Kartik Purnima 27th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Vicky tries to molest Purnima

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Scene 1
Kartik shows the property papers to Kuldeep and says this is the proof. Kuldeep says what is happening? Who is Jugindar? Kartik says Vicky lied to me and he is going to Canada alone, his name is not even Vicky. Kuldeep is shocked.

Purnima thinks why did I see Kartik’s face? She recalls her moments with Kartik. Vicky comes there. Purnima says you here? Vicky says you shouldn’t keep your door open. Purnima is tensed, he asks for the water. She goes to the kitchen and he closes the door and drinks wine.

Kuldeep tells Kartik that tomorrow is her wedding, I can’t tell them that this is all a lie, I will kill that guy. He coughs. Kuldeep says my daughter had to fight all her life, she is always smiling but this can’t happen with her, her dreams will break. She will die. Kartik asks him to calm down. Kuldeep says I am her father and I couldn’t protect her.

Purnima comes to Vicky and says you drink alcohol? He says it’s needed to ward off the cold in Canada. Come here, I wanted to spend some time with you. Purnima asks him to leave.

Kuldeep asks Kartik to tell him something. Kartik says atleast we got to know about this before the wedding.

Purnima comes to her room and tries to call Kuldeep but he doesn’t pick up. Vicky comes in her room and says you left me alone? You should be giving me the company. Purnima asks him to leave. Vicky says we are going to share the room soon so let’s do it.

Scene 2
Kartik tells Kuldeep that I hired an investigator and his family is a scam, he has destroyed many lives of the girls. Kuldeep cries and says he is destroying my daughter’s life. Kartik says we should go to Purnima and tell her the truth. Kuldeep says yes, let’s go.

Purnima asks Vicky to leave but he says you are outdated. He pins her to the wall and says I can wait for a little. Purnima leaves from there.

Sumrit and Shanaya sit to have a pooja. Shanaya is sweating. Nani tells Bina that I am handling everything regarding Vicky so don’t worry. Soni says where is Kartik?

Purnima comes to the kitchen. Vicky’s wife calls her and says Vicky is a scam, he married me and then took my property. He will do the same with you. His name is Jugindar, don’t marry him, he is very dangerous, he can stoop very low, she ends the call. Purnima cries.

Kuldeep and Kartik are leaving. Purnima calls him and cries. Vicky takes the call and says how dare you.. he ends the call. Kartik and Kuldeep hear him and leaves the house.

Vicky grabs Purnima and tries to molest her but she slaps him. He gets angry.

Chachi sees a lizard on the parsad and throws it away. The priest says I can’t do this pooja now, he leaves. Soni says this is not a good omen, something bad is going to happen.

Vicky tells Purnima that you have no idea what I will do with you now. He drags her to her room.

PRECAP- Vicky tells Purnima that I will marry you tomorrow and take your property, this is my work and I have already taken payment for that. You are my only target that got to know about my reality before my work is done. He ties her to the bed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Verma4

    I hope Kartik groom swaps and gets married to Purnima to save her from the fake Vicky. Soni needs to see the dark side. f**king Shanaya’s nani and b*t*h Bina f**king sl*ts. I hope they get there before catastrophe. Feel sad for Purnima for getting step b*t*hes like these. Thank god it wasn’t a black lizard on the parsad.

  2. Kartik pornima

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