Kasam 12th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Kritika and Ranbir meet accidently

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Kasam 12th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ranbir getting ready. Mr. Kapoor comes there and says you would have informed us before changing the room, and says there was a couple there, seeing them I got embarrassed and they were disturbed. He asks where you both are going? Akki says we are going to Ms. Ghatkhoper contest. Mr. Kapoor goes out and laughs at them. Mahima asks him not to laugh and goes. Kritika comes to the hotel and says I came to meet lawyer tarun khanna. Receptionist asks her to wait in the lobby. Mr. Kapoor comes searching Mahima there. He sees Kritika and asks how nice to see you, and asks about her mum. Kritika gets up and is sad. Mr. Kapoor understands and says sorry. He asks where are you in Mumbai and gives his card, asking her to call him, and asks her to think him like her father. He asks where you are staying in Mumbai. Kritika says I am staying with my dad. Mr. Kapoor says they are staying in hotel. She gets lawyer’s call and he asks her to come there. Lawyer gets a call and goes. Ranbir comes there and sits on the chair. Kritika gets strange feeling and thinks why? Ranbir also gets same feeling.

Kritika comes to Ranbir and says hi. They both look at each other. Ranbir says I can’t believe that you will come here, and loves me and follow me. Kritika thinks she wouldn’t have come if known about him. She says you called me with fool proof plan to call me so that I can flirt you. Ranbir says girls come to me and I don’t go follow them. Kritika says you don’t look like a lawyer. Ranbir says you loves me and wants to be with me.

Mr. Kapoor asks Mahima to come and says I want you to meet mall girl once. Ranbir asks Kritika to give him a kiss. Kritika asks are you mad? She asks him to back off. She says I wouldn’t have come if known that you will do my selection. Ranbir says you want me to select you. Kasam tere pyaar ki plays…..Ranbir calls and signs at her file. Kritika returns to get her file and falls in his arms. They have an eye lock and gets flashes of a temple. They get lost in each other’s eyes. Ranbir says you are using me. Kritika says you are misusing me. Lawyer comes and says this is my seat. He then identifies Ranbir to be a football player and asks him for a selfie.

Kritika says you are a football player. Ranbir says I am a champ. Lawyer says I am lawyer. Kritika says so I came to meet you. Ranbir goes. Kritika feels his touch and realizes that she met him before. She gets Jiana’s call. Lawyer asks Kritika why she came here and with whom she stays. Kritika says with her family. She gets Jiana’s call again and excuses herself. She picks the call and asks why you are calling me again and again. Pummy is on call and asks where did you go? kritika says she thought nice that she showed concern for her. Pummy asks her to leave her interview and complete all formalities of a contest, else leave the house. Kritika says ok and comes to the lawyer. She asks can we do the interview tomorrow. Lawyer asks if interview is important or family. Kritika says both. Lawyer asks her to choose one. Kritika chooses family. Lawyer asks her to go away.

Ranbir and Kritika meet during the contest. He tells that he don’t know what happens to him when she is near him, he gets mad. He asks what is the relation between them? Kritika is surprised.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. 20 years leap ruined everything. Then,7 years leap and now a 25 years leap? This show went through 71 years in the span of 2 years? I wanna see how the Bedi family is. At the end of the show, they could have had a voiceover that Rishi and tanu were soulmates for 7 births. Pls end this show.

  3. The Undertaker Justin Bieber

    I wanna know what is difference between Kratika and Tanuja. Both r angry, bossy and selfish. Man this show is about the love of two souls in every birth. They can’t see each other in pain but now the show is out of track Tanuja/Kratika give pain to Ranbir/Rishi and she only thinks about herselves. and what about the rishi’s marag dosh. I think they forget it too.I think if Next time some one shoot both from the gun kratika will place ranbir infront of her to save herself cause she is not like Tanu who sacrifice herself for others. This show was in track when Tanushree was alive but after Tanu died and 20 years leap took place the show ruined.But plz writer if u donot get any plans how to make kratika like Tanu ( Sacrificing herself for others, thoughtful , innocent and quiet) plz writers watch the previous episode of kasam from 2016. And enough now if kratika is not like tanu then i will stop watching this show cause now i didn’t get any feeling of love in this show. The show sucks because of only kratika. Plz make her like Tanu

    1. I agree with u justin bieber.The show is completely out of track. I think writers and ekta has forgot what the show really was. It was about the rishi marag dosh and tanu will come in every janam to protect him from his marag dosh. And in every janam Tanu should be thought ful innocent, Sanskari, thoughtful, different than other girls, less talkative, respects and love other sacrifice herself for others or happiness but i think ekta has really forgot what the show was and meant. And i think tanu looks bigger than rishi due to her fatness so the chemistry between them has shaken a bit. And the show has only become a mess now is only because of the memory loss of ekta on what tanu should be.

    2. So tell me what is the difference btw rishi/ranbir character? Both r casonova, playboy, flirting wth girls. N for ur info kasam fans love kratika character as kritika. We love to see her naughty, bubbly, confident girl. We request to cvs, tat we don”t want to see her like tanu, who is innocent, quite n sacrificied for others. We want to see her character different frm tanuja. If d story is same like preleap, then no one is interested to watch it. N mind ur words don’t try to blame kratika. This will sucks only coz of cvs. We love tis kasam season 2. If u dont like so dont watch it.

  4. New janam is so intresting precap also,if kasam shifted prime time slot kasam get high rating but colors not do this anyways i enjoy new janam story and show also do well this 6pm slot,not easy do gain 0.6 trp this time slot but feel bad for krasha they not deserve this type low trp this happen only bcz of channel not promot show,this show servie its own,kumkum bhagya full copy kasam 7 leap story and come top in trp chart but colors not understand this fact

  5. Kratika should be less talkative and should be shy

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