didnot know that kasam is man. because already i call kasam with hisname(kasam). i hope that he comback because hisplace is empty in thispage so much. he is 19 yearold. so he is like a younger brother . i am a girl 26 year old. if i upset his . if he upset me for this i call ( his (her instead of his) . i know that he upset me. but please believe me . i neverknow that he is man.when that noticed that he is man. i said sorry. but i really aplogize his. big god witness that tell truth. i hope that his comback this page. because really hisplace is empty in this page so much.

    1. Rite Vafa I mean I know he was correcting u again n again that he is a 19 old year boy but may be u didn’t read it correctly nor ur intension was to hurt him so this misunderstanding happens….n I really n hardly hope that kasam come back to this family n u guyz be friends….kasam plz come back v really miss u man…

  9. anyone noticed the third nasty devil? that is the ugly nakul’s mother. I don’t know why she is so nasty towards tanuja/ the ugly hate she is showing after tanuja dancing is like rano. writer lost the plot and with no reason ,just for sake of dragging the story ,has mad everyone against tanuja.the only likable people are rishi’s father and super antie

    1. Ya Nakul mother is very selfish kind of woman n she is no ones I mean when the rite tym will come, she will only think n stand for herself only….she want to be a gud daughter-in-law of bedi family n helping rano in seperating tanshi n buttering her for giving jewelry n money….

  10. Thank you katerine for your comments.
    I know its a soap,But they should try and be aunthentic in the story lines ?
    I am still waiting to hear Manpreet admit he swapped the photo of Tanu ?
    This would solve a lot of problems.
    And for Tanuja to say who her real parents are ?
    And like a lot of people on here are saying,What is wrong with Rishi ?
    Businessman,Successful,Good looking,Wealthy,But still acts like a spoilt brat,At times.
    And finally Rano ?
    Would any Mother want a daughter in law like Malaika ?
    And would any Daughter in law want a Mother like Rano ?
    I think they deserve each other.lol

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  14. Dearest NINA, thanks for the kind response and in answer to your question of how we see kasam, on Tv , but mostly I look at the recorded show from TV , that I can have control of skipping those annoying part and endless showing the reaction of one by one of a group of present people with shocked faces to something uneccpated happened . looking forwards to see your next comment

  15. @sia, thanks you agreeD with me regarding that selfish nakul’s mother.

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  18. hi vafa I m sweety tanshi scenes are awesome and in banglow when tanuja will get scared by rishi is awesome

  19. hi vafa I m sweety tanshi scenes are awesome and in banglow when tanuja will get scared by rishi is awesome

  20. [email protected] sweety my dearfriend . i be happy that see yourcomment . please alwayz give yourcomments . yes. dear. i also saw that . sotryline is going very very good.it will be last mycomment because i have many exame and also i should to prepare myself for mythesis denese.
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