Kartik Purnima 19th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Kartik buys a saree for Purnima

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Scene 1
Shanaya tells Sumrit that she is ready to marry him. Kartik thinks that Shanaya is saying something to me and other thing to Sumrit. Sumrit ends the call and hugs Kartik.

Bina brings Shanaya to the boutique. Soni welcomes them. Bina says I have brought my servant (Purnima) too for the bags. Soni asks her to sit away. Soni starts shopping with Shanaya. Sumrit says I will choose a saree for her. Kartik calls Soni and says I will bring your bag, you forgot it. Bina asks the cost of the saree. The seller says Soni doesn’t ask for the cost ever. He says the starting price is 50K. Bina says this is too expansive. Shanaya likes a saree. Sonia says I like this. I will gift this to Shanaya.

Purnima sits in the shop and likes a red dress.

Kartik comes to the shop and gives the bag to Soni. Shanaya asks Kartik if he likes her saree? He says yes. Shanaya says I will buy it. Kartik leaves from there.

Kartik sees Purnima in the shop and smiles at her trying the red dupatta of wedding. Soni calls him to her and asks for his choice. He is tensed and leaves from there.

Purnima asks for the price of the saree and it’s 5K. Purnima thinks that she can’t afford it. The seller says this red color won’t suit your complexion. Kartik hears it. Purnima leaves from there. Kartik comes to the seller and says how can you comment on someone’s complexion, don’t ever say that again. He buys the saree and Soni calls him.

Scene 2
Bina cals Purnima in the shop and asks her to carry the bags. Purnima tries to carry a lot of the bags and falls down. She says I am sorry. Soni says are you blind? Stay in your limits. Chachi tells Bina that you should train your servant to call Soni a madam. Bina asks Purnima to say sorry to them. Purnima says sorry to Soni and calls her a madam.

Shanaya shows her sarees to Beeji. Kuldeep asks Purnima if she brought something for herself? She says no. Bina says the shop was very expensive so we couldn’t afford it for her. Purnima says I don’t wear sarees, I will wear something old. You gift me a red saree in my wedding only. Don’t worry now. A boy brings a parcel for Purnima and leaves. All look on. Purnima opens the parcel to see it’s the same red saree. Shanaya says I am sure she has a boyfriend. Purnima says I don’t know who got this for me, I am not lying. Bina says tell us the truth, who is your lover that is sending you these sarees?

Chachi brings the coffee for Soni. Soni is angry. Chachi says that servant called you an aunty like she is your relative. She is insulting you constantly, you should show her worth. Soni recalls her incidents and says she will have to pay for her deeds.

PRECAP- Soni calls Bina and asks her to send her servant (Purnima) to her house. Bina agrees. Soni thinks I will show place to that servant.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I love this serial. I never watch the same episode twice. But i feel like watching this tv series anytime it goes on tv

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