Kasam 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Kritika leaves job opportunity for family

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The Episode starts with Kritika leaving her job interview for her family. Ranbir tells Akki that the girl loves her a lot and says one sided love is dangerous. Akki asks him to love her then it will be two sided love and culminate into marriage. Ranbir says I am not a marriage material and can’t be of one woman. He sees dupatta or stole in a local shop and smiles. He comes to the Ms. Ghatkoper contest. Anirudh requests him to make his boss girlfriend win in the competition. Ranbir says age is 55 and heart is of child and says this is cheating, I will go from here. He asks Akki to talk to him. Anirudh asks him to make him understand. Akki says he plays fair games. He tries to convince Ranbir, but he refuses at first, but agrees on his insistence. He asks where is the sponsor’s girl friend? He calls the girl Senorita. She comes and shakes hand with Ranbir.

Ranbir and Akki looks at her. Tanuja comes and asks in reception, from where to get the form. She stands in queue and calls Pummy. Pummy says they will be there in 5 mins and asks her to fill the form and take batch on Ishani’s name. Kritika says ok. Ranbir is waiting in the lobby. Girls come and try to flirt with him. Kritika sees his poster and thinks he is here also as a chief guest. She sees girls talking about him and thinks how can they praise him. She comes to talk to his pic and says they are all blind to see depth in your eyes. She then looks in his eyes and recalls their eye lock. Kritika’s turn comes and she signs on the form as Kritika Kohli. She ties it thinking Ishani will not get entry without it. She is going to make up room and sees girls flirting with Ranbir. She thinks how cheap guy, he started here also. Ranbir sees her and says angry bird is here also. He signs her, but she leaves. Ranbir tells girls that he needs to go now.

Kritika thinks this guy is shameless. Ranbir comes to her and says you are following me since night. Kritika asks what do you think of yourself? Ranbir asks her to accept that she is following him. Kritika gets angry. He calls her angry bird, Ms. Attitude. Kritika says I will not see you also. Ranbir says you want to meet me, you are my ardent fan etc. Kritika says I came here for the competition else wouldn’t have come. Ranbir says you are following me so that you can impress me. Kritika says you are not chief guest, but cheap guest. He calls her Ishani kohli and says your problem is that you talk much. Kritika says your problem is that you don’t listen and says you are free, but I am busy.

Pummy and Ishani are in dressing room. Kritika comes and gives her batch. Pummy asks her to keep cucumber on Ishani’s eyes. Ishani seems to be tensed and asks her what is the thing because of which she will be self confident. Kritika says Maa.

Ranbir asks Kritika, what is the relation which they have between them. Kritika looks at him surprised.

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  1. I think Kratika’s attitude is worse than Tanuja’s..she ran away from a drunken guy and hide in Ranbir’s car.She didn’t apologise or explain why she was there but called him cheap for being kissed by those girls.in his car. Rude.She goes for interview her phone keeps ringing she does not switch it off who does that.It does not matter if the family calls if u want a job u call them after..dumb. She is angry.shouting at a picture. I got fed up of Tanuja’s controlling and do as I say attitude. Rishi looks young and changed appearance to be Ranbir but Kratika did nothing.losing a few pounds was going to make her look younger.Please tone her attitude.

    1. I know u dont like kratika tats y u always blaming herr charecter whether its tanuja or now kritika. For ur kind info, all kasam fans loving kittu character so much. We love her attitude. We want she character remains like tis. N u said kritika said ranbir cheap guy. If ranbir allowed two girls to kiss him n ask do u want kiss me? Then wat u will call him? Wat kritika said is absoulately rite cheap guy. Don’t always try to blame kritika’s chatecter. Ranbir characters always same casonova, playboy, flirting wth girls. Nothing change in ranbir character. Kritika character n look now different frm tanuja. She look more beautiful n young look wise. Her character also more bubbly, naughty, n confident girl. We all kasam fans like her character so much. So stop bashing her.

    2. Shut the fu!ck up u b*t*h. Pops is absolutely right. We hate kratika’s attitude the only reason the show is not like what it was the only blame goes to kratika. She is such a fool she has ruined her own character. Tanu character was far more better than kratika and tanuja character cause kratika and tanuja both su!cks. We want kratika not to show her attitude. Guyz blame her as much as u can so that the things goes to the writers ear and they will make Kratika like tanu

  2. Mona146

    loser heroine. fed off this stupid cinderalla inspired story. mahaan banne pe itna obsession kyun hai ekta ko. disney cinderalla is far more better than this one.

  3. this serial was ruined when netra entry in show because of netra same role shown in serial just like malika who stay in house n want to marry rishi , instead of exposed purab divya n malaika n they show netra n rishi stupid scene n seperate the tanuja n rishi n dragged the srial with netra felt guilt at first n when tanuja again entered in rishi life netra fall for him n when never succeed in her evil planned end both main cast life n after rebirth the story cast look exactly same like season 1 kratika step mom look like bani. after the rebirth the cast of serial not gud, no more intrest in watching serial

  4. silent reader

    story is repeating to that it can get it’s lost charm.
    i think when when ranbir misunderstand her to be ishani , the story will be repeating like when rishi wanted to marry tanu thinking of neha as tanu. i think same story will be repeating like he will misunderstand ishaani

  5. This is full of rubbish….the rebirth story is same as the first one….it’s better to stop the serial….

  6. I too agree with Pops,Mona and smile this serial is repeating again an again.Please fans are very upset.all good characters vanished . Where is bauji ,biji ,Mrs Rano accepted Tanuja suddenly what happened.After netra went to jail what happened.Poor manpret and Ahana,where are they.Ak,natasha,tanya,what happened. Dear , director,producer,script writer all the fans are getting bored seeing and hearing the same lines what tanu,tanuja and kritika says.She says yu are a flirt to Rishi/Ranbir. Fans want to ask her what is she. That means she is flirting with Pawan and Ak.It means Tanu,Tanuja,Kritika remembers everything her memory is sharp.why is it so when,she sees Rishi or Ranbir she repeats the same what she told in season (1). Please it’s a request to the fans correct me or the script writer if they are wrong. Please reply to my comment. Thanks……..

  7. The Undertaker Justin Bieber

    I hate kratika being angry and shouting all the time in little things. She should be quiet and thoughtful. We want kratika to be like tanu not tanuja.

  8. Seriously pops is correct here , I have been following the show from start and watched each and every episode and I got to know that preleap was nice becoz tanu was understanding , soft , innocent which was unique for a love story where a girl is so silent and boy is so talkative , they were perfect , even tanu was beauty and her outfit was suiting her but tanuja / kritika are like common girls in every show and kritika is looking little more healthy than tanu ,I bossy and arrogant attitude is not looking good on her , becoz its becoming like every damn show , I have no harsh feelingz for anyactor and I am big fan of kratika and sharad , but this is my true opinion on show going , anyways still more to come on show so I cant jugde and whatever the situation I love this show for their chemistry and will watch it

    1. You are absolutely correct Piyali. I completely agree with you. I have the same thoughts that you wrote in the comment. Tanu was unique because she was understanding ,soft ,innocent. They were perfect because rishi was talkative and tanu was silent but Tanuja and Kratika r like common girls. I used to feel something unique in this show when it was in preleap because Tanu was unique but now i try to find something unique in this show but i didn’t find anything unique now cause Kratika is like common girls and it’s like to watch a normal serial.

  9. wht rubbish! d hero is disgusting. though I used 2 like him before. tanu/tanuja/kritika whoever she is, her face very beautiful bt body is soo fat, looks like drum. Y dont they just stop d serial, makes the girl thin & starts a new show with fresh story

  10. If kritika’s character would be like tanu/tanuja. Then all the veiwers will complaint that this tanu/tanuja or kritika’s character are same. All will bore to see the character coz nothing could be change in 3 characters. So the writter want to change someones attitude. Coz rishi & ranbir is like one person i m watching repeatly. So veiwers plz be clam. & see whats next & new story is coming for us.

  11. according to me we have to give time to the show as it has not been shaped uptill now , but indeed kritika should atleast be little understanding and soft as mentioned by piyali ,as far as role of hero is concerned its fine coz atleast he is looking young and different but kritika is not showned different but tanuja only who shouts and is selfobsessed. kasam lost its charm because after 7 year leap tanuja became too bossy rude and it really pissed me off looking the girl just blaming the hero for everything for so long time without ever listening to his point and that abhishek and her closeness was so hell irritating . atleast writers got extension so they should not repeat the mistakes, girls are more understanding than boys . so plz dont bring tanuja in kritika , for now kritika is nice and their fights are like tom and jerry but we still want to see their caring and loving not their egos and attitudes

  12. Where is 15th April 2018 written update?

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