Kasam 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Ranbir and Kritika to meet again

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Kasam 11th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kritika talking to her mum’s pic and says tomorrow she will go for job interview and says she don’t want to become burden on anyone. She hears Ishani shouting. Pummy asks Pimple to leave her daughter and asks how she will show face to become Ms. Ghatkoper. Kritika tells that it happened because of the charcoal lep and says she knows how to make face pack to treat acne. Pummy asks her to remember that she gets fine. Jia asks Kritika why is she helping them and says you don’t know what Mamma will do if Ishani don’t get fine. Kritika mixes the lep and says Ishani will be fine in the morning. Anirudh tries to convince Ranbir Kapoor to become chief guest of Ms. Ghatkoper contest. Ranbir refuses to come for the local event.

Anirudh says beautiful girls will participate in the event. Akki convinces Ranbir. Ranbir says I will come and give awards. Kritika gives lep to Pummy and says a pimple will go. Pummy gets angry on Kritika and asks if she wants to give tension to Ishani, and says this is my house and only I rule in the house. She asks her husband to go and sleep and tells Kritika to remember that this is not her father’s house. She asks Kritika to make breakfast ready at 8 am in the morning else she can go to ludhiana.

Kritika comes to room and thinks her mum had pampered and spoiled her. She says she will make all arrangements in night itself. Jiana comes to her and says she knows how is she feeling? She feels bad. Kritika tells her that she knows she is with her. Jiana tells her about Arun and Pummy’s love marriage, she tells that pummy’s father was rich and had many shops, but after he died, Arun couldn’t handle his shops and sells them one by one. She tells that he took loan from corporator for last shop, but it was burnt too. Arun asks Pummy not to be harsh on Kritika. She asks if she is your daughter. Kritika searches for her stole. Ranbir opens his cupboard and sees her stole. He smiles and thinks why did this stole come infront of me, and thinks that sweet voice will meet me again today. Kritika recalls that she lost that stole and thinks she will get that stole back from thief.

Jia tells Pummy that Ishani is not even moving. Pummy says she is gone and asks God why this has happened? She says she had applied killer lep. Ishani says she is alive. Pummy says she went to temple and prayed for her. Pummy asks her to move her blanket. They see pimple gone. Ishani gives credit to Pummy’s prayers.

Kritika is in auto and prays to her mother for her blessings. She thinks why did she come here, and thinks destiny brings me here.

Mr. Kapoor asks Kritika not to feel lonely and think him as her father. She gets emotional. Ranbir tells Akki that the girl loves her a lot.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. ’lm no reincarnation expert; but according to what I know; if someone do good in your life time, your next birth will be more successful and peaceful. So during throughout the serial Tanu/Tanuja was the most generous, humble, selfless, sacrificing person. If so why she has to suffer during all her births; she getting torched by her Aunt and cousins during last birth and during this birth too she got a vampire Aunt.

    On the other hand Rishi always born as a silver spoon in his mouth; why it could not be different this time; let Tanu be rich and stylish while let rishi to struggle little

    1. TanShiForever

      Exactly what I was thinking… And also, Tanu is always born as this pure girl who is constantly thinking about her future husband before she even meets him, while Rishi is always flirting with random girls in every birth. He makes big promises in one birth and goes back to his playboy ways in his next. Why can’t he be a but more faithful right from the start.

    2. Exactly she is most generous girl. But she always have suffer..n in every birth she lost her parents. She never get her parents love. But rishi always born in rich fmly n enjoy wth girls.

  2. The Undertaker Justin Bieber

    Plz make kratika like tanushree not like Tanuja or the show will be boring again.

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