Kartik Purnima 22nd February 2020 Written Episode Update: Purnima doesn’t go to Shanaya’s engagement

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Scene 1
Chachi tells Soni how dare that girl touch Kartik? Soni says enough, I want to focus on my son’s engagement today. Prepare everything perfectly.

Purnima wipes her tears. Beeji asks here for what happened? Purnima says these tears don’t stop. She cries in her lap and says I grew up with Shanaya and she will leave now, they are so nice people. I will miss Shanaya a lot. Beeji says Shanaya had good luck, I pray that you get a good proposal so I can die easily. Purnima hugs her and says you are not going anywhere. I love you a lot.

Kartik sits in his room. Sumrit is showing him the dresses but Kartik recalls Soni’s words. He thinks that mom insulted her so much and I couldn’t say anything to her. I should call her. Soni comes there and sees him lost. Sumrit says he is always lost. Soni shows a new broach to Sumrit and says I got it for you. Soni says Shanaya is a princess with fair color. Sumrit says but you are a queen, he thanks her and leaves. Soni calls Kartik and says I know you felt bad for what happened today. Kartik says you know.. Soni says I lost my cool when I see a dark person, she touched and I couldn’t control it, forget about it. We have Sumrit’s engagement today.

Shanaya gets ready. Kuldeep asks Purnima why she is not ready? Purnima says I am not feeling well, I can’t go there, I want to rest. Bina says let her rest here only, it’s just an engagement. Kuldeep says but.. Bina says we can’t stay here, let her rest here. We will come back early. Kuldeep nods. They all go from there but forget the engagement ring.

Scene 2
Sumrit is meeting people in his engagement. His father says Chachu will be here soon. Soni says Kuldeep’s family is still not here. They hear the music and see Shanaya’s family coming in the house. Sumrit dances. Shanaya smiles at Kartik. Chachi asks them to stop playing dhol. Soni doesn’t like noise pollution. Chachi does Shanaya’s aarti. They all enter the house. Bina tells Shanaya that this is a palace for you, it doesn’t matter if you are marrying Sumrit or Kartik. Soni greets them.

Purnima hears the doorbell and sees the kids coming inside. They show their report cards to her and says we had good grades.

Kartik serves to Beeji and says Purnima didn’t come? Beeji says she was not feeling well that’s why she didn’t come. Kartik thinks that she wouldn’t want to come after what happened in the afternoon.

Purnima plays with the kids and sees the engagement ring. She says they forgot it here. She sends the kids off and calls Kuldeep but he doesn’t pick up. She thinks what to do?

PRECAP- Purnima enters Soni’s house and sees Bina’s saree on fire. She shouts mummy and runs to her. All are shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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