Kasam 17th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Balraj tries to convince Ranbir to marry Kritika

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Kasam 17th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ranbir announcing Ishani as Ms. Ghatkoper. Ishani gets happy. Pummy and others get happy. Ranbir makes her wear crown. Ishani slips and falls in Ranbir’s arms. Kritika asks him to leave her in rough tone. She then realizes and asks Jiana to leave her hand, says she wants to clap. Pummy tells Ranbir that she is Ms. Ghatkoper’s mum. Ranbir calls her aunty ji, mummy ji, mam ji. Jiana comes and thanks Ranbir. Ranbir sees Kritika and asks who is she? Kritika says she is Jiana’s sister, Kritika. Ranbir asks what and couldn’t pronounce her name. pummy says Shakespeare had said what is in name. Akki says we shall go as Indian version is too much. Kritika thinks Ranbir is egoistic. Ranbir asks did you say? Kritika says no. Ranbir goes. Pummy asks Ishani to come. Jiana asks Kritika what was that, leave hand? Kritika says nothing and asks her to come.

Ranbir tells Akki that she shouted and goes mad when she sees me with the girl. Akki says she is die hard fan. Ranbir says I have to do something. Kritika tells Jiana that she always saw him with two girls. Jiana says you must be thinking him wrong. Ishani comes out and hugs her father. They sit in auto. Arun asks Kritika to go with them, but she asks him to go and says she will come home. Jiana says they will come home together. Ranbir stops Kritika and asks why did she do that inside. Kritika asks what? Ranbir says have you gone mad and says wherever I go, you follow me and come in my dreams, memories and imagination. He then says what language I am using? Akki says yes. Kritika says English parrot have become desi. They argue. Kritika asks him not to follow her or her sisters. Akki says Jiana is sweet. Kritika says I don’t care whichever Kapoor you are, and says you came behind me like a puppy. She says if you had not stopped us, then we would have reached home in auto. Akki offers lift. Kritika refuses and takes Jiana forcibly. Akki tells Ranbir that Jiana is good.

Mahima asks Balraj what is he thinking and asks about the girl? Balraj says he wants to bring her home as daughter. Mahima says we can make her bahu. Balraj gets happy. She asks what happened about home. Balraj says nothing. Ranbir and Akki come home. Mahima tells them that Balraj was missing them. Ranbir asks really? Balraj says yes. Ranbir says I missed you a bit. We love you. Balraj says I have seen a girl for you, I mean for marriage. Ranbir says no, never. Kritika and Jiana reach home. Kritika asks if chachi will get angry as we got late. Jiana says no. Pummy tells that Ishani made Ranbir Kapoor emotional and he called her beauty with brains. She gives credit to herself. Jiana clicks their pic.

Balraj says she is one in millions. Ranbir says I don’t want. Balraj says you need a companion and shall settle down. Ranbir says no, never. Pummy asks Kritika to bring knife from kitchen. Kritika brings knife. Pummy asks her to make pakodas and bring there. Kritika makes pakodas. Jiana is about to go to kitchen, but Pummy stops her. Ishani cuts cake and makes everyone eat. Kritika comes there. Jiana takes her to have cake. Akki asks Balraj to relax as Ranbir selected girl for himself. Ranbir asks what and asks who is she? Akki says she is Kritika.

Kritika and Ranbir come to temple. Her hairs touches his face. Ranbir sees something.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I really miss the two ring locket that Tanu used to wear. I want that house of balraj be rishi’s house and kritika found that locket in the house and wear that

  2. Thank u for fast update ..

  3. Thank u H Hasan for fast update of kasam..

  4. Kasam was best serial suffering bcz channel ignor him,feel sad kasam not come in trp chart.

  5. The Undertaker Justin Bieber

    I understand that writers want to make kritika different from tanu or tanuja but they have to understand that we donot like kritika being angry ,attitude and harder. We want kritika to be softer and silent . Her attitude and anger makes her look like common girls but we want ranbir to fell in love with kritika due to her softness and silentness not by her attitude or angryness.

    1. So what ur saying is u want her to be a door mat so that everyone is going to walk all over and she wont be able to full fill her kasam die and start all over again. Bullshit. For a start she shouldnt have gone to her fathers and so called family this is just repeat of tanujas life over again. Whats the point a horrible stupid b*t*hy step mother and half sister who will interfer in her life. Better on her own strong and independent. Nothing wrong with her weight or looks she looks fine the way she is.

      1. I agreed wth u. I dont want to see kritika like tanu, who silent, simple, quite n sacrificied for otherz. I really love kritika looks now more coz now she looks more beautiful n young. She look more cute wth tat little bag.Her charater also very bubbly, strong. I want her to be indepent working girl.

  6. The Undertaker Justin Bieber

    I think kasam should change its time to get come in trp chart kasam should come in 8pm or 7.30 pm to get trp. Sad to see that it only get 0.6 trp that really suck cause the show donot deserve that less of trp . The channel should promote the show cause the story is different now after the leap

  7. Kratika plz loose weight and i hate the bag that u wear all the time. Can’t u buy a handbag. Its like u r wearing natasha’s school’s bag on your back

  8. I think kratika should loose some weight. She used to look young but now her face is good and beautiful but the body is like drum. Kratika is one of my favorate actress and i have a lot of respect for her but i need to tell that she do not looks young now due to her fatness. Plz loose your weight kratika

    1. Hahaha lol drum!!!???
      But she is cute- her face

  9. You r absolutely right dewon i hate that school bag too and welcome back
    @katrine dear glad to see you back i was really missing you and i have a lot of respect for the kratika too but i too feel that her fatness is making her flop i think she is working on weight loss so we just have to give her time

  10. Even I too feel kratu needs to lose weight , and her hairs should be straight , she looks fab in that look of innocent tanu , anyway krasha are acting so well. Both have awesome expression

  11. Oh please . U don’t need to be thin to be beautiful. Change her wardrobe a little . And Kritika is not fat , I hate skinny actresses. Only bones … and Rishi I dint line very arrogant.

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