Kartik Purnima 18th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Purnima’s marriage gets fixed

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Scene 1
Kartik tells Purnima that you help others so you find everyone good. I got to know that you are a good designer, will you help me with house decorations? Purnima recalls Soni telling her to stay away from her family. Kartik says Soni is out of the house so I need your help. Purnima thinks I will leave before Soni comes home. She says okay.

Purnima comes to Kartik’s house and tells the designer to do decorations which will bring smile to everyone’s face. Kartik asks her to instruct them. Purnima starts telling them when Soni comes there and says wow. Kartik says Purnima has chosen Punjabi theme. Soni asks him to go and talk to the caterer, he leaves. Soni glares at Purnima and says you are talking about colors? She tells the designers that you can leave, I will tell you later, they leave. Purnima starts leaving but Soni stops her and says I told you many times but you are shameless, don’t you remember that you pleaded for Shanaya and Sumrit’s wedding and I put a condition that I don’t want to see your face. Purnima says Kartik asked for help and I couldn’t say no, it’s God that brings me in front of you. She leaves from there. Kartik comes there and asks where did Purnima go? Soni says she got a call from her family. She leaves from there. Kartik sees Purnima’s notepad there.

Scene 2
Kartik comes to Purnima’s school but the kids say that she didn’t come today. He says okay I will go to her house.

Purnima is getting ready. Beeji says you are looking beautiful, I saw your guy, he is nice. Purnima says nice guys don’t like me. Beeji says you are so precious so a good person will recognize it.

Beeji brings Purnima to the guy’s family. Purnima is surprised to see that it’s Vicky. She says you? Kulwant says you know him? Purnima says he helped me one time. Beeji says that’s good. Vicky’s mother says he likes to help others. Kulwant says our Purnima is like that too. Vicky’s father says we like her but he asks Vicky. Vicky says a girl should decide for her marriage as she has to leave her house. Bina asks Purnima about her decision. Purnima says to Kulwant that if you don’t mind then I accept this proposal. Kartik is there and hears all that. Kulwant sees him and asks him to come inside. He gives him sweets. Kartik wishes Vicky and Purnima. She thanks him. Kartik gives notepad to Purnima and leaves. He recalls his moments with Purnima and leaves.

Beeji sings in the house and smiles at Purnima. Kulwant says my daughter will go to another country and I will miss her. Purnima says there is still time in my wedding. Beeji asks them to smile, it’s time for happiness. Kulwant dances with Purnima.

PRECAP- Kartik shakes hands with Purnima and says congratulations.
Vicky calls Purnima and says I sending you the address of my travel agent, come there for paperwork. Purnima comes there with Vicky. A man sees Vicky and says Jugindar? Purnima is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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