Kasam 10th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Ranbir and Kritika come face to face

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Kasam 10th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Girls trying to get closer to Ranbir. Akki is surprised. Ranbir says I need to go to washroom, and thinks to escape from there. He asks Akki to handle them. Akki talks to girls, but they ignore him and go to take drinks. Kritika thinks Arun’s financial condition is bad and thinks she shall do job. She sees a man stumbling and helps him to stand. She realizes that he is drunk and runs. Man follows her. Kritika hides in Ranbir’s car to save herself seeing it opened. Ranbir comes out of washroom and thinks to go fast. Girls run after him. Drunkard man looks for Kritika. Ranbir runs out and comes near his car. He thinks to message Akki and gets strange feeling. Kritika also feels the same thing and thinks someone is close to her. Ranbir sits in car. Kritika hides and thinks driver came.

Girls come there and is about to kiss him. He moves back, then thinks to let them kiss him. He says he wants to see girls happy and asks them to kiss on his cheeks. They kiss on his cheeks. Kritika says cheap. Ranbir asks who are you? Kritika moves hand from her face. Ranbir and Kritika, both see each other. He asks if she wants to kiss him. Kritika says you are suitable for them and asks him to see the girls’ faces. She steps out. Ranbir asks girls to move, and goes behind Kritika. He says he is a humble man and thinks Kritika as his big fan. Kritika says I am nobody’s fan.

Akki comes out of club. Girls try to flirt with him. He says you were after my brother. Girls say he is cruel. Akki asks them not to tell anything wrong about his brother. Ranbir still thinks she is his fan and says you are hot, I like you. He says infact you loves me. Kritika says you are mad and asks him to get lost. He asks do you really don’t know who I am? Kritika says I know men like you and talked to such man before. Ranbir is about to tell her. kritika says I am not concerned and asks him not to flirt with her. Ranbir says Desi girl’s problem is that they settle down with one man, but I can’t live my life with one girl. Kritika asks him to go home and thinks he is mad. Ranbir thinks she is a crazy fan. They get flashes of a temple and turn towards each other. Ranbir thinks she is arrogant. Kritika says how can he think that I love him.

Kritika comes home thinking about Ranbir. Jia asks what happened? Kritika says she met mad man and then flirt. Jia asks her to drink sherbet first. Kritika says guys think girls as their properties. She thinks she met a guy who thought she is his fan. Ranbir tells akki that he met his die hard fan and tells that if she would have stayed 2 mins with me, then she would have grabbed and kissed me. He says thank god, she left. Akki says I thought you asked God to unite him again with her. Kritika says if I see him again. Pummy and Isha come there. Jia shouts seeing Ishani. Pummy says Ishani has applied charcoal facepack to enhance his beauty. She asks Kritika if she thinks herself beautiful than Isha. Kritika says no. Pummy asks her to go and sleep. Akki asks Ranbir about her name and says you never talked somuch about girls. Ranbir says I didn’t ask her name, strange.

Pummy scolds Kritika and reminds her that this is not her father’s house. Arun hears them. Pummy asks Kritika to return to Ludhiana.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Their first meet was fight from preleap , it was nice but no that kind of soul connection and love at first sight and ranbir was sweet but kritika too arogant . I don’t want her to be like bossy tanuja but sweet innocent tanu. She should not fight with ranbir like tanuja did

  2. Loved Tanushree. Not tanuja or kritika now. Used to watch KTPK everyday till Tanuja came it became dumb then. Please make Kritika like Tanushree, cute innocent sweet silent…. not like Tanuja I never liked her.
    Ranbir aka Rishi’s role is always the same a playboy and vain always. But change Kritika to like Tanushree

  3. description of series of for 11 on may will, please

  4. Where is 11th April 2018 written update?

  5. Kritika n ranbir first meeting was nice, diffeeent frm tanshi meet. Kritika looking so preety..love their fight. N always want to see kritika like tis her attitude was so good.

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