Kasam 12th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Ranbir determines to prove his innocence to Kritika

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The Episode starts with Ranbir telling Akki that he is feeling hurt as Kritika doubted him for molesting malishka. He says he has never misbehaved with any girl. Akki asks her to see from her perspective and tells that she is doing her job and misunderstanding you seeing Malishka’s side. Ishani comes to Kritika and asks her to leave her job. She tells that Ranbir can never do anything wrong with any girl and says he is sweet with everyone. Kritika says it is not like that. Ishani says may be Ranbir was with the girl in the night and later that girl pressurized him for marriage which he refused. She goes. Jiana asks Kritika not to think anything. Akki asks him to think about his goal and says it is like a football match for you. He says everything is against you and asks him to forget case, Malishka, Batra etc and focus on Kritika. Ranbir says I will win this case for Kritika. Balraj comes there and asks why didn’t you tell me about court case tomorrow. Ranbir says he will sort out and asks him not to tell mom. Balraj says I will come with you. Ranbir says mom will break down seeing the accusation etc and she will break down. Balraj agrees not to come with him, but says Akki will go with you. Akki says I will go. Ranbir agrees and asks him not to tell Mom.

Jiana says she needs her suggestion regarding work. She shows the decoration items. Kritika says there is nothing in it seeing which someone gets smile on his face. Kritika shows wind chime and says she brought it for her and says she can use it for her work. Jiana thanks her and asks her to bring one for her. She asks her not to get stressed. Ishani asks Jiana to give her phone as she has to make an important call. Kritika thinks to check the proofs and thinks why she is getting scared to see. She thinks Judge will see the pics and it is better to see it before them. She opens the envelope and sees Malishka’s pic. She gets shocked to see Malishka posing with the injuries on her body. She thinks how cheap Ranbir is and thinks it was Ranbir’s trap to call Malishka to party. She thinks it is crystal clear, he called her intentionally and molested her as he got the chance. She gets Ranbir’s call.

Kritika asks why did you call me at night. She says if you trying to do something wrong then think that I am against you and will win the case. Ranbir says I will not get injustice happen with me and I am not freak out. He says I will proof it to you that I am innocent, I damm care about the world. He says it is a war, he hates the word molester and tells that he will wait for her in the court. Ranbir talks to the God and tells that tomorrow is the big day, he will either get her trust or lose her. Kritika says it is her first case involving Ranbir who thinks of her as his friend.

Vikas accuses Ranbir of molesting Malishka. Ranbir is upset. Kritika looks on.

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  1. Best… very NYC
    I am eagerly waiting abt the turning point.( when ranbir proves his innocennce n wins the case n Kritikas trust)

    But most waiting to see ranbir n Kritika together……
    Like rishi tanuja at last last

  2. I am literally crying , colors never supported kasam after leap and now abrupt ending , I so wanted natasha and bedis to live happy why new reincarnation track was introduced , to give unworthy , heartbreaking end . And what about that rishi being his own son and kranbirs past life as tanu rishi . I am shocked how can they do so . I hope , ekta and colors suffer for their such treatment towards a particular show . Everything has end but not such end . Already missing tanshi , now Krasha

  3. Please everyone watch kasams last few,epison trp,increase

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