Karthik please stop breaking ur vadas-yeh vada raha

Purpose of this article is not to offend or criticise anybody
Am just giving my opinion
If any part of this article hurts anybody’s sentiments then am sorry.

To start with my introduction
Am Rushi
I have written ff Milan do diloka for tashan-e-ishq, true love for yeh rishta kya kehlata hain n Dil ka rishta for yeh hain mohabatien

Yeh vada raha was my favorite show mainly due to 2 reasons-
1. Its interesting n unique story line
2.some very talented actors be it our Karthik, survi n Ofcourse tai they were n are exceptional

but these days am not finding it that interesting
Karthik always breaks his promises he never trusts survi
he always has blind faith on tai
At times it gets so monotonous

Previous leap as well as this one saw separation of surthik

I would love to see tai in positive character
twists are required for serial to go on but that misunderstanding plot always is not interesting
Karthik always hurts survi n she always forgives him he makes new promises everytime n breaks it again

That angry young man look doesn’t suit Karthik
he looks good n charming in his romantic avtaar

I really like n appreciate the wonderful twist about khushi
that was too creative
their real daughter is with survi n she was unaware about it

I just hope surthik reunite soon to never seperate again
It would be awesome to see Karthik fulfilling his vadas

Once again I apologize if I have hurt anyone
friends let me know ur opinion abt this article

  1. Saasha123

    I agree with u rushi di. Karthik always breaks his promises but survi she puts all her effort to fulfill her promise. I luv survi and karthik both nd now i luv them more because of their adorable daughter kushi. Love the trio jodi.

  2. I’m totally with you, rushi. Writers have to stop making these to Kartik and Survi. Don’t wanna see them apart anymore and they need to come up with twists which don’t underscore on hurting them again and again. Watching this show for them only.

  3. Really true just waiting surthik to reunite

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