Kasam 16th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Rishi and Tanuja in Children’s summer camp

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Kasam 16th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Netra thinking Rishi can’t go with Tanuja, and thinks she is dying with onion fever, thinks Rishi can’t do this with her. Tanuja and Rishi come to the summer camp. They ask about Natasha and Tania. They ask a boy. He signs them. Tanuja kisses him. Boy signs them to hold each other hands. Natasha asks Tania what she will do after they come. Tania acts. They hear Tanuja’s voice and acts to cry. Tanuja asks if your teacher applies any antiseptic. Natasha and Tania say no. Tanuja checks and asks where is the injury? Rishi also asks them. Natasha and Tania say it was each other’s idea. Tanuja and Rishi scold them for lying. They ask them not to lie again. Netra tells Myra that she has to go. Myra asks her to listen and not to worry about Tania. Netra pushes her and asks her not to stop her.

Principal asks Rishi and Tanuja why did they come and says parents are not allowed here. Tanuja and Rishi begin fighting. Principal asks them to go home. Natasha asks Principal to let them stay here for a night. Principal agrees. Tanuja asks for different tents. Staff woman asks them why two tents, when they are husband and wife. She says you people look good together and says you are made for each other. Netra thinks if Rishi and Tanuja will stay here together, and thinks how to go inside. She sees a woman taking something and thinks she got an idea to go inside. She covers her head and goes inside, asking Deepa to give her work. Principal says we don’t need any Servant. Netra says if she gets job for 2 days, then she can feed her children. Principal agrees. Deepa asks Netra to come.

Rishi asks Tanuja to sleep on bed and he will sleep on couch. He says there is no bed or couch, so you shall sleep on mattress, and I will sleep on floor. They collide with each other. Tanuja says first you hurt me and then asks again. Rishi asks her to ask her heart. Tanuja says she don’t have. Rishi says you have. He gets closer to her. She says we are together, but separated.

Tanuja falls on Rishi and they have an eye lock. Netra looks at them. Tanuja gets up. Netra is still standing outside the tent and peeps inside. Rishi gets up and covers Tanuja with blanket fully. He sleeps then. Netra looks on angrily. Tanuja wakes up, takes out blanket from the rope and covers him. She says time has come for you to go tanuja and this time permanently.

Precap: Bedi family and AK’s family see Tanuja and Rishi dead. AK is shocked and tells them that Netra is responsible for this.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Cute tanshi , and now will writers ever expose netra ,same precap again . Trp of tv is still low,and going down day by day but online trp is fine , on 10 th position , just finish and start something fresh soon

  2. I think on Thursday bedi’s family come to know truth about netra, 2 day will be drag on tanuja n rishi accidents happen n bedi’s family rush to hospital episode. On Friday they will expose the netra n Saturday will be last episode of rishi n tanuja story end n on Monday they start 1st episode after leap.

    1. Really there’s gonna be a new season of

  3. May be

  4. TanshiForever

    These TV makers are so stupid. All they want to show is romance, romance and more romance in Kasam. Or show how Tanuja is Rishi’s kawach and will save him from trouble repeatedly, by risking her life for him, even though she thinks he cheated on her. They just want to use KraSha’s chemistry to gain TRPs. They want to keep on dragging the show for as long as they can, so that they can make a lot of money. They should think about quality and the viewers’ interests as well. In this name of fate and destiny, they never show true love, communication and trust. They never show Rishi and Tanuja standing up for each other, actually believing each other for once over others (for example the dowry case, Rishi thought that the Tanuja who always risked her life for him would want to arrest his family under a fake dowry allegation, just because Rano instigated him), clearing up misunderstandings (Tanuja always beats around the bush and never says the word s*x or affair. Had she been like Ahana, she could solved the matter within a maximum of two weeks, but she still hasn’t solved it in 8 years), and fighting ethical dilemmas together (the Purab Vohra case). Yes, a show should have conflicts, but it should have a solution too. Rishi constantly trying to win Tanuja back by romancing her is like applying makeup over a bruise instead of ointment; the bruise will not get cured using makeup, it can only be hidden. If he at least had the amount of EQ (emotional intelligence: the ability to understand how others are feeling, etc.) that Natasha has, then he would have locked Tanuja in a room and talked everything out with her. Or maybe even spiked her drink to get the truth out from her (such small deceitful acts aren’t that bad if they are for the greater good). He would have been able to sort out their issues. Rishi would have known for real that Tanuja was never a gold digger (though he later realizes this without any proof) and that she had in the end signed over the property papers, since his love and trust in her and him not getting engaged to Netra was more important than Purab destroying their property. He still thinks that Tanuja was angry because ‘Netra took Tanuja’s signature through fraud means’. Tanuja still doesn’t know that Tanya is her ‘bhanji’ Smiley’s daughter because of Rishi’s stupidity and her unwillingness to ask. Rishi initially thought that Natasha was AK’s biological daughter, so what makes him think that Tanuja knows that Tanya isn’t Rishi’s biological daughter? We’ve watched this stupidity just because off TanShi/KraSha, but after 10 months, when we we think that this dumbness will be resolved, through Natasha and Tanya’s cleverness, the makers decide to kill Tanuja and Rishi. Is this their so called eternal love? I think it’s actually better to have a relationship like that of Tanuja and Abhishek in real life (before Abhi knew about Rishi and Tanuja having been married and before he started plotting with Netra), where you’re selfless, warm-hearted, kind and generous like Tanuja and compassionate, calm, cool, simple and understanding like Abhishek (minus him sleeping with a lot of girls). It just shows that when you have so much passion but no proper communication or trust in a relationship, a third person can easily break in and cause misunderstandings. Please comment your thoughts below, it will help with my frustration! Thank you!! ?

  5. TanshiForever I also feel frustrated and confused coz Rishi and Tanuja are losers in this case it seems evil always wins over their love. If God made this unique love she/he will also give them wisdom and strength to defeat evil. They were defeated years ago and they have lost again. Netra is an evil hero in this situation coz she has defeated Tanuja. I just don’t understand the love story were Tanuja can’t solve or stand up and fight for her position. Homes a built by strong women Tanuja was just weak and I just didn’t get her love for Rishi she kept things inside and like she enjoyed torturing him.As u said there was no proper communication. and AK seemed to be the proper partner coz she trusted him. Even if the truth is exposed I won’t be excited coz it’s long over due and Tanuja and Rishi are no longer heroes in my book..if they die
    What I don’t understand is what are they going to come back as
    RIght now if they die they are not heroes they were defeated by evil and die as losers. I have lost all excitement misunderstanding are never cleared in a way that humiliate Netra. Tanuja’s attitude was just too much. She had that belief that she is the smart one she will solve issues on her own..but Netra knew her well that she only threatens.and runs away when things get tuff.. Why is the leading lady reduced to a loser all the time. I m not even excited about the leap coz if they die losers and to be honest we never even saw them enjoying their love it was just torture Tanuja was never a good lover and wife for Rishi.Rishi made mistakes but he was quick to apologise. She was always cruel..all this opened a door for Netra to come in between them and left me frustrated all the time. Rishi had opened up about AK’s intentions to Tanuja though Tanuja didnt believe him.that is what Tanuja should have told Rishi that same day. I really don’t know..there is nothing to watch out there..if I give up on Kasam I don’t think I will be looking for another drama. soon. I don’t want to be tortured coz there is nothing better out there at the moment

  6. Kasam writter spoil tanshi love story,what is this rishi is about to die but he don’t known tanuja is tanu and tanuja not known 8 year ago that night truth what is this cv fail to show tanshi love to each other,trust is first name of love fans are watching bcz of krasha onscren chemistry they nailed any scene

  7. Well I feel that rishi was not accepting tanuja initially , because of background but later when everything got clear , tanuja gave way to more mu , she should have spoken clearly which she never did , that is the reason rishi s trust was alwys broken at some or the other point and when your lover rejects your love and acepts thaz she cheated , in real life who will trust that person again . when rishi was apologizing , she dejected him , insulted him , tried to almost marry other guy , saying lies , million lies also hiding fact that natasha is rishis child anyone would have got mad for hiding such truth but rishi dint . She never spoke the night , so how will she get answer why he did so although he dint . She played with two men feelings ,loves someone else marrying someone else , when rishi came back to apologize her at station she , dint spoke clearly just blamed him and dint said what she saw , insulted him and called him characterless who would tolerate the fact and so she herself ran and made her life complicated ye s rishi too did mistake but never ran from problems , also tanuja never asked about whereabouts of others smiley , yuvi ,divya ,nakul . This show s that she is so into herself , in her own world ., even rishi dint trusted her because she behaved the way , like in case of dowary , she was already behaving that she only loves money , who would trust her. Sorry to say writers made tanuja a weak lady who is unstable and unclear

  8. Owwwww I wish der where a lots of frustrated comments about dil se dil tak serial like here…I m so frustrated wd ddt serial…I m ok wd kasam as long as rishi and tanuj loves each other…I prefer dis kind of relationship rather den forgetting most treasured love…and moving on wd another woman…

  9. True Woroty…if she takes Ahana as her sister why didn’t she ask about Smiley,they talk about Natasha she is close to Ahana and she doesn’t care about what happened to her sisters daughter.. A self centered person does that.She has been away she is the one who should be asking questions. The writers just made her charector questionable.She was going to know the truth by sitting down and talk to Rishi or Ahana+Beeji was going to tell her if she asked about the whole family being. But she was always cooking doing laundry which was insane.She was just a control freak who did not want to know about nieces nephews. Is that a good heart. ?Another thing Tanuja was supposed to be Rishi’s protector but she is the one who was rescued most of the time. Script writers just spoiled a good story by making her dumb and dumber.

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