Kartik Purnima 20th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Kartik is mesmerized by Purnima’s beauty

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Scene 1
Shanaya is in the car with Vicky and says you are so handsome but you want to marry a black girl like Purnima? No girl would say no to you. Vicky says really? Not even you? We should spend sometime together. Bina calls Shanaya and says are you crazy? This Vicky a scam, I gave him money to fool around with Purnima. Shanaya asks Vicky to stop the car, he does and asks what happened? Shanaya leaves his car angrily.

Kulwant tells Purnima that today is Shanaya’s haldi but I want to celebrate your haldi so I will stay here with you. Beeji says I will stay with Purnima too. Bina says I want to celebrate with Purnima too. Purnima says today is a big day for Shanaya so you all get ready and go.

Chachi says Shanaya’s family has sent haldi. Soni says throw it away, we will get a good haldi for Shanaya and Sumrit. Shanaya’s family comes to the function. Chachi says they had to come here? Soni says they are Shanaya’s family so let them be here, soon Shanaya’s face will be a brand so she is different. Chachi says you know how to find a business in relationships too.

Shanaya and Sumrit’s haldi ceremony starts. All apply haldi to them. Kartik applies haldi to Sumrit and Shanaya. Kartik asks Kulwant where is Purnima? Kulwant says she is busy with packing.

The door bell rings, Purnima opens the door to see Vicky there. He asks if he can come inside? She says yes. Vicky locks the door and smirks. Purnima goes to get water for him. She says all have gone for the haldi. Vicky says I had work from you. He says I need some documentation, if you have any property in your name then give the papers to me. Purnima says okay and takes the papers from her.
Vicky comes outside Purnima’s house. He calls Bina and says the work is done. He strikes with Kartik. Vicky says I had some work, Vicky leaves. Purnima opens the door to see Kartik there. Kartik says you must be waiting for Vicky but I have come to take you to the function. Purnima says I have to do packing. Kartik says you have very little time to spend with me.. I mean with us, you should spend this time with your family and your sister. Purnima says okay, I will go and get ready.

Scene 2
Purnima gets ready in a Yellow and red dress. Kartik is mesmerized to see her. Purnima says is it not looking nice? Kartik says it’s perfect.

Purnima comes to Soni’s house and stops. Kartik says I will show you what you were going to miss. He holds her hand. Purnima smiles at him and recalls her moments with him. Naina di zubaan plays. Kartik brings her in the house. Bina and Nani are shocked to see Purnima coming there. Bina comes to them. Kartik leaves from there. Bina takes Purnima from there and says no one should see you here. Purnima says I didn’t want to come but Kartik brought me here. Bina says Soni shouldn’t see you. Purnima says I will be careful. Bina says I will not spare you this time. She leaves from there.

PRECAP- Purnima is trying to hide from Soni in the function. She tries to leave but Soni stops her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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